"The true fates of Robin of Earth-2, Huntress, and Kole..."

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This is less of a fanfic, and more of a theory, so bear with me on this. 

For those of you who read Crisis on Infinite Earths, you'll remember in the final chapter of the story, one scene has Robin of Earth-Two struggling to get an unconscious Huntress out from under some debris. As some shadow demons close in on them, Teen Titans member Kole tries to protect them by creating a crystal barrier, but they manage to break through. We are not shown what happens to them in the final panel featuring them, as it fades to the next scene. They are listed later on as casualties, but in the epilogue of the story, Harbinger states that "the bodies of Robin of Earth-2, the Huntress, and Kole were never found". Supposedly the coffins of the two Earth-Two denizens were seen at a funeral held by the JSA in the "Last Days of the Justice Society" special, but how do we know that they buried the right bodies?????Kole has a confounding aftermath, since she later reappears aiding the Team Titans (I did spell that correctly) against a pack of vampires, her powers having somehow been upgraded  with the ability to teleport from place to place at will and sense events happening miles away. She also hinted that she isn't anything "alive".     In a later comic, the successor to Brother Blood ressurrects fallen Teen Titans members as a zombie army, Kole among them. But was that the real Kole???? 
In short, are those three characters really dead? 
My hypothesis is: NO. For the Earth-2 Robin and Huntress, I'm not refferring to the ones from the new Earth-2 in the new 52 Multiverse. I am talking about the originals, along with Kole, whose origins DC has yet to update. Something tells me that those three are still alive in the comics, and DC isn't willing to say anything about them or do anything with them. They aren't in Limbo, they're just somewhere. Unless DC is coming up with something for them (and if there are any DC guys on the boards reading this now), I'm making my own conjecture, in the form of a small fanfic. This is what I believe:  

As the shadow demons broke through the crysal barrier, and about to close in on the trio, a tear in the fabric of reality opened beneath them and quickly closed behind them as they fell through, the demons denied their prey. Huntress wakes up, and she and the other two realize that they're falling through the in-between of the multiverse, the space between each alternate earth. And they're not just falling through; they're being pulled towards a parallel earth. One that evaded the onslaught of the Anti-Monitor, without it realizing: Earth-616. This was due to the fact that Earth-616 is Eternity, the living embodiment of the universe, and a living universe powerful enough to remain undetected by the Anti-Monitor. (Eternity was actually the first to notice the beginning of the onslaught, and to save the multitude of parallel earths that had yet to develop, he gathered them all, and separated them from the original multiverse, creating a brand new one for them to inhabit. The Anti-Monitor then thought that his inital wave of antimatter had annihilated those worlds. Content, he turned to the ones that remained in the old multiverse.  The worlds that Eternity rescued would then become the Marvel Multiverse.) Eternity had actually saved the Earth-Two Robin and Huntress and Kole from their doom, noting that if he could save at least a few from that set of worlds, he will have spared them the fate of nonexistence. The three are awestruck at the sight of the entity, but have little time to ask who it is as they get closer and closer to him. They land on Earth, but not Earth in the year of the Crisis. Eternity had accidentally thrust them forward in time, years after the Crisis had been dealt with. Specfifically, it is two months after the events of JLA/Avengers, and they have landed on the front lawn of Avengers Mansion. Alerted to their prescence, the then-current Avengers lineup arrives to question the trio. Captain America, remembering his time in the Batcave, notices the symbol on E2 Robin's chest, and assures the other Avengers that the three our on their side. E2 Robin, E2 Huntress, and Kole are brought into the mansion, where they relate their story and their feelings to the Avengers. Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and the Pyms note that during the events of JLA/Avengers, when the dying Grandmaster showed them and the Justice League their true realities, one of the things they saw was Barry Allen's death during the Crisis. Realizing that they have nowhere to go now, Cap and the others decide to help them adjust to their life on this earth. They do so in the following ways a week later: 
-Cap and Iron Man, using their SHIELD connections to the government and help from Nick Fury, help E2 Robin and Huntress establish new identities as covers for who they really are. Dick and Helena then take the names Rick and Helen Waynesgray, the brother and sister heads of a law firm they establish with help from Matt Murdock and Jen Walters. Kole also takes on a new ID, while keeping her name, and opens up a crystal statuary shop. While the rest of the world is unaware, only Cap and the other Avengers know who they truly are.

-Helena undergoes therapy with Doc Samson to help get over her losses and honor those she held dear by starting afresh. Dick does the same. 
-Finally, Cap inducts the three as honorary Avengers, making them the first DC characters to be part of the Marvel team.  
Iron Man, Forge of the X-Men, Reed Richards, and a few others build a interdimensional viewing device, allowing Dick, Helena, and Kole to see how the "New Earth" is progressing looking back in time and at the present as well. During their time on Earth-616, they bear witness to the events that rocked the world: Avengers Disassembled, the House of M incident (they are unaffected due to their different inner vibrational frequencies), the Civil War (where they remain neutral, with Dick telling Cap and Iron Man that nothing like this would've happened in the JSA), World War Hulk, the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, and the Siege of Asgard. At the same time, through the interdimensional viewer, they witness some of the events of the DC Universe: the rise of the JLI, the "death" of Superman, "Knightfall", Armageddon 2001, Zero Hour (and Hal Jordan becoming Parallax), the Final Night, the reformation of the JLA and JSA (in the late 90's), "Our Worlds at War", the "Titans Tomorrow" incident, etc. They are shocked as they watch the events of "Infinite Crisis" unfold, especially at the sight of the Earth-Two Superman, a long-time friend of theirs, being easily manipulated and then killed. When they witness the full intensity of the "Blackest Night", Robin decides that it's time for them to "go home". After the events of "Siege", Iron Man and the others who built the Interdimensional viewer (sans Forge, currently MIA), collaborate to build a gateway to transport them to New Earth in the DCU. Huntress explains that after all the ups and downs they've witnessed going on in New Earth, and how some of them affected Power Girl (Helena's best friend), that earth could use a few more shines of light, and Power Girl could use a few more pieces of home (Earth-Two). Cap agrees, and gives the word for Stark and Richards to activate the device, while Thor powers it with Milojnir. The three of them wave goodbye, and jump into the portal, where they return to New Earth in the aftermath of "Blackest Night" and the beginning of "Brightest Day". The portal that opens into the DCU opens in front of a gathering of heroes. Power Girl, shocked, at first thinks they are from the Earth-2 of the new multiverse. That is, until Helena asks her "Does that Earth-2 have one of these?", showing her Avengers badge. Alan Scott's ring and Jay Garrick's assessment of their inner vibrations confirms the trio's genuine nature. Power Girl, crying tears of joy, embraces her friend in a tearful welcome home. 
-E2 Robin talks with New Earth Dick Grayson, going over how he ended up taking on the mantle of Batman. 
-Jakeem Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Stargirl tell Dick and Helena about their encounter with the ghost of the Earth-Two Batman in the aftermath of Infinite Crisis.

-Helena speaks with Wonder Woman about her encounter with the Earth-Two Wonder Woman during the events of that Crisis. 
-Kole reunites with the other Titans (Donna Troy, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven). 
-Helena meets with Helena Bertinelli for the first time. 
-Power Girl helps Dick and Helena plan out the rest of their lives on New Earth. 
The End


(Please let someone from DC be reading this, this year IS the 25th anniversary of COIE.)