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His footsteps echoed through the throne room. He walked fast, with purpose, anger emanating from his body. He stood proudly before the massive figure who towered above him. One fist burst into flame while the other blackened, spores of darkness weeping from it. The king threw back his head with laughter . His giant face contorted with evil pleasure.

“You have done well to come this far Child but this folly ends now.” His tone was like steel and his voice boomed with power and force.

Flames burst threw the air.


Dakrseid was sent high into the air landing with a thud and sliding several meters across the smooth floor. The flamed wrists were now standing atop the throne, mocking the emperor of this hell like planet.

His grey hands grasped the floor and he pushed his body upwards. The ground shook.

“You dare.”


The lunged towards the flaming character clearing half the hall with the leap. Bursts of darkness bounced off his body as if they were made of water.


Darkseids fist made contact with the skull. The body flew across the throne and slammed into the opposing wall. It did not fall down. The force was so much the body was imprinted in the wall, holding it in place.

Dearkseid approached him now slowly. Eyes glowing red,

“You fight well, but not well enough”

The red beams blasted from his eye sockets blasting holes clean through the wall. The body was gone. Turning Darkseid met with the flaming fists. He staggered backwards as two heels dug into his chest and vaulted off. Again the fists pummelled his chest . A sword of pure pain was raised above Darkseids head. His fist shot out and grabbed its blade lifting it upwards as the purple energy fizzled around his flesh. The fists aimed at his face missed and were crushed by Darkseid massive hands.

He was powerless in the hands of a mad tyrant. He held him like a rotten piece of fruit, with distain as if he emitted a stench so great he could not overcome it.

Then the high lord of Apocalypse uttered,

“It is over Darkchild.

You .

Are .


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Post Deleted.

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You should PM them to get their permission to use them. That's what DC did with his.

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Your only allowed to use me if I give you permissin.

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Dreadnaught says:

"Mantid says:
"Your only allowed to use me if I give you permissin."
Ditto. And also. Amazing work."

Are you Spectrum too?

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Ha, awesome.

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Mantid says:

"Your only allowed to use me if I give you permissin."

Ditto. And also. Amazing work.

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No. I said ditto to the "Your only allowed to use me if I give you permission" part.

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oh... ok.

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And that goes for my other 6 versions too.

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Paragon says:

"You should PM them to get their permission to use them. That's what DC did with his."

Thasnk mate, never thought of that

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im enjoying it. a bit confused on whats happening lol but i enjoy where you could go with this

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You can use Arrow, Just do him justice!

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“YOULL NEVER GET IT OUT OF ME” The squirming criminal spat in Spectrums face. Mistake number 1. Spectrum blasted off into the air travelling higher and higher.

“You my friend are in no position to be making proposals.” He roared over the wind. He stopped abruptly still clutching the mans neck. He now dangled at 150 feet, the skyscrapers were long gone and it was cold.

“Now who were those shipments supposed to go to.” Spectrum yelled at the criminal. The mans eyes shot from Spectrums face to the ground far below them, his lip quivered as he spoke,

“You wouldn…AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh” He yelled as he plummeted to the ground. Spectrum wasn’t waiting around for this information he had criminals to put away, anyway it was tine that this punk learned he wasn’t joking.

He nose dived through the air after him, The man still screaming in horror. Just as he was about to make impact Spectrum grabbed the scruff of his jacket and haled him up to eye level. His feet mere inches away from the ground. His face streaked with tears and his jeans sporting a round moist path below his groan.

“Okay” He could barley breathe.

“WHAT” Spectrum growled his eyes beginning in to glow white.

“OKAY! OKAY!” The man howled. “I was just the pick up guy. I…I was dropping the…the crates off to the docks and then that was it” He finished panting.

Spectrum began to rise slowly, the man going with him.

“WHAT! WHAT! THAT’S ALL I KNOW I SWEAR!” The man began to cry again pleading with un audible whispers.

Spectrum dropped him down. He landed with a thud landed on the wet ground. He quickly scrambled to his feet and ran off in the direction of the main street. The sound of the squad car was enough for Spectrum to know he would be put away, if he got a trial that was. That was the one thing that got to Spectrum the most, if you’re a hero you have to play by the rules and a lot of times that meant letting the bad guys go.

He drifted through the air weaving around the buildings. Around a sharp corner here was a crashed van with back broken off it. Someone was rumbling inside.

Lifting his hand Spectrum shed some light in the scene.

