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I've begun writing an X Men Evolution story that's based off of the new movie The Wolverine (Which I greatly liked).

It will pretty much be the movie if it was in the universe of Evolution but there will be some changes to its plot and characters.

Here are some of them:

Viper won't be in this.

X-23 will be featured coming to Japan with Logan and Yukio.

NO BONE CLAWS (Because the first X-Men movie shows that Logan's claws are man-made implants and Stryker said in X2 "You were an animal then, you're an animal now I just gave you claws" Film Brain pointed out this error in his review of Origins: Wolverine, plus I actually like the claws being man-made more then just being coated bone claws that are somehow turned into blades).

Jean Grey's death won't be the reason Logan is a hermit in the woods (It will be mentioned she's still alive and with the X-Men).

And those are some of the changes I'm so far planning on making, they'll be more as I write the story.

So what do you guys think of the idea?