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Well, we are almost a week into 2018, and it has been a crazy first week. Regardless of how crazy it has been, I'm posting Chapter 5 of The Story of the Windlenot Museum. As always, I hope you have been enjoying this story, and I plan to get and hopefully I'll get the rest of this one up by March. If you haven't noticed by now, I try not to overwhelm the Fan-Fic forum in one go. I like being respectful of all the other posters on here.

Shiver/Kolchak disclaimer

Attention: Shivers is property of Sierra. Richard Cale is my character, and is used in other fics with my blessing. Michael McNeal is a creation of Mike N, who has fics posted on fanfiction.net as well. Carl is Carl Kolchak from the Kolchak: The Night Stalker franchise.

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The Story of the Windlenot Museum

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Chapter 1 (First Chapter)Arrival At Dusk
Chapter 2Entrance Patterns
Chapter 3Otherworldly Encounters

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Chapter 5 Researching The Enemy

Michael McNeal couldn’t believe all the things in the main hall. It was amazing. He noticed a dry fountain near the back, next to a door. Across from it, he noticed five animal heads. In the middle of the hall was a long glass case with many items in it. He noticed a door in a sunken recess, in what looked like a pyramid. As they all walked into the room, he heard Carl snap another picture. He started to wonder how much film Carl had brought with him. As they started to walk into the room, he watched as Richard headed off to the right, saying, “I think that’s the front door over there, and I bet it’s locked.” He then saw his friend run up to a black door by a desk.

He wasn’t surprised when he saw Richard pull on the door, and noticed it wouldn’t move. He then shouted, “Leave it be, Rich. If those spirits are running around the building, the door being locked might be all that is keeping them in here.”

He then heard Carl say, “It seems unlikely that keeping the door to the building locked would keep them in here. If they are spirits, they would be able to go through walls.” As he thought about it, Carl’s words made a lot of sense. However, that did mean that something was keeping the Ixupi in the museum.

As they looked around, he wondered if the odd talisman in the office desk was a clue to why the creatures remained. He then remember the desk, and shouted over to Richard, “Rich, check the desk. Maybe something is in the drawers.” He watched as Richard nodded and quickly sat in the desk’s chair.

It was at that moment that he heard Carl say, “Maybe that’s not the only place we should look. It looks like those heads open up.” Michael looked at the heads again, and noticed that each one was split right down the middle. He walked over to them, but stopped when he saw the axe stuck in the wall near them. He started to wonder if it had cause the split in each mask. He quickly dismissed that when he opened one at realized how smooth they opened.

He looked back, and saw that Carl had walked over to his side. He looked at Carl and said, “Maybe something is hidden in one of them.” He then opened the lower one. He noticed that Carl had checked the two on the right side. He then went to the one in the center. He opened it and almost jumped back. As it closed, he could have sworn he saw a skull.

He then watched as Carl looked at him, and reopened the center mask. He then saw that Carl started to open the skull. It had been the same as other masks. It split apart and he saw a strange pot in it. As he looked at it, he heard Carl say, “You know, this looks like the markings of something Aztec, or some other South American culture.”

Michal looked at Carl in surprise and said, “When did you encounter something like that?”

He watched as Carl just gave him a smile and said, “I had encountered something in one of my stories. Apparently some Aztec cult was trying to summon a god of theirs. Trust me, I learned a bit about Aztec culture back then. However, I’m not familiar with this symbol.” He then looked at the pot and noticed that on one end of the symbol, it had four points. He also noticed that the symbol was a long oval like symbol, with small semicircles on the bottom.

As he looked over the image, he said, “Maybe that marking has something to do with the Ixupi. All we need to do is find out what it means. However, I do remember one thing.”

He was almost startled when he heard Richard say, “What do you remember, Mike?” He turned and saw Richard was heading back to them, and in his friend’s hand was a brochure.

