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This is the story of Shimuku my very own naruto character i just wanted to tell his story.

Chapter one:the soul village

Shimuku was born and raised in the village hidden in the souls. It was hidden in a very genious way. the village was invisable. Because the village was full of soul jutsu users a jutsu was made that made the vilage invisable, everyone in the village invisable and every thing intangeable.Thogh the jutsu has to be redone every year it was an affective way to keep anyone from knowing it was there. the village had one ally that therefore knew about them. it was the village hidden in the leaves.Shimuku lived a happy life in the hidden soul village his dad was the villages leader so he had natural tallent and made gennin with ease. but one night the seven tailed demon Lizzard attacked the village the night the jutsu that made it practecly non existant had to be redone so the villages best ninja fought the lizzard in a long and fought out fight but it was too powerfull so the village combined have of the ninjas chakra and soul power to seal it in a randon human that human was Shimuku.He went straight from most power full gennin to the hated 7-tailed brat.so finnally the village came to a decition to put Shimuku in konoha though it was against Shimuku's parents will majority rules so shimuku was to be trans ported to konoha.
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Alright i ll right the second chapter and i'll post his in my blog along whith the rest of it when i write it

Chapter two:squad eight

"this sucks!" uttered Suimuku as he was escorted(if you couls call it escorted he was in a soul cage so he couldnt escape ) to konoha by his villages best ninja. "SHUT UP YOU MONSTER!"raored one of the jonin. a couple of days passed and they arived in konoha he was shunted through the villagd and into the building where the gennin teams where be ing picked.then he was thrown into the room by the jonin that yelled at him those days ago.the room was right beside the room where the teams were being picked after 1 hour of waiting four people enered the room one was a male gennim he wore a jacket with the hood over his head you could see hair comming out of the hood and sleeved wh also han on his head a dog it was white with brown ears. there was another male gennin with a jack et on too this one bidn't have a hood but it had a coller that covered his face we whore sunglasses ant had spikey brown hair. Their was also the female jonin who was boviously their squad leader and then there was her.... She was shimukus hight and age she had medeium lenght purple hair and puple less light purple eyes.and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. he looked at her for a whiel and the when he noticed she onticed hewas stareing he quickly looked away. "hello." said the jonin "I am your new sense kureni." later on a rooftop the five man spuad was gathered "Alright I want everyont introduce themselves"said kureni ok "I'll go first" said the boy whith the dog "my name is kiba inuzaka and this is my dog akumaru." "ok' said kureni "next!" the the kid with the sun glasses answered."im shino aburame" "ok im Shimuku rezuno.""alright that leaves you" she looked at the purple haird girl."o..ok I...IM Hinata H..Hyuuga"she said in a tiny voice shimuku noticed kiba was starring at her the same way he was kiba and Shimuku's eyes met and itwas instan rivalry.