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the saiyan pod entered earths orbit leaveing a trail of fire through the sky.Goku out training feels the power comeing from the craft he goes to investigate he saw the crash site an aproached as the pod slowly opend revealing a ape like woman she steped from the crater .Goku knew what that from was she was a super saiyan four she looked around wearing ancient cloths a small white cloths covered her breast a almost loin cloth type skirt was around her waist she laughed an spoke an odd langauage goku slowly walked up to her trying to be friendly "hi i am son goku an you are " she looked at him knowing he is one of her race an laughed speaking her odd language agin goku blinked as she pointed a finger up in the sky at a near by planet an fired an enormous energy blast turning the plant into dust. he jumped backward goku wondered what was he dealing with here who could this lady be. She grined her eyes meet with gokus an he felt a psychic flash back seeing her past how could she invade his mind so easiy he tryed to break the hold but kept seeing the same image.

Her ruleing the saiyans inslaveing half the universe but then dureing her rule of the glaxy her ppl put her into stasis until she woke up now he finally snaped out of it he started to power up knowing this willl truely be the fight of his life.In a blink of an eye he was in his super saiyan four from the female tilted her head from side to side an laughed . he thought to his self i will have to win this fast goku used his instant tranmission to get behind her but as soon as he telaported he she was behind him how could this be. crash followed by an ouffff from goku as a kick landed on his side sending him into a nearby moutain as it came crashing down around him he jumped into the ka-me-ha-ma-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! the massive blast was quickly apoun her she took no action to defend it was a direct hit goku sighed as the dust filled the sky, He was sorry he had to do what he did the dust cleared an there she stood laughing her out fit torn slightly.She telaported infront of his face an started an onslaught he fists so fast not even goku could block she was landing hit after hit but then he thought about his family his power incresed an he sent a knee to her face then takeing both his hands slamed her to the ground there battle was so intense it started drawing others vegeta stood on top of a near by hill that" fool kakarot doesnt he know anything thats the first the true super saiyan the real legend ".goku powered down phew well that was rough but he started to stumble "w.. what going on " he felt a pain in his back he herd laughter it was her she had hit him with out him evein knowing then a swift kick to his neck sending him to the ground makeing a long trench "shes to powerful i i am gonna have to use the spirt bomb he tryed to get up but couldnt "how how did she get behind me how "

next chapter Vegeta the prince

this is just the start hope you all like it there is more to come