The Super Adventure

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A DBZ crossover with the nintendo universe

The Super Adventure

" Koopas report to the planning room at once." Bowser said loudly.

In 6 minuets all Koopas were in the room.

" So have any of you come up with a plan to defeat Mario and Luigi, better yet did any of you come up with a way to kill the plumbers?" Bowser said pulling his fist tightly together.

" Maybe we should just attack Mario and Luigi straight on, with everything including are bomb shells." Koopa Troopa suggested.

" Interesting plan, but Luigi and Mario will probably defeat us again like they always do, we are going to need a better plan." Bowser yelled out.

" Bowser Maybe I could plant some bombs in the castle, I could then leave and have a detonator to explode the whole thing, so what do you think?" Fly Guy said questionable.

" You probably wouldn't be able to get past Princess Peach's security at the castle." Bowser said angrily.

" Mario doesn't know I am working for you, so maybe we could ambush him." Paratroopa added with a smile.

" Those two can probably since a trap from a mile away." Bowser said.

" We should attack Mario and Luigi, when they are not together." Fly guy said.

" That is the dumbest plan yet, do you know how many times, I have already tried that." Bowser yelled out.

" You guy's should lead Mario and his prosthetic brother to the garden land, I then will finish them both off no challenge." Petey Piranha said with an evil laugh.

" Well your plan sucks like Fly Guy's." Bowser said with an anoid voice.

" What did you just say, I only joined this dump because you are paying me handsomely." Petey Piranha added with a grin.

" So your just in it for the money?" Paratroopa said with a confused voice.

" Yup that's right." Petey Piranha added with a smile.

" I don't care if any of you are here to get paid, I just want the Mario Brothers dead." Bowser yelled.

" Hey dad is it almost time to eat, because I am starving?" Bowser Jr asked with an upset face.

" In a minuet I will have Fly Guy order some pizza ok." Bowser said.

" Alright that sounds good." Bowser Jr said with a huge smile on his face. " I'll just go order the Pizza's now, I will order about Ten or Twelve." Shy Guy said.

" I can't wait to eat!" Petey Piranha added.

Back at the castle

" Hey peach how long will you and Daisy be gone to rainbow world for?" Mario asked with a sad look in his face.

" Will be there for at least five or Six month's, why are you going to miss me?" Peach said with a smile.

" I guess you could say that." Mario said with a low sad voice.

Peach then hugged Mario and then left for the airport with Daisy.

" It shore is going to be kind of boring here without those two don't you think Mario?" Luigi said.

" We can just hang out with Yoshi and his buddies." Mario said with a little relief in his voice.

" Now that peach is no longer here with us, do you think Bowser will try to capture Peach." Luigi said with a nervous voice.

" He might but we will be ready for him." Mario said with a voice of a hero.

" Mario I am going to go stop by my Mansion alright." Luigi said.

" Ok you do that." Mario said with a careless voice.

Luigi then walked out of the door.

Mario went to his Living room sat down then turned the TV on to Football.

Five Minuets later Boshi and Yoshi came in.

" Hey Mario are you watching Football?" Yoshi asked in excitement.

" What does it look like he's watching, duh." Boshi added with a rude tone of voice.

" shut up Boshi, I didn't bring you here to be an Idiot." Yoshi yelled.

" You guy's can sit down and make yourselves at home." Mario said softly.

" Do you live here Mario?" Boshi said.

" Know I don't, but I do like to visit peach a lot." Mario said as he smiled.

" I think we should all go out for Ice scream it is a very hot night, so what do you say Mario and Boshi, sound good?" Yoshi said in excitement.

Mario turned off the TV.

" Alright guys lets go get some tasty cold Ice scream." Mario said.

Yoshi, Boshi and Mario left the Castle.

" It shore is a nice night, look at that beautiful moon." Boshi said quietly.

" The whether is also really good, I say It's about 70 degrees." Yoshi said taking a guess.

Sixteen Minuets later the three arrived at the Ice-cream store, and walked in."

" Hey look over there it's Sonic." Mario said loudly.

" I see him." Yoshi added.

" You can tell him that we are here, while I go get are blizzards." Mario said.

Mario then got in line.

Boshi and Yoshi walked over to Sonic and Knuckles.

" Hey what's up Sonic, enjoying your coan?"

" Hey guy's have a seat." Sonic said not really knowing who they were.

Boshi and Yoshi sat next to Knuckles and Sonic.

" Mario is also here with us, he is in the line to go buy us some Ice scream." Yoshi said breaking the silence.

" I heard Mario is one of the most skilled fighters of the Nintendo world, is that true?" Knuckles asked with interested eyes.

" Yup that's Mario." Yoshi said proudly.

" I guess this will be your first time meeting Mario Knuckles, he is a really cool guy." Sonic said.

" I hope he brings me chocolate." Boshi said a little worried.

Two Minuets later Mario came to the table with the ice cream.

