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Hello everyone, if you all were wondering where I was for the last decade and being all shady, well it is because I have been laying out a new series called The Vine which I have wanted to make ever since I first joined. This series is pretty much a What If scenario, what if Comicvine was a real place, and that is what this series is about. I hope you enjoy.


House 34, District 47

Saturday, 3:00 AM EST


The alarm was all she heard; Dark Huntress hopped out of her bed and grabbed the house phone. She dialed 911, but she stopped in fear as she saw her most dire enemy standing in front of her.

“Dex, just leave now, Vance or Gambler will be here soon.” The woman shook as she reached behind her to grab a knife.

Dex walked even closer, “You could have left it alone.” His eyes glowed as he moved his index finger upwards, the gun Huntress was reaching for levitated in a blue aura, then suddenly disassembled. “But you didn’t.”

Huntress was scared out of her mind, a thousand thoughts were running through her head, but it came down to one decision. Run, fight, or die.

She threw her sheet at his face and quickly ran past him out into her hallway. Suddenly, a hand touched her and threw her in a closet.

As she looked out the crack of the closet door, she knew exactly who it was.

Dex walked out the room, his calm and evil expression had turned into an angry and evil expression, it made his neon blue hair and punk rock clothing look scarier, “I’m going to f*cking kill you!” He thought he was looking at Dark Huntress, but it was something much scarier.

The person shouted out a command, “Bring light!” The lights in the house instantly turned on at the man’s command.

When Dex saw the face of the man, he trembled and backed away, “Static-St-Static Shock.”

“You should work in a quiet manner.” He put himself in a fighting stance. “I heard you from across the city.” Static maneuvered in a way that could only be defined as technique, when he was finished, he made a fist towards Dex. Gold ropes sprang from his hands, he barely had time to react to them, and as soon as they touched him Dex was tied up.

Unknown to Static, he’d done nothing but advance Dex’s plans.

Mod Hangout

Saturday, 4:00 PM EST


“Come on Vance, it’s your birthday. Enjoy yourself!” Mercy put a birthday hat on Vance’s head and pulled him up out of his seat.

Vance instantly sat back down, “We just re-launched. We can celebrate my birthday another day.”

Mercy leaned in and looked him in Vance face, even though he was stuck staring at her bright red hair, “Well, how about you go and I’ll do you work.” She pulled him out of his chair and pushed him out the way.

Vance sighed, “Fine.” Two other mods, God Spawn and Deranged Midget dragged him out of the room.

Suddenly, a man evaporated out of thin air, he was awfully dressed up for being at the office, he sat down on Mercy’s desk “Wanna get something to eat?”

Mercy closed her eyes, then breathed in and out, “Go somewhere Gambler. I’m trying to work.”

Gambler smirked, “I hear there was someone causing trouble at Paddy Maguire’s.”

Mercy smiled, “Alright.” She got up out of her seat and started to walk out the door, “I won’t wait up.” She walked outside and took out a tablet; she punched in a few keys then put it back. Within seconds, a neon red and blue motorcycle pulled up. She hopped on and sped off, Gambler stood in the doorway, laughing, and then he turned into a white mist then disappeared.

Paddy Maguire’s Ale House

Saturday, 4:10 PM EST


Mercy pulled up to the curb in front of the ale house, parked her motorcycle, and jumped off. Gambler once again evaporated from thin air and appeared in front of her.

Before they could say anything, a man flew through the wall of the ale and landed on Mercy’s motorcycle. She cursed then proceeded to march into ale.

“Who is it?” Mercy stood tall as everyone pointed at the man standing in the middle of the bar.

Mercy walked towards him until they could look each other directly in the eye, the man quickly grunted and pushed her backwards, doing nothing but fueling her rage.

Without a single sound, Mercy ran at the man and pointed her finger at his brain, “Perturbo.” A spark came from her hands and the man instantly dropped to the floor.

She stooped to the floor and put him in hand cuffs, she then took out her tablet and typed in a command:

Username: Mercy_

Password: M0nst3r

Action: Ban

She tucked the tablet away and pointed at the man, “Commence.” The man was sucked into a portal and never seen again.

Battle Arena

Saturday, 8:00 PM EST


The announcer cheered up the crowd as two people approached each other in the Gladiator styled arena, “Alright people, this is the battle we’ve been waiting for! The 40 year old pyromaniac, Beatboks!” You could hear the crowd roar for miles, they threw drinks and food into the arena as they waved their shirts in the air, it’ll be an exciting match. “Versus the jack of all trades and Vine veteran, King Saturn.

