The Triumph of Will

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A philosphers take on the comic book worlds of Marvel and DC

What is it that makes humanity different from the rest of the universe, is it the fact the we will go to war and kill one another over such petty things as money, power, or land.

Or is it the fact that even though we are the same, we strive to find any possible way to divide ourselves; we create barriers that shouldn’t exist.

Maybe it’s the way we treat our home, as if they will ever be another one like it, yet we continue to hurt and murder our mother.

It could be the number of atrocities we inflict upon each other, Holocausts and Genocides disguised as War, Senseless acts of violence so horrible the perpetrator deserves death, not even our children are free from these nightmares.

All of these separate humanity and thus Earth from therest of the universe, and are the various reasons for our horrible standingamongst the beings of the stars.

That is all true, but one thing still vexes mewhy is Earth always the end scene for every galactic drama, a homing beacon forthe supernatural and strange, the center of every swirling cataclysm of deathand pain.

Ihave two theories; my first one is that there is some great cosmic being outthere who wishes to punish humanity for all our slights, and sends wave afterwave of disaster in a hope that one day he will rid the universe of us.

I do have a second theory one much more positive, for all of our flaws, are shortcomings we always persevere we always endure and push forward through the darkness guided by the best among us, those modern day gods, our champions, our heroes.

They safeguard through the chaos, they deliver us out of nightmare and into salvation but why do they do this, why do these beings of supreme good fight and die for us, if were as truly lost as we seem.

I have come to one conclusion that theseheroes see something in us that we don’t see in ourselves, something worth protecting, and something worth dying for.

That is why humanity must continue to survive, continue to grow and learn, so that one day we might prove worthy of their brave sacfrifice, that one day we will live up to their apsirations for us, that one day we will rise triumphant.

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@DragonfireXL: Nicely written! Good job, I really liked it