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There is a good twist in the end. At least, I hope it's good, I hope you get it.

She wishes it would be a dream/

But her own scream makes it seem/

Like its reality, too bad is the quality/

Of her shoes, makes her sing the blues of pain/

Through the scorns and through the thorns and rain/

She runs barefoot, her senses acute, alone she’s not/

She seems so frail, staggers, keeps running since her trail is hot/

A little girl, no older than ten/

Speeds into the woods, and then/

A monster is behind her, he’s stomping the earth/

His girth is wide, to wild yells he’s giving birth/

As he chases, their faces are full of sweat/

”Give me back my daughter!” – a voice of regret/

Is behind the huge monster, his teeth are gnashing/

As he charges, he barges, through the forest he is smashing/

The girl is lightly dashing, but is she running from the monster?/

She stops, picks up a stick, but does the monster wants her?/

He stops too, she throws up the stick, he swallows it/

In the next moment its as if a breeze, the trees hollow it/

With only trees in sight, the men march on/

The girl is in fright, doesn’t breathe on the arch that she’s on/

The tree then dwarfs and morphs, back into the monster/

In her eyes are tears, you can tell something haunts her/

They grab each other’s hand and start to run/

As they depart a gun is heard, it’s being cocked/

The men frowns, the girl drops down to pick up a rock/

Shoves it into the monster’s mouth, the man fires too late/

Their shots, no matter how great, cannot seem to penetrate/

The monster turned into a boulder, he couldn’t hold her/

Feeling much colder, she pressed up against the boulder/

Desperate, she put in all her force, to push over the course/

And off a cliff, she jumped after him with no remorse/

As the monster morphed back into itself/

They both running out of breath and health/

A man kneeled down and took aim/

It was him to blame for those who came/

”This is for my daughter…” and he shot-her/

To you, it might seem like slaughter/

He took her body and ran deeper/

The monster’s soul was drowning steeper/

Into sorrow, he wished she could borrow/

A few more minutes, she wouldn’t wake up tomorrow/

She was in love, and he was right above the girl/

It was being smashed and trashed, their world/

Was bleeding, needing him close, this haunts her/

She knew he wants her/

And as her tear smeared with blood, she turned… into the monster/