The Raven Issue #3

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Rated T for violence.

Craig awoke suddenly, to the noise of someone breaking into his apartment. "Aw man, I just got this place! No matter. They have no idea what they're walking into." Craig put on his mask, but was startled and confused upon spotting the intruder. "Jay? What the hell are you doing here man? It's nearly 4am!" Jay had torn the door off of it's hinges. "Your blood, Craig. Give me more of it. I'm not powerful enough. I need more!" Craig lashes out "No! This is why I never wanted you to have it in the first place! Look what you did to my door! Go home, Jay. We'll talk about this in the morning. You know, at a reasonable time?" Jay stood there, not moving an inch. Not even blinking. "Give me......your......BLOOD!" Jay lunged forward to attack Craig, but is significantly weaker as the serum that granted Craig his powers is not as plentiful in Jay's blood as it is in Craig's. Jay is a better combatant by a large margin so is able to put up enough of a fight that Craig would have to go on the defensive. With two swift kicks to each side of his head, Craig was on the floor.

"I'm not going to ask you again, brother. Give me more of your blood. Or I will take it by force." Jay pulls back to kick Craig across the room, but is countered and thrown out of the window. Craig's apartment is on the second floor. Craig uses the backpack CTek provided and suits up to dive out and catch his brother before landing. Craig throws Jay to the floor and lets out a flurry of punches to Jays face until Jay begins to bleed profusely. Craig shows his brother mercy, and as he stands up, he notices Jay's face is healing. "Woah, we can do that?!" Craig is surprised, as he has never been harmed enough to require such a healing factor. Jay smirks at his younger brother "I can."

Jay throws his once adored younger brother into a nearby truck, destroying it in the process. Craig grabs Jay and starts running, squeezing his arms to restrict movement. Once at maximum speed, Craig leaps into the air and hurls Jay upwards as far as he can go. Craig lands and runs up a nearby building, in order to catch, and incapacitate Jay on his way down.

He misses. Jay hits the floor and doesn't appear to be moving or breathing. Craig feels remorse but it was self defence. Craig runs home as he hears police sirens approaching. He had no choice but to leave his brother in the crater he caused on impact. "Oh, man. Why did I ever give him the blood in the first place?!" Craig thinks to himself as he enters his trashed apartment. Where he finds a note

"Hello, Raven. Meet me atop Anderson Towers at 11pm. Come alone, or you will not be leaving. Sincerely, Thomas Anderson"

How did Thomas know who Craig was, and where he lived?

Will Craig go?

Is it a trap?

We'll have to wait and see.