The Sentry #3 Part 1

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All Characters used belong to Marvel Comics. Rated T for Violence and Themes.

Sentry #3:  What is Truth? Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Random Characterisation

Page 1:

Panel 1/ Splash

The Sentry and Silver Surfer are floating in front of an enormous asteroid field (the remains of a planet). They are talking calmly.

CAP: 650 billion light years from Earth. Less than a days trip for the Sentry. 

SENTRY: Surfer, hello, it is good to see you well. I wish to speak, only to speak, to your Master, Galactus. I would ask him for directions.

SURFER: My master is not a travel guide, Sentry. I doubt he’ll wish to see you.

SENTRY: I understand that, but it is important. Perhaps a gesture of good faith? If he grants me this request, I pledge to you, and he, that I will not impede his appetite. Ever.

Page 2:

Panel 1/

Close up on the Silver Surfer’s face. He is wearing a look of smug suspicion.

SURFER: What makes you think you pose anything more than a nuisance to my Master?

Panel 2/

Close up on the Sentry’s face. It is a vision of stoicism. He is not backing down in the least.

Panel 3/

Wide angel shot of the Sentry and the Silver Surfer. The Surfer is looking up, though not in a direction of anything specific. Merely looking away from the Sentry.

SURFER: Very well.

Panel 4/

Close up on the Surfer’s face once again, this time the shadow of a cordial smile is plastered across it.

SURFER: He will see you, Sentry. Do not go back on your word.

Page 3:

Panel 1/

The Sentry is floating before Galactus’ enormous face. The Sentry is merely a yellow blip against the background of the Devourer.

GALACTUS: Why do you disturb me, human?

Panel 2/

The Sentry is smiling gently.

SENTRY: It is a long time since someone called me that. I rather missed it... 

Panel 3/

Maintain the close up of the Sentry, only now his expression is one of deep reverence.

SENTRY: But I digress. Galactus, I come before you humbly, as a mere traveller. I do not intend to attack nor interfere with you. I simply hope you can answer a question of mine. I have heard of a single being throughout the Universe that is impossible to deceive. It knows only what has truly transpired, all falsities are rendered such before this being.  I wish to ask you where the Book of Cosmic Cognisance rests. I seek this Truth-Holder. Please, guide me toward it, Galactus.

Panel 4/

Focus shot on Galactus in the background, as the Sentry floats in the foreground. Galactus’ eyes are closed.

GALACTUS: Veritas, the being you seek, is neither near nor far from us. We who are beyond your understanding are capable of communication merely by will. Veritas knows you are coming. Find an open area of Space and he will appear. The Truth-Holder enjoys quiet when he is being questioned.

Panel 5/

Galactus finger is outstretched, indicating a direction and the Sentry is visibly flying alongside it at tremendous pace.

GALACTUS: Now go, Sentry, and remember your oath.

Page 4:

Panel 1/

Front angle shot of the the Sentry flying through space, close up on his determined countenance.

CAPTION-SENTRY:The Void was a being of great evil. It desired only pain and suffering, but my suffering most of all. I need to find out what lies it told me, which aspects of my reality are falsifications. I cannot do good while I am plagued with doubt. I cannot help other fully until I know what deceptions it created.

Panel 2/

The Sentry stops suddenly, a look of shock and confusion on his face.

OFF-PANEL: Howdy. I heard you were looking for me, blondie.

Panel 3/ A large, green rat-like creature is floating before the Sentry. It has gigantic, goggly eyes and a forked tongue. It’s teeth are all long canines, and the creature is wearing a huge grin.

VERITAS: Hey, don’t look so damn shocked! I’m the face of all Truth in the Universe. Did you really think I’d be pretty?

Panel 3/

The Sentry and Veritas are standing before one another.

VERITAS: Now tell me, Golden Guardian of Golden Delicious. No wait, that’s the apple guy. Golden Guardian of Good! That’s you. Why are you here? Don’t get me wrong, I know why you’re here, I just want you to say it.

SENTRY: Well, I wish to know the reality behind two events.  I question their legitimacy, and believe they could possibly have been machinations of the Void.

Panel 4/

Veritas has a bored look on his face.

VERITAS: Yes, yes, I know all that. Now get to the questions, you git, I have JFK Conspiracists to laugh at.

Panel 5/

The Sentry has a worried look on his face.

SENTRY: I’m sorry. This is just... It’s hard to say.

Page 5:

Panel 1/

Veritas is scratching his right eye.

VERITAS: I know, son, the Truth is never easy to face. But right now, you’re staring at it, staring at The Truth; The Truth of all Truths, and you can’t say what you need to? I already know what you want to ask. This is the definition of denial. You have come to the end of your journey. What awaits you now may only make living even more difficult. I have a habit of doing that. But nevertheless, if you ever want to be strong enough to help others, you have to be strong enough to help yourself. Now speak. 

Panel 2/

Close up on Robert’s face. His eyes are closed and his brow furrowed. He is concentrating.

SENTRY: There is a man named Owen Reece. He also goes by Molecule Man. I remember killing him. Using his power, which I discovered I too possessed, to destroy him. Did that happen?

Panel 3/

Veritas is laughing hysterically.

VERITAS: Ahahahaha. Of course not. If you had that kind of power, do you really think a bloody hammer and lightning bolt could have killed you? My God, what kind of an idiot wrote your memories? And how dumb are you for believing them? Owen Reece is at home with his wife. They enjoy a peaceful existence watching television. Yesterday, they discovered Joss Whedon’s Firefly. I’m curious to see how that situation is going to play out.

