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"He was the ultimate ranger. He fought and destroyed all evil. He saved our lives. Our world. Our universe"- Anonymous

The Savior:

Memoirs of Benjamin Fury

By Offwhite Xero Merge

Rated PG-13 for brutal violence, language, disturbing sequences, crude humor, sexual content, and suggestive themes.

Just know guys. There are alot of similarities to other shows and movies in this fan fic but know that i only got a few of them from those. For anyone that may know of Shredderman Rules, i didnt get any from there. I tried to stay as original as possible. So Please comment and Enjoy the story!

Current Arc: Legendary

Ep. 1: Day of Reckoning

Hello, I am Benjamin Fury. You probably dont know me. But I saved the world. Many times. Ive fought people with power far beyond what you could even dream of. But my story isnt just about that. Its about what ive been through since i took on my role as a hero. Most people wouldnt even be able to deal with the stuff i have been through. But its time you learned what it really takes to be a hero. Now let me introduce you into my world....
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"I have to keep running," i said to myself. I was forcing myself to go faster. The creature chased me out of the alleyway and into the streets of this so called city. The rain was pounding by now but that wouldnt stop me. Nothing could do that but a brick wall. And even that would have a tough time because i was charging.

The streets were abandoned and the streetlights were out so it was nearly pitch black, but i kept running. I ran in the middle of the street. At least that way if anyone in the buildings saw me, they could maybe help me out of this predicament.

The creature continued to chase me down its streets and i continued to run. I was beginning to grow tired and i didnt know how much longer i could keep going. I reached down and picked up a rock and chucked it at the creature but it absorbed the blow and kept coming at full speed. I decided to keep my head straight and not focus on the abomination behind me.

Thats when out of no where, a bright light flashed above me. I wasnt gonna stop to look at it, or risk being beaten to death or eaten or whatever that thing was gonna do to me. I had to keep running. As i turned around to look at it, while still running of course, i got a better view of what it was. It was a helicopter. I could see the Gun turrets on the sides of it as it prepared to blast at the disgusting creature.

The bullets plowed into its soft skin causing it to shield itself with its tentacles. For a second i thought i was home free and i would finally be getting some answers. Just for a second. The creature, now madder than ever,wrapped its long tentacles around the bars on the side of the helicopter and pulled it to the ground. Its blades spun wildly as they scraped against the concrete creature then hurled the entire copter into a near by building. The explosion was so great that i had to shield my eyes. Realizing it was pointless standing there with my savior lying in ruins, i turned back around and continued to run.

But instead of hearing the footsteps of the creature chasing me again, it was substituted by gunshots. I turned around to see 3 figures walking out of the rubble with machine guns in their hands, shooting at the creature. The figures were heavily armored, almost like Halo. Their guns were different too; they shot out energy bullets instead of regular ones. It all seemed so science fiction like at the time, but i knew better. This was real life.

The creature fled into another nearby alleyway.

"Stay here and protect the boy," said one soldier to another. "Give him this, and teach him how to use it."

He gave him a medium-sized bracelet with an oval like device attached to it. As the other 2 soldiers chased the creature into the ally way, the soldier assigned to protect me, through the bracelet at me.

"Put it on," he said.

I glanced into the alleyway to see the creature climbing up the fire escape stairs with the soldiers behind it. I then picked up the bracelet and clamped it on. It was warm and comfortable, as if it were meant for me.

"If nobody's around to save you, press the buttons on the side at the same time."

I looked at the bracelet and saw 2 buttons on either sides of the oval device.

"What will it do?" I asked.

"Everything," he answered.