The story of Copy.

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It was another day, another average day, at least that what Copy thought. It all begins on this day. James was like every other normal kid living in queens.

James was in his bed sleeping until his alarm went off.

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep beep beep beep”

James groaned.

“Uhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmmmm."

James went back to sleep with his peaceful dumb looking face he gets when sleeping. He was at peace that is until his mom shouted


James woke up with his bed torn apart, his blankets on the floor and his pillows all over his bed. He was defiantly a rough sleeper. James got out of his and took a step on his floor of his room. His room was a messy room. James was always too lazy to clean anything up. He usually wakes up with him feeling rotten and very bad demon breath. But this morning he feels good, rotten but good. He still had his demon breath. Oh curse his demon breathe. His own dog runs away from smelling that breathe. Well James walked into his bathroom to brush his teeth, do his hair, and clean his ears out. But when he got in there he looked in the mirror and screamed


Copy started fidgeting all over his body as he saw what he became. There was brown hair all over his body, his nails became claws, his face grew a wet nose, his ears became pointed, and he had fangs. Then his mom said while coming up the stairs

“James are you all right? I heard you scream.”

James replied with a nervous voice

“It’s nothing mom. You know how I zone out sometimes. I just screamed because I thought I saw something but it was my mind playing tricks on. Hehehehehe.”

His mom said

“Well, alright dear. When your day come down and eat some dinner.”

James said to himself

“Okay, okay. What am I going to d………….”

James narrator voice came in and said

“PAUSE! Okay as you can see that’s me. The day I discovered I had superpowers. But I thinking were moving a bit fast. Lets go back a day.”

James woke up in his bed and got dressed for his day of school. This was one of those mornings where he was up and wanted to get everything done. He packed his backpack, brush his teeth, did his hair, and put deodorant. James was fifteen years old. He wasn’t the tallest kid but he was 5’7. He had just started growing arm pit hair and he said

“Oh yeah. I always knew I was a man. A real man has hair.”

James walked down the stairs and went to eat breakfast his mom made for him. She made the usual for him. Bacon and eggs. James always loved his bacon to be raw. His mother hated that but she did everything she could to make me happy. She always says stuff like its still jumping. It’s funny but once in awhile it can get annoying. As James ate his breakfast quietly his birds, Angel and lucky, started singing their heads off. James loved the sound of their voices but when he watched TV he could care less. Then James dog came in. James dog was named Jack. He was a Jack Russell and he was 9 years old. James had him since he was a puppy. Jack was the first dog James could remember having. Then James said to his mom

“I have to catch the bus or I’m going to be late. See ya Mom.”

His mom said


James walked out the door and started walking toward his bus stop. When he got there he saw the girl he liked. Her name was Kelly. Kelly and I were friends for a long time now. But James grew a lot of feelings for her towards the years. Kelly was alone and maybe this was James chance to ask her out. James walked up to her and said

“Hey Kelly. Um I was wondering if you would ummmmm”

James stopped talking and looked like an idiot.

Before he could say anything more the bus came and Kelly said

“Well, James. We’ll talk later. The bus is here. Let’s go.”

James was just saved by the bell. Or the bus. James walked onto the bus getting that feeling of regret. He hated this feeling. The only good day about today was that school was a half of a day because of some state test. James narrator voice came in and said

“I so felt like a moron that day. Alright now back to the other me.”

It took like 5 minutes to get to the school. There weren’t many students on my bus. So it was always a quite bus. When we got to the school, Kelly went straight to her friends. But we were a little late for school and the bell already rang. So James went straight for his state test room. Then the narrator voice said

“Okay let’s skip the test. Nothing important happened here. Okay so where is my remote Ah here it is okay so Fast forward. Okay now we are around 6:00pm on that day. I spiked the rest of the day because I had to stay after to school for some service hours crap.”

James was at his house because of a hard day of service hours. He had to lift a lot of heavy stuff. Then James mom came in and said

“James, Kelly’s family is coming over for the dinner.”

James thought to himself

“WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!?!?! OH MY GOD, I’M A MESS. I don’t want Kelly to see me like this!”

James ran up the stairs and did all of his morning stuff. Brush his teeth, do his hair, and put new clothes on. It was 6:15 when Kelly’s family came. James ran down the stairs and said

“Hey guys.”

He tried to act cool but then Kelly said

“Hey James.”

With her pretty smile and her perfect face. And when Kelly walked over the dinner table, James was in goofy face mood. He was acting like on of those old cartoon guys when a girl touch them. Then James shook it off and took his seat. The whole dinner was a blur to James. The only interesting moments was when people said some cool jokes and James laughed. After dinner it was 9:00. The narrator said

“We didn’t eat that whole time. We played some family games and stuff.”

When James went to his bed he slammed on the bed and fell asleep. Then the narrator voice came in and said

“Okay so let’s fast forward again and now here we are where I develop my powers.”