Page 4/

Veritas has once again taken on a serious demeanour.

VERITAS: Now ask the real question, Robert. Ask the one that’s been eating at you. Ask the one that will define you.

Page 6:

Panel 1/

Close up on a saddened Sentry’s face, it is clear that this will be extremely difficult for him to ask.

SENTRY: There is a young woman on Earth. Her name is Rogue. I wish to know; did I...

Panel 2/

Close up on Veritas, who is staring back at the Sentry with a look of searing confrontation.

VERITAS: Did you violate her? Did the Golden Guardian of Good’s wedded groin grind against a fifteen year old girl’s? Did you and she make crazy animalistic love well into the night?

Panel 3/

The Sentry punches Veritas in the face with a right hook.


Panel 4/

 Veritas is chuckling, wiping his jaw with the back of his left hand.

VERITAS: Son, you just punched the Truth in the face for talking about her in that way, do you really believe you were capable of sleeping with her? She has a strong spirit that one, a lot stronger than people realise. You felt a kinship with her. She fears her own unbelievable power as well. She knows the fear of breaking those you love simply by touching them. And she was innocent.

Page 7:

Panel 1/ Splash.

Veritas has his arm around the Sentry’s shoulder.

VERITAS: The Void saw potential in the two of you, to help one another. To make each other feel less alone. To become friends. And then it saw her innocence, and it wanted to take that away. Take it away in some manner that would hurt you just as much. In the beginning, it whispered thoughts to you in your sleep, altered your dreams, played with your mind. It made you think you wanted her. But you knew that wasn’t true. You defied the Void. So it did the only thing it could do; it manipulated your memories. Yours and hers. Into your minds it implanted a night that never existed. A night where you and she consummated a love that was never there. It took her innocence, and it made you a vile creature in one fell swoop. It did all it had ever wanted. And now you know the truth, son, and you know what you have to do. You have to tell her what I told you. Be good, Robert Reynolds. Tell the truth.

Page 8:

Panel 1/

Shot of the Utopian beach and the skyline. In the distance, there is an incoming blip moving at great speed.

CAPTION: Utopia. 22 hours later.

Panel 2/

The blip lands on the beachhead, revealing itself as the Sentry.

Panel 3/

Close up on the Sentry’s nervous face.

SENTRY: I hope that I’m still welcome here. Imagine if I just showed up without an invitation and demanded to speak to one of the citizens of this nation. That could spark an incident none of us are prepared for. Don’t be silly, Robert, that won’t happen. Neither Scott nor I are so stupid as to initiate unnecessary conflict.

Panel 4/

The Sentry has a surprised look on his face as a command is issued behind him.

OFF-PANEL: Sentry, by order of SHIELD, you are hereby under arrest.

Page 9:

Panel 1/ SPLASH

 The Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Spider-Woman and Red-Hulk) are standing before the Sentry.

IRON MAN: We’re the Avengers, Robert, as you well know. We don’t take no for an answer.    

Page 10-11:

Panel 1/

Headshot of the Sentry.

SENTRY: Tony! How are you? Wait- Why are Wolverine, Spider-Man and Red Hulk with you? I thought the everyday American hated them? And wasn’t Red Hulk a terrorist who tried to take over the country?

Panel 2/

Headshot of Spider-Man

SPIDER-MAN: It’s...complicated; new management. Public opinion doesn’t really matter now. Mostly just go with recognisable names. If a new villain encounters the Avengers and doesn’t know who they are, they’re less likely to cower in fear. I think that’s it at least. Not really sure.

Panel 4/

Headshot of Spider-Woman.

SPIDER-WOMAN: The Red Hulk is only here because the Green one is being a moody pain in the butt, as usual.

Panel 5/

Headshot of the Red Hulk

RED HULK: Right. And you’re only here because you’re sleeping with half the team. Or has that been forgotten about?

Panel 6/

Close up shot of Hawkeye and Iron Fist looking at each other with a confused expression on their faces.

HAWKEYE: Not sleeping with me anymore. I’m in love with Black Widow now. Huh, I wonder what’s going on with Bucky.

Panel 7/

Headshot of the Sentry who has his eyes wide open and his right eyebrow raised.

SENTRY: Right. Um... Right. So anyway, you’re here to arrest me? And I thought Bucky was dead.

Panel 8/

Headshot of Iron Man.

IRON MAN: He got better... Again.

Panel 9/

Sentry is still looking bewildered.

SENTRY: Hold on, why are you leading the Avengers and not Cap? And I thought you and Thor hated each other now, since you raped his DNA and all that.

Panel 10/

Headshot of an angered Thor.

THOR: You are correct, Sentry. But I have forgiven Tony because...

Panel 11/

Iron Man is standing in front of a contemplative Thor with his repulsor aimed directly at the Sentry.

IRON MAN: Your attempts at dissent won’t work, Void! We know your tricks too well. Now surrender!

Panel 12/

The Sentry has his arms crossed, but has retained a calm demeanour.

SENTRY: I can’t do that, Tony. I have to talk to Rogue. And the Void is gone now. The X-Men granted me asylum on Utopia, so unless you’re the type of leader who’d attack an asylum seeker on foreign soil with only a questionable arrest warrant for justification, then I think we’d best just talk things out.

Page 12:

Panel 1/ Splash

Iron Man is firing his Repulsor blast at the Sentry as the other Avengers (except for Spider-Man) lunge forward in attacking positions.


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