The Skull Chronicles

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On one side of the river, hundreds of demons stood. Eyes glowing red, they were in rage. They didn't blink, they didn't move, not even as much as a twitch.

On the other side, for men and one female stood. Rifles at hand. They didn't wear armor, they weren't expecting the horrors of this island. Johnson, Brown, Bliss, Heather, and the captain: Drake Murdock. None of them were expecting this.

"Can you smell that? Death has arrived." Brown finally said. He looked over at Murdock, and stared at the skull that he carried on his arms. "We got to get the skull across, or this whole expedition will be screwed."

"It's impossible." Murdock said in a few words.

Johnson took off his helmet and holded it over his heart. His face was covered in sweat, he was tall and muscular, a mustache covered most of his mouth. He wasn't old, he was more of a middle aged man. The soldier turned around his head towards his captain and in a firm voice he declared, " Only one way we can do this: I'll have to sacrifice myself. I'm not fast enough, but I'm fast enough to distract them enough for you guys to get across. Just hand me another pistol, I'll need it.

"No, you don't have to do this. With the weapons we have, we can take them down and get across with only a few scratches." Bliss tried to dissuade. But the whole group, including himself knew that what he had just said was a complete lie, no more then a few encouraging words.

"Johsnon, you go out there, and promise me you'll come back. Because if you don't, I'll hunt down every creature in this island until I find you and then I'll go to hell to get you." Murdock smiled, and handed over a sniper rifle, much more than what Johnson had asked for.

The four explorers stood back. And Johnson looked straight ahead. He would sacrifice himself for the sake of humanity.

In a swift move he leaped over the river and was on the other side. He landed on his knee and on his foot, he took out his weapons and shot at the closest demons.

He stood up and began to dodge demons and to run across the field. He grabbed a long peice of wood that was on the ground and began to slide down the hill of the other side. Demons were just inchs behind him.

The team had already started to cross and were taking down the demons that had stayed. A few dozen demons were taken out, but still more dozens of them were standing. They extended their wings and flew down after the rest of the group.

Murdock shot at every angle he could, and was still able to avoid shooting at his team mates. But soon the team was outnumbered.

"As I said, death is here!" Brown exclaimed.

To be Continued...