The announcer started to tell everyone the rules, “Ok. Standard BR, no killing, you must only use the powers given to you by the Z-Pills, and fight fair. Tonight, Beatboks will be using the abilities of the severely underrated Aquaman! While Saturn will be using the abilities of the one and only, Wonder Woman! This shall be a good match. Matchmaker, set the arena to Atlantis!”

The arena suddenly became an enclosed area, covered in a glass bubble, a throne chair sat in the middle of the aquarium like room.

No Caption Provided

The announcer said one final thing, “Fight!”

Beatboks created a trident out of the water in the air while Saturn grabbed a disc like object out of his pocket that molded into a sword.

Beatboks came running towards Saturn, he swirled his trident in the air and water started to surrounded it, when he got at a good distance he stopped and pointed the trident at Saturn, the water shot towards him, when it impacted, Saturn did nothing but laugh. “You’re going to have to try harder than that.”

Saturn leaped behind Beatboks and kicked him in his back, making him fall several feet forward.

Beatboks smirked, “I was trying to be nice.” He ran towards Saturn with his trident in a throwing position, but oddly enough, he didn’t throw it and continued to run, Saturn held his sword high as he prepared for a close quarters battle, but as soon as they touched, Saturn walked straight through him, when he turned around, Beatboks was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, Saturn was enclosed in a ring of water, he tried to break through it, but it was a construct. Like he had arrived from the shadows, Beatboks stood in front of Saturn and whispered in his ear, “A lot of people forget that Aquaman knows magic.” Beatboks raised his trident in the air and water came from beneath him, making him rise up near the top of the arena, he held his trident forward and yelled out, “Special Technique: King of the Sea!” Beatboks jumped down from the waterfall and ran towards Saturn. When they were near each other, Beatboks kicked him in the face with his knee, hit him with the butt of his trident, grabbed his neck, and then electrocuted him.

While Saturn lay on the ground, steaming from the electrocution. Beatboks stood on top of him, trident to his face, “Stay down.”

Saturn did nothing but laugh, “You wish.” He hopped up and slashed Beatboks with his sword; luckily they were at a great enough distance that the sword only cut his skin.

Saturn flew into the sky and shouted out, “Special Technique: Blitz!” Saturn flew at such speeds that he was a blur, every two seconds he punched Beatboks with incredible force, when the attack was over, Beatboks was so woozy he could barely stand up.

Saturn walked over to him; the attack had drained a lot of energy, but almost defeated Beatboks.

As soon as Saturn was about to deliver the finishing blow, Beatboks slid out of the way and said a command, “Special Technique: Eel.” A mist like eel shot from Beatboks’ fingers and wrapped itself around Saturn’s head, when it held a firm grip; it bit his shoulder, and then vanished. Saturn dropped down to the floor, obviously in a state of paralysis.

The announcer talked to the audience ecstatically, “Such an amazing comeback from Beatboks. This was honestly one of the best matches I’ve seen in years. Congratulations Beatboks. “The crowd yelled, through cups, and after at least 30 minutes of destroying their vocal cords, left.

Beatboks walked out of the arena and went to the desk to claim his prize.

The clerk greeted him very nicely, as if she had seen him many times before, “Here you go, 25,000.”

Beatboks happily took the money and left the arena.

House 17, District 11

Saturday, 10:00 PM EST


“Sammy did you take my eye liner, I can’t find it.” Raiiyn ran around the house, preparing for a night out with her friends.

Samimista laughed, “No mom.”

Raiiyn cursed, “Forget it, I’m running late anyway. My number is on the fridge ok, and do not invite anyone over. See ya kiddo.” She blew a kiss towards her and flew out the door.

Samimista went in the fridge to get some left over pizza, but she was interrupted by a voice coming from behind her.

“Hello, Samimista.” Samimista jumped up, when she looked at whom the person was she almost yelled.

“Oh my god, Dex_Staar.” She quickly ran upstairs to go get some an emergency Z-Pill, but it was no good.

Dex grabbed her and held her by her neck, “Nothing personal, but you’re coming with me.” They both turned into blue aura then teleported out of the house, gone without a trace.


And that is the end of the first issue, what will happen to Samimista? You'll have to read the next issue next week!

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