The Raven Issue #5

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Jay returns home for his lunch break, to find his house has been trashed, and the door is unlocked. Jay immediately went to question his girlfriend, Amanda Jones. But she was gone. There was a note left on his fridge. "Still want my blood, brother? Anderson Towers, tonight, 11pm" it wasn't signed but the culprit was quite obvious.

Meanwhile, Craig Daniels is at school, in Literature, wishing he wasn't. Craig's only joy about being in Literature is it's a class he shares with Angel. He mainly observes from a far. He's too nervous and embarrassed to try talking to her again, after what happened this morning. Instead he just sits at the back with Denis. "Dude, you should have stayed here before, man. As I was leaving History, I saw The Raven flying over the school!" Denis seemed excited. "I thought you hated that 'Batman wannabe' what happened?" Craig appears to be almost happy at Denis' opinion change "No, no. I never said that! I just don't see why we need him! He's still a total badass!" Craig just smirked to himself hearing Denis say that. "Hey, Denis. We've known eachother for years now and there's something I still don't know. What the hell is your last name?" Denis looked a tad nervous "Oh, uh. It's uhm. It's Smith. Denis Smith." "Don't lie to me, Denis. What is it?"

"Fine! It's Myers. Denis Myers." Denis seemed ashamed. "You mean like.." "Yes, Craig. Christopher Myers is my uncle. I guess now's a good time to tell you this as well. He told me about the things you bought off him. I know who you are." Craig seemed abit taken back. "Then shut up about it." Denis felt obliged to obey Craig, mainly out of fear.

A few hours later

11pm had come and Thomas Anderson was surprised to find a woman tied up on top of his building, rather than The Raven. Just as he was about to leave, Jay showed up. "Anderson you monster! Let her go, now!" Anderson was slightly amused, almost seeing this as a joke, or a prank. "Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am? Get out of here, now." Jay ignores Anderson's demands and charges him. Jay was angry so he wasn't thinking like the master combatant that he is. Anderson counters his kick attempt and lands 3 swift punches on Jay's face. With Jay groggy Anderson runs over and continues swinging hooks left and right, until Jay regains his composure. Jay sweeps Anderson's legs and begins stomping his face.

Raven is watching on from 2 buildings over. "Good, I just need him a little more worn out.." Anderson fights his way to his feet, grabs Jay and slams his head on a nearby pole. Jay seems extremely disoriented. "Now!" Raven screams as he leaps across both buildings. Upon landing he takes unties Amanda, and ties up Jay. "I'm sorry I had to kidnap you, Amanda. But I needed to be 100% sure that Anderson wasn't in on this with Jay, and this was the only way." Amanda's mouth was still taped. "Now then. Shall we get down to business?" Anderson didn't seem angry.

"What do you want?" Craig was weary of trusting Anderson. "I want you to work for me, Raven." "Never. I'm no mans puppet. It will not happen." Raven turns to leave as Jay breaks out of the ropes and lands 2 kicks to Raven's ribs and an elbow to his face. Anderson steps in to intervene and Jay, in a fit of blind rage, reaches over, and completely removes Thomas Anderson's head. Anderson's body dropped, and Jay stood there, having just fathomed what he has accomplished.. Raven's shocked at what he has just witnessed. He jumps up and drop kicks his brothers face, before unleashing a barrage of punches to Jay's face, without letting up. Upon realising Jay was unconscious, Raven took him to a police station, and went home.

Craig was left sitting in his apartment, pondering the events that he himself lead to transpire on that rooftop. Thomas Anderson might still be alive had Craig not tried to tie up all loose ends. Craig thought he was doing the smart thing. It appears Jay has gone truly psychotic, but, Craig must focus on the issue that caused all of this. Just who, or what, made the serum that gave him his powers in the first place. Craig was unsure of where to look first.

"What happens now?" Craig mutters softly to himself.