The Raven Issue #4

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Craig made his way to school. He studied at RMIT University in Melbourne. During the day he was just a normal, every day 19 year old. Of course he was extra careful not to get himself into any situations that would cause his power to be shown. But, that wasn't always easy. For the majority of the day, he hung out with Denis. Who was a fairly average kid. Kind of pessimistic about alot of things, so naturally, he had heard about The Raven on the news, and was not impressed.

"Why do we even need these Batman wannabes 'protecting' us anyway? Look at this, man. So much property damage, and the government is left to pay the bill? It's not right." "Denis, why do you care?" Craig replies, trying not to sound defensive. "I mean, you live in Epping. Pretty far from all the action." Denis darts back "Okay, okay. You're right there. But what about you? You said those freaks trashed your room, right? Don't you want them to pay?"

"Settle down students. We have work to do here. Robert, why don't you tell us what it is that made you miss 3 days of class with no prior notification?" Mrs. Pell. always spoke like she was so much better than the students she taught. Robert Michaels was always late for class. He's the stereotypical school bully. "Oh, sorry about that ma'am. Craigs mother kept me busy the last few days." As the class laughed, it took all of Craig's energy to not walk over and throw Robert out the window. Instead he decided he needed some air, and left.

"I wish Robert would start something with me. Just once." He muttered to himself as he sat alone outside. He preferred to be alone sometimes. Especially with the powers he had. It was hard feeling accepted knowing the things he could do. Even if the other students didn't know. "Dude, why'd you bail? You can't let that dude get to you all the time, man. Screw him." Denis came over hoping to cheer him up. Craig did cheer up, but it wasn't Denis that did it.

Angel Maree was the most beautiful girl Craig had ever laid eyes on. She was just a little bit shorter than he was, with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. "Denis. I'll be right back." Craig slowly walked over to her. "Uh, hey, Angel. Whaddup?" Craig stumbled through that sentence and was already feeling embarrassed. She giggled to herself. "Why hello, Craig. Shouldn't you be in class?" "Uh, haha. Yeah I, uh. I guess I just needed some um, some air. Can't get enough of it, almost like I need it to live or something haha" Craig makes lame jokes when he's nervous. Angel brushes it off and heads into class

"Smooth dude." Denis the ever cynical friend greets Craig upon his return. "Whatever, screw first period, I got some stuff to do. I'll catch you in Literature." Just like that, Craig was off. What was it he had that was better than school? Craig needed to find Jay.

Jay was still after Craig's blood and is already powerful enough to at least put up a decent fight. If Craig can go in prepared, he might have the edge. Jay works during the day, so now was the perfect time to go and gain some leverage before having to meet Anderson later tonight.

"Oh. Craig. It's you. Uh, hey. Jay's not home." "Oh. I see Jay has ousted my identity to you. Well. We'll just have to take you. As insurance."

Who is Craig taking?

Where is he taking them?

What does he plan on doing?

And how does any of this fit in with Anderson?

I have a feeling we're gonna find out sooner rather than later.