When Richard had finally got next to them, he looked at his friend and said, “I think the spirit of Professor Windlenot had said we need to find both talismans and vessels. That means we should keep an eye out for the matching lid.” He could see both Carl and Richard nodding in agreement with what he said, but he also noticed that Richard was also glancing at the brochure he had found. He looked at his friend, and asked, “Now, what did you find?” He could see his friend was smiling, and that might mean it’s a good thing.

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Richard Cale looked up from the brochure when Michael asked the question. He then said, “It’s a brochure for the museum. From the looks of this, Professor Windlenot wanted to make this a fun and educational place. He even has a list of exhibits here which must have a special dial or something next to them.” He pointed to the list in the brochure, and pointed out the colored skulls next to each item.

As he pointed them out, he heard Carl remark to the strange marks. “Now that adds to the feeling of what happening around here. Do you think that the choice was intentional, or just to add to the mystique of the museum?”

He looked at the reporter and said, “I think it was done for the feeling of the place. I honestly don’t think that the Professor had planned for the release of the Ixupi. However, if he added puzzles, there has to be someplace to go to find out things. Maybe there is a library somewhere. Let’s check the door by the masks here.” As he walked up to the door, he glanced at the axe imbedded in the wall. He was half tempted to grab it, but then thought again about it. If they were dealing with spirits, the axe would do them no good.

When he had opened the door, he smiled, seeing that their first guess was the very room they needed. He stepped into the room, followed by Michael and Carl. As he looked over the room, he noticed three things. The first was the candelabra on the left side of the room. The second was an empty podium on the right side of the room. The last thing was an apparent secret passage that appeared behind an open wall.

Once they were all used to the new room, he heard Michael say, “Let’s check every shelf. Maybe we can find out about the Ixupi in one of these books.” He then watched as his friend started checking the shelves near the door they had come in. He saw that Carl had gone over to the bookshelf closest to the podium. That left him with the shelf near the candelabra. He quickly started looking through the shelf.

As he looked through the books, he felt as if the candelabra was watching him. He wasn’t sure why he had that feeling, but he hoped it was unfounded. He then pulled out one book. From it’s cover, he could tell it was a book about Unexplained items in history. The book had opened to a few pages with pictographs about aliens and UFOs on it. He copied them down, and then went to the next book. It was a blue book with mythology about the stars in it. He noticed that this book opened to stories about the gods the inner planets were named after. Before he moved on, he said, “Find anything yet?”

He heard Michael say, “Only that the podium must have been for the book the Professor was holding. It even has it’s title on it. Did you find anything, Carl?”

He glanced over at the reporter, who seemed to be eyeing the top shelf. Something told him that Carl must have seen something high up on the shelf. “Well, I think I see something, but I’m going to need help reaching it. Mike, can you move that ladder over, and spot me while I climb up.” He watched as his friend helped the reporter.

He returned his attention to the books, and came across a book of South American pictographs. He quickly opened the book, and shouted, “I think I found something to help us. It’s a book full of pictographs. One looked like the one that was on the pot we found Windlenot’s spirit it. His pot was marked for stone.” He thought again of where they had found Windlenot’s body, down in the underground cave, and wondered if that meant an Ixupi in stone had gotten the Professor.

He then heard Michael say, “Is the markings from the pot in the masks in there?” He saw that his friend was watching as Carl pulled at a book high up on the shelf.

He looked down at the book, and found the picture. “Yes, it’s the pictograph for metal, or metal working.” He started to wonder if that meant a fourth type of Ixupi that might be around.

He then looked up as Carl said, “Hey Rich, what icon looks like two flowing lines ending it what appears to be flames?” He glanced over at where Carl was, and noticed that a statue that had been high up on the wall had turned to expose a pot in the base. He also noticed that one book in the bookshelf was pulled out.

He glanced down at the book and found the image. “That would be the one for burning water, oil, or tar.” He started to page through the book, and saw there were thirteen images in the book. He also heard the others starting to move over to him, as he said, “There are pictographs for ten other items in here. Wood, sand, jade, fire, cloth.” He felt a surprised look cross his face as he then said, “Wax, crystal, water, ash, and lightning. Do you think they had a concept of what lightning was back then?”