Back at Bowsers Castle 2 hours later

" Dinner was really good." Fly Guy said.

" Bowser do you still have the transport machine?" Petey Piranha asked with a demanding voice.

" Yes I do, were are you going with this?" Bowser asked.

" Maybe you could reveres it and make it so that we could bring someone from another world to kill the Mario bros." Petey Piranha said with an evil voice.

" Piranha you are brilliant!" Bowser said loudly.

" I will start reversing the machine along with Koopa Troopa." Paratroopa said.

" How long will it take?" Bowser asked with an angry face.

" We could have it ready by morning." Paratroopa said with a frightened voice.

" Then we should get to work right away." Koopa troopa said.

Next Morning.

" Is the Machine Ready?" Bowser asked in desperation

" Yup she's ready." Koopa Troopa said.

" So were are you going to shoot the beam to Bowser?" Paratroopa asked with a rushing voice.

" focus it to after world." Bowser yelled.

" I will set it so that it will beam the strongest two." Koopa Troopa said.

After doing so he shot the beam.

" How long will it take for them to arrive." Bowser asked.

" Any second now." Paratroopa said.

Within a minuet the two stepped out of the Machine."

" what are your names?" Koopa Troopa asked.

Bowser looked on the Scanner.

" There power levels are amazing, this can't be real." Bowser said with a loud and very surprised voice.

" Machine Identify these two." Bowser demanded.

Machine:" Both are Saiyans, were born on planet earth, Father and Mother Goku and Chi Chi, There names are Gohan and Goten."

" Gohan and Goten cool names." Bowser said with a small smile.

" Can you guys speak?" Koopa Troopa asked.

" Yeh we can speak, but what is going on How did I get here?" And Wow I feel like I am in my Twenties again." Goten said.

" Your right Goten, but I feel like I am 37." Gohan added with a confused face.

" Oooh my mistake, I made it so they would become younger again after being zapped by the beam." Paratroopa added.

" What is going on, and who are you guys?" Gohan asked.

" My name is Bowser and I have brought you here to destroy a mad man named Mario, he has been killing a lot of people." Bowser said with a serious voice.

" Well that doesn't sound very good." Goten said scratching his head.

" I will provide you with shelter and food if you destroy him and his little brother, do we have a deal?" Bowser said calmly.

" Yeh you have yourself a deal." Gohan said.

Petey Piranha stepped into the room.

" Goten Gohan you guy's can ask the machine any info about yourself, and it will tell you." Koopa Troopa said.

" How old are me and Gohan?" Goten asked with an interested voice.

Machine:" Goten your Twenty four while Gohan is Thirty five."

" Where are Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr?" Gohan asked while waiting for the reply.

Machine:" The two are on earth."

" This thing is really neat right Gohan." Goten said with the son Goku smile on his face.

" It is pretty cool." Gohan said.

" I'm guessing you two are probably hungry, Petey Piranha fix these two 15 big pan cakes each, we can't have you two fighting on an empty stomach." Bowser said.

" I love pancakes, thanks." Goten said while licking his lips.

" So Bowser what are you supposed to be, a big Turtle?" Gohan asked almost laughing.

" Gohan I am part Koopa and part dragon." Bowser answered.

" So is this Mario guy tough or what?" Gohan asked.

" Mario is nothing compared to you two, one of you alone could easily take him down." Shy guy said with a proud voice.

" This isn't even are fullest power, you haven't seen us at Super Saiyan yet." Goten said with a mysterious look on his face.

" Super Saiyan, what the heck is that?" Bowser asked.

" Will show you later." Gohan said.

" Since we are going to take care of your Mario problem , I wouldn't suppose you could provide us with some really hot babes." Goten said licking his lips again.

Gohan then hit Goten on the head.

" Sorry Bowser, my brother can get a little carried away." Gohan said.

" Hey father what are the power levels of those two?" Bowser Jr asked.

Bowser looked at the scanner.

" Goten's level is Forty five Million eight hundred six and Gohans level is Sixty three million four hundred twenty two." Bowser answered.

" No freaking way, the machine must be broken big time!" Bowser Jr responded with a loud unbelieving voice.

" Just think of it this way my son, these two are from another world." Bowser added.

" Mario and Luigi won't have a chance, there highest power level could probably be twenty five." Bowser Jr said laughing.

" Breakfast time Goten and Gohan." Petey Piranha yelled out.

Gohan and Goten rushed to the kitchen.

5 hours later

Back at Peach's castle

" Hey Sonic can you help me over here, with my kart?" Mario asked.

Sonic zoomed over. " I see what the problem is." Sonic said.

Luigi and Knuckles walked over to Mario and Sonic and as they did, a blast hit all of them.

They all fell to the ground.

" What was that?" Sonic said as he got on his feet.

all four of them looked up and saw Goten and Gohan smiling.

" We have been sent here to destroy Mario and all his friends, and that's exactly what will do." Goten said with a huge smile on his face.

To Be Continue