“This might help,” he chuckled.

The back of Paragons head could be seen by the light coming from Spectrums hand. He was rummaging amongst crates and boxes.

“Thanks” He grumbled. Seconds later he pushed a large crate to the edge of the van,

“You can help with the other end.” Spectrum obliged. He landed softly on his feet and approached the box. Taking it in his hands it was extremely heavy. They laid it on the ground. Paragons white suit glowed orange, reflecting the thin sliver of street light that shone on it.

“Well.” Spectrum asked “What’s in it”

Paragon twisted a dial around his ear piece on the his glasses. He looked worried.

“I cant see through it” He said quietly. Unsheathing his sword Spectrum raised his hand.

“Let me.” Squatting down he raised his finger t the edge of the box. A thin white hot beam of light shot from his index finger. The wood sizzled and burned as he went around the edge of the crate. After a minute he dislodged the top.

Neither of the heroes were expecting to see what was inside. The large black smooth surface reflected the shocked faces of the heroes. Paragon was first to speak,

“A Hell-spore?”

“Apocalypse.” Spectrum answered. Then it came to them in unison.


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Bump ;)

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Feel free to use Nobody:P

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They didn’t have to say anything. Spectrum took off swerving around the corner which he had come through only minutes before. Paragon disappeared leaving only a spark of light after him. He appeared on the roof of the squad car that was careering down the motorway at over 100 KM/P. Paragon hang onto the bonnet staying low. The car was some way from the city, it had covered ground while the had discovered what was going on.

His coat flapped widely behind him. He could see through his glasses that the people/aliens in the vehicle weren’t aware of his presence. Heart rates weren’t fast enough, yet.

Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out a magnesium flare. Pointing it ahead of the car, he put the shades down on his glasses and pulled the trigger. A massive bright light filled the area in front of the car.

Spectrum was on the scene where the cops had taken the thug in within seconds. But there was no sign of any police activity. Then he saw the flare, as clear as day. He was off a white blur streaking across the sky to the motorway. He sped up along the side of the car.

Paragon jammed his sword down through the roof of the car. Yells came from the inside. Spectrum blasted the tires sending the car spinning off the road. Paragon hung on to the hilt of his sword, as the car crashed into a ditch. Paragon was air born again vaulting over the car he landed in front of it. An alien shot through the windscreen at him. Spectrum charged his hands with blasts, but he couldn’t do anything. The two were fighting so swiftly he couldn’t get a shot in.

There was no movement in the car. Spectrum smelled a rat. Zooming down to the back of the car he saw the truck driver in the back seat a changing from his human form into that of an Apocalyptian agent. He looked at Spectrum enraged. His counter part was fiddling with a device clicking buttons rapidly.

“No” Spectrum yelled. He blasted the through the back window melting the glass on impact. The car erupted into flames. But he was too late. There was a boom and an orange portal opened by several feet away.

The two aliens leaped from the car toward the Boom-Tube, Spectrum shot at them cutting them off at the legs. They fell hard still clawing there way to the portal.

Paragons opponent quickly ducked aside from the swift uppercut he sent at him and ran towards his escape portal. He had suffered several cuts and wounds due to Paragons skill and was distracted, slamming into Spectrum who was approaching the two aliens on the ground. They both tumbled over each other. Spectrum was dazed by this and was slow to get up. The alien got advantage and dived for the portal. Paragon was quick and sent a small knife flying towards the alien.

Making contact it caught the Apocalyptian in the shoulder which such force he crumbled under the pressure. The Boom-Tube disappeared in an instant as he dived towards it in a last ditch attempt to escape. But he was too late. There was nothing from the waist down. The cancellation of the portal had decapitated the foolish alien.

The other two lay writhing on the ground. Paragon was making short work of pinning them down. His boot was at the chin of the changeling who was shifting shape, that he was nearly a blur. Paragon leant over it and punched it hard in the chin setting its form as a half bestial like creature and human.

Adjusting his glasses he leant even closer,

“Your going to sing like a bird, for me”

Spectrum approached the other alien by the shoulder. It was the one he had interrogated earlier, and let go. The alien laughed at him. But spectrums hand began to glow, and the aliens flesh began to burn he yelped in pain and struggled. Spectrum punched him onto the ground. Hovering above it his fingers were charged.

A single beam of light penetrated through the night. Slicing through the aliens flesh.

“Tell me everything. NOW”