He watched as Carl was now at his side, and said, “Well, if one believes that ancient aliens had visited these cultures, it’s not hard to see that they would know of electricity.” Richard wanted to scoff at that, but decided to keep his opinion to himself. The Ixupi was strange enough, and surviving them was more important.

He then noticed that Michael was also looking at one of the books he hadn’t reached yet. He watched as his friend pulled out the book, and then said, “This book has the same symbol on it that Professor Windlenot had etched into the floor where we found his body. Maybe this book can tell us about the Ixupi.”

He watched as Michael then opened the book and started to page through it. As he read, Richard could see a worried look crossing his friend’s face. He looked at his friend, and said, “Mike, what did you find out?”

He watched as his friend looked at him and said, “This book says what they are. Apparently some ancient deity sent the Ixupi out to kill people. I’m guessing the leader of the tribe found out how to capture them in many vessels. Each vessel has an element that the spirits are now bound to. I think all the pots we are finding held the Ixupi. The book even says that at this time, there are thirteen.”

He then heard Carl say, “Wait a minute, if there are thirteen in total, and two teenagers and the professor were claimed by one Ixupi each.” He saw Carl was thinking about the whole situation. The same thoughts were running through his mind. He knew they were all going to come to the same conclusion. He then watched as Carl looked at them and said, “That means there are about ten Ixupi left, and I think we know what four of them are.”

He wanted to know how Carl came to that conclusion, but also wanted to get out of the library. He started for the rear door, and said, “Why don’t you tell us which ones we know are here once we leave the room. Maybe there are some things in this hallway back here.” He then stepped into the rear hallway, and was surprised at the somewhat futuristic feel the hall had. He also noticed that along the floor were various items scattered about. He wondered if they had found where one of the teens had run.

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Carl Kolchak couldn’t believe how strange this back hall looked. As he looked at it’s design, he said, “Must not be a part of the tour. Maybe this is how they got exhibits from one area to the next.” He then started to walk to the left and said, “Anyhow, we already know about four of the Ixupi that are here. First, we know the Water Ixupi is here because it attacked you, Michael. We know the Ash Ixupi is here because it attacked you, Richard.” He made sure he pointed to each one as he mentioned the point.

He then held up his hand with two fingers extended. “Now, Michael found the pot for the Metal Ixupi in the transformation masks, and we just found the pot for the Tar Ixupi in the library. That makes four Ixupi we know are here. We also know that the Stone Ixupi is no longer here, since Windlenot is in that pot. We know two more Ixupi out of the eight left took the teenagers. We are just going to have to keep tract of those pots we find to know which ones are left.” At that moment, he glanced down at the floor, and saw a ruined lipstick container, the top of which was mashed. He looked at it for a moment, and then looked over at the wall, noticing the elevator there. He was about to try to enter it, and then looked at Richard, figuring it had another puzzle panel on it. “Richard, I believe those panels are your area of expertise.”

He watched as Richard stepped up to the panel, and started to work on the task. As he did so, Carl heard Rich say, “Let me guess. You think the reason that lipstick is ruined is in the elevator.” He nodded, and watched as Richard went to work.

As the boy worked the panel, he heard Michael say, “So you figure we have six more Ixupi we need to identify? Any guesses one which ones might still be in the museum?”

He took off his hat for a moment, and looked at Michael, revealing his receding hair line. “Well, we have deduced that the Stone Ixupi claimed Professor Windlenot’s life. I’m guessing that the two other Ixupi who claimed the two other teens, are most likely hard to avoid. Maybe the Wood Ixupi for one, and possibly Fire. The wood seems abundant, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen even one fire in the place.” As he finished his theory, he could have sworn that he was talking with Tony Vincenzo.

