The Verse: One Idea Redemption Chapter 4

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The sound of the guards coming down the long winding hallways echoed louder and louder, filling the ever prepared Tayton with a bit of dread. He knew that it was going to be fairly difficult getting this many out quietly, as he contemplated how they were going to get out as safe as possible especially with a giant spider in tow when the floating head spoke "Oy, you twat I know damn well you can hear me. Get me outta this jar and out there into the hallway." Tayton looked back at the floating head...inside a jar...and very loudly chuckled "How are you going to be able to do anything half pint, you are barely able to roll let alone take on anything they got to throw at us right now."The look the floating head gave reminded him of all the looks women had given him all rolled into one. "Name is Jarrod you geriatric bastard. Take me out of the jar and I can use my abilities. The jars what kept me from escaping after they finished with my body..." Tayton shrugged and hoped that the head was actually of use, pulling the lid of the jar free the smell hit first and Tayton nearly vomited. Swallowing chunks he took a deep breath through his mouth and raised Jarrod to eye level "Don't suppose they got rid of the rest of you to try and wash it?" Jarrod ignored it and responded "How about you let me show you what I can for the body I am very very hard to kill as you can tell..And Big Girl do me a favor.."without another word the large Spider-thing reached over and slapped Tayton upside the head hard and flipped him off with long spindly finger, she grinned wide the first emotion she'd shown.

Tayton only nodded and walked over to the door and pushed it open holding Jarrod by a knot of hair "Been bowling?" he asked as he tossed the pompous head rolling into the other side of the hallway and into the wall with a loud thud, before Jarrod could cuss the guards were right in front of him. His eyes shined bright and they all stopped mid-step, then stood in attention "There's your target, aim and fire."for a brief moment Tayton thought the bastard had betrayed them, ready to fire he was surprised when each of the guards pulled out a gun and started firing on one another. Screams of the dying and the loud pops of each gun going off echoed in the tiny hallway until only one guard were laying alive. Jarrod's eyes still shining he ordered "Okay now shoot him in the chest and then yourself." guard did as he was told hitting Tayton in the chest and then firing on himself his head exploding in a gory mess.

Tayton barked "What the hell you bastard!" as he ran to the other side of the hallway and picking up Jarrod putting his gun to his head "You shot me!" Jarrod smiled "Figured you were wearing adequate armor..."Tayton growled then looked around as to how to get out of the complex when Jarrod said "Now on how to get outta here, remove the blonde lady's collar. She will get us outta here." Tayton stared in disbelief at the young blonde

"And how is she alone going to get us outta here. Let alone why was it that only you and she were collared, you by the jar and her with an actual collar. The other three why just locks and cages, the firestarter seems powerful enough to blast his way out. And the silent one over yonder he's not shown anything spectacular." Tayton was angry but he had his points, they were the only two who had any restraints set in place. The lab wanted them kept safe and without a chance to escape, Jarrod's snarky grin disappeared and if he could he would have hung his head as he spoke "They did not care if the other three escaped let alone tried to kill themselves, they'd already done what they wanted to them. Each was scheduled to be exterminated later on tonight. The young lady and I held the only abilities that interested them for long term research. Now please.... let's get us outta here."Tayton felt like a damned asshole, turning around and gripping the collar tight and crushing the lock allowing the young blonde some space afterward. She finally spoke as she touched Tayton's forehead "Home...."as she spoke the entire group was enveloped in a bright blue aura then they disappeared with a loud pop. As they disappeared the aftershock of their instantaneous transportation rocked the complex with a mighty explosion that entirely vaporized the entire building.