The Verse: One Idea Redemption Chapter 3

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It took Jezze only a few moments to override the entire video system throughout the complex, soon she was speaking to Tayton and barking at him for simply no waiting for her to arrive, he let her continue on and on for a few moments but soon he did not have the luxury of listening as everyone inside heard the blast and had come to a head at the end of the first hallway. Jezze saw what he did and she stopped gasping as more and more readied themselves, tasers and batons at the ready. Each ready to real for their guns that lay beckoning at their hips, Tayton stood silent as he thought it through. For what must have felt like hours he didn't say a single word, then he spoke "How close to the cells?" she stammered for a few moments before gaining her composure "Ah ah ah...two floors than an elevator, after that its all black. The security up on these floors is almost non-existent compared to that downstairs, you'll be going in blind...I have no idea what could come out of the elevator once you reach the cells."He watched as the guards moved ever so softly ready to react to his next move "Suit still primed and stocked?" she didn't answer only sound to be heard was the hum of his armor and suit coming to life, he grabbed at his hip and twisted it like a dial, from his shoulder shot a single baton much like those of the guards in front of him.

Catching it in the air he pressed a button on its side and fell down to a knee and slammed the baton into the ground in front of him, from the tip shot out a single miniaturized black grenade it erupted and sent a shockwave directly in front of him sending the first group of guards flying knocking them out. Not giving time for anyone else to rally he continues his attack moving to the end of the hallway, catching the second group who had been around the corner by surprise he now held two batons, sweeping low and coming up high he knocked at the first three in the knee caps the sound of crunching bones as they were hit with solid steel echoed in the almost silent hallway. Flipping over the guards he kicked at the first two to come charging, kicking them back and into the arms of another group. They stood for a moment not sure what to do before charging, as they got closer he grabbed the baton at the middle and twisted, a long blade slid from each end of the baton.

The nonstop movement that's what he needed, sliding to a bent knee he spun on his heel slicing at those who had charged first cutting in a horizontal cut, he cut the first two in half with precision and dropping the baton reaching to each hip and plunging his hands into his suit. It was as if his hands disappeared into the blackness that was his suit, pulling out his hands he had in each two UMP. Aiming and firing until each magazine was empty, he never stopped as each gun emptied he dropped them and continued running forward. Two guards came out a door on each side of him, guns readied and aimed he leaped into the air catching himself and letting each open fire on each other. Dropping he continued hitting the stairs and finding that they too were about to be littered with even more guards.

At the top of the stairs he listened they were one flight from reaching him, pulling a cylindrical grenade from his hip he twisted it twice "This isn't going to kill me too is it? We haven't tested it yet?" Jezze made a noise as if signifying he hadn't much choice on the matter, and he dropped it from the top down towards those coming up, a single second later it exploded in a bright phosphorus light. Tayton barely had the time to duck down before it went off, as the dust settled nothing was heard from the guards who had been making their ways up, not even a whimper "Two twists was for for bang..."muttered Jezze over his comms. Not taking the time to argue with her finely timed quip he leaped over the ledge and fell straight down, gun readied in case something survived but nothing was left of the group. He landed with not so much of a silent thud, gun pressed up against his chest he looked through the glass of a door seeing nothing on the other side he opened the door. A second even louder alarm sounded, he ignored it as all the explosions had given everyone a very clear indication of an intruder, but nothing on this floor, not even a whisper could be heard beyond Taytons own labored breathing.

The concoction he had injected himself with was slowly beginning to show its effects, he knew he'd get an earful later but pushed through the pain and exhaustion. "Question Jezz, if this is the basement why is there an elevator going down? And why would they keep us here rather than lower?" She had no answer for him but he ignored his concern, remembering where he had to go from where they had brought him.

Two weeks ago this complex head scientist found an away to capture Tayton, bringing him here in hopes of experimenting on him, to find out what the talisman he had dropped around his neck did specifically to his body. While he was here he heard the voices of others, many of them sounded like kids in the room next to his when he escaped he had no time to help them and hoped that two weeks wasn't long enough for these bastards to do truly unthinkable things.

He stood remembering what he heard when he was strapped in his own room here, the smell of ammonia and various chemicals they still lingered in his mind. Breathing in deep he stepped into the room that had been next to his, as he stepped through the two sliding doors the lights flickered on. They were just barely lit, enough to see the labels on each of the pens that circled. Soon he realized it was no room they were in but a laboratory, and each pen had dried blood and bodily fluids encrusted on the entrance. Only four pens remained that were closed, the others showed evidence of a struggle and a fight. Tayton could smell the fresh smell of burned flesh, images of cattle prods flashed through his mind as he sighed in sorrow and remorse.

As he stood broken from the realization he had been too late, a voice startled him. Turning around fast with a gun is drawn he squinted trying to see into the darkened pens. The voice sounded again "No no not in there...turn around." and he did turning around but seeing nothing but a single glass jar, he stepped closer and a motion light flickered on bringing the glass jar into a bright glow in the darkness of the room. He was staring at a severed head as it floated in the jar, suddenly it spun around and its eyes opened "Okay...don't scream..." it spoke causing Tayton to fall back in fright and stumbled into one of the pens. The door opened fast as he fell into it. The severed head sighed and spoke as something slowly crawled from the darkness of the pen Tayton had fallen into "Well you're going to scream.."As he spoke eight long legs stretched over Tayton.

He gave whatever was in the pen no chance to get the drop on him, rolling out from the pen and training his gun onto the open pen finger about to squeeze tight, but he stopped as it crawled out from the pen and stood up fully. It towered over Tayton by three feet at least, covered in thin tiny hairs that like a tarantula it moved so fast for something so large. Slapping the gun from his hand and slamming the tip of one of its long legs into his chest and sending him flying across the room. It didn't follow Tayton across the room, rather moving over to the jar and picking it up and holding it like a child. Then over to the rest of the three pens, smashing each lock with enough force to almost vaporize the locks.

From each pen emerged a single person each covered in scars and fresh wounds, they each had a tattoo on the right side of their necks, a big zero with a slash through it, They looked to Tayton as if he was their savior when in fact it was the silent monster who had freed them. They all couldn't be older than eighteen, two young men and a young lady. The two men were naked and scars all down their torsos, and the young lady had a small white shirt on and nothing more. She trembled as Tayton stepped forward to get a better look at them, one of the men rushed forward hand engulfed in fire and held it just in front of Tayton's face. Tayton looked at them all for a moment until the firestarter spoke "You the one who was screaming in the room ova?"Tayton nodded and then turned towards the door hearing something on the other side coming. "You lot still able to fight?" the two men nodded and the lady stepped closer to Tall Dark and terrifying. The head in the jar spoke, "Let the ladies stay behind with me." Tayton looked and smirked. Both at the joke from the jar and at the fact that he hadn't failed...he could actually save these four.