That thought was cut short when he heard the elevator door open, and saw Richard stepping inside. He stepped to the door, and started to hear the same music he had heard before in the other elevators. He also noticed a strange circle shape on the one wall. He quickly took a picture of the mark, and heard Richard say, “This is linked to something. That almost looks like the name of Windlenot’s son.” He then saw Richard leave the elevator, saying, “I think we should check out the rest of this floor before we go up. This hallway if full of dropped items.”

He nodded in agreement, and they started down the hall, past were they entered the hallway. As they walked, they found an ID card, a report card, and even a note of some sorts. As they picked them up, he heard Michael say, “You know, I though the school’s ID cards were bad now. This one is worse. At least now we know the name of one of the missing teens.”

He watched as Richard had reached the far end of the hall, and saw the boy look left and right. He then heard Richard say, “That’s good to know. What’s her name?”

He then saw Richard head off to the left. He looked at the card and said, “Looks like her name was Beth Nelson. I’ll have to include that in my story.” He looked up, hoping to see Richard had come back into view. When he didn’t see the boy, he shouted, “Richard, are you all right?”

He was relieved to hear Richard shout, “I’m find. I found Beth’s purse down the steps here.” That was news to him. He went to the end of the hall, and noticed that there were steps down the left path. The right path appeared to end in a dead end. He then looked down the steps, to see Richard kneeling over a purse, and holding an address book in his hands.

When they reached him, he heard Michael shout, “Rich, don’t run off alone. With those Ixupi running around, that could be dangerous. What if one of those things attacked you. You might have been a sitting duck.”

He watched as Richard got up and said, “Every move we make is going to be dangerous, Mike. However, we can use our senses to help us survive. Remember the last two Ixupi attacks. They were preceded by a sound that was out of place. Right now, there are no sounds.”

Carl thought about what the boy said, and then said, “He’s right. Before the Ash Ixupi attacked, Richard heard a sound like bellows. Before the Water Ixupi attack, we heard bubbling water. A sound precedes each Ixupi attack. I don’t hear any unusual sounds here.”

He then heard Richard say, “My point exactly. We can move about in a group, or even alone. If you think we should stay as a group, fine. However, we should remember what sounds would mean an Ixupi is around. We should also take note of anything that seems unusual, like this diagram.” It was then Carl noticed that the address book was opened to a diagram of an image, and the words ‘red door’ under it.

Carl looked at the image and said, “Maybe it’s a clue to something else in the museum. Copy it down, and well look for it. Now shall we see what’s down the steps.”

He watched as Michael shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, might be very risky right now. I still don’t think we should be out of each others sight.” Carl had to agree with that. He knew that some of his own adventures put him alone and in harms way more times than he’d like to remember.

He then had an idea. He looked at Michael and said, “How about this. We both go to the bottom of the stairs. You stay there, and I’ll head to the end of the hallway. I’ll see what’s at the end of the hall, and come back and tell you what I found. Then we head back to the main hall of the museum.”

He saw Michael nod in approval. They then headed down the steps, and Michael took his spot, as he continued to the end of the hall. As he had figured, at the end of the hall was a door, marked for authorized personnel only. He returned to Michael, and then headed back up the steps. As they reached Richard, he saw the boy get up, and fall in step. Just before they reached the library, he heard Michael say, “What was down there, Carl?”

As he walked into the library, he said, “Authorized personnel only. I’m guessing it was the power room, since the sign for high voltage was on the door. We may have to check the room out later. I don’t think we should go anyplace more riskier than this right now.” As he finished saying that, he was aware of a sound. It was like the sound of a lot of wax melting. He then looked at Richard, who seemed to be staring at the candelabra. He realized what was coming just as an oozing figure emerged out of the candelabra.

He watched Michael grab Richard just as the creature attacked the boy. He quickly snapped a picture, and then opened the door back to the main hall of the museum. He then heard Michael say, “Hurry, before that thing tries to attack again.” He watched as Michael pulled Richard out of the room, and then exited the library, closing the door behind him. As they all caught their breath, Carl mentally added the Wax Ixupi to the list of ones they knew were in the museum. He also knew that Richard would want to capture that one personally.

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