The Raven Issue #2

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Rated T for mild language.

"Craig. I have a question that's been plaguing me for the last few days" Jay ponders as Craig is preparing to go out in search of The Roaming Slaughterhouses leader. "What is it, dude?" "How come, when you first found that Roamer attacking the child. You just caved his face and left? You didn't even take him to the hospital, let alone the child." Jay explains his brothers failures in an almost jealous tone. "So what? I screwed up. You ever flattened a mans face? It's messed up. I'll do better next time. Live and learn."

With that, Craig was off. He decided this would just be a recon mission. Find the leader, gather intel, and come back. He didn't want to disfigure any more foot soldiers for this gang before he knew what he was getting into. Raven overheard a few of them talking to who appears to be the leader. A big, bad, mean looking dude, working out. He's bench pressing grown men that look like they could bench press grown men. His name was Thomas Anderson. Craig noted that for a gang of mainly arabic members, a leader with the name Thomas sounded a little odd. "It could be possible that The Roaming Slaughterhouse are just small timers, working for someone else. But who?" Raven thought to himself, adding that he had no time to stick around, he headed home for training.

Jay was an excellent martial artist. He had agreed to train Craig to fight properly, so as to control himself a little better next time he needs to engage. It was in this training session that Craig destroyed a total of 8 punching bags, and a brick wall. All with no harm done to him at all. "Screw training for now. I need to know how strong I am." Craig rushed across the road, to a neighbours old, beaten up car.

"What are you doing Craig?" Jay was concerned at the fact Craig was demasked right now. "I just need to know!" Craig hoisted the car above his head, not without great effort. "Okay.....I.....can" Craig was out of breath from holding the car up and had to sit down afterwards. "Well, damn. By my account, that makes you stronger than Batman." Jay exclaims. "Screw Batman. This isn't a comic book. This is the real deal. I need to focus on why I'm so powerful, and who else is." Craig rushed off to do more research on Thomas Anderson in his room.

"Dude. I had an idea." Jay interrupts Craig almost fearfully. "What?" Craig impatiently requests his brothers information. "Give me some of your blood." Jay says in a tone almost ordering. Craigs expression blackens, with a blank stare on his face he looks up at his brother. "Are you insane? I know exactly what you're thinking and forget it! You've said so yourself, you have a psych file as thick as a phone book. You think you can be trusted with this power? Piss off."

"Craig, are you serious? You nearly killed a man last week and I can't be trusted? You know I would never hurt an innocent person. Just give me the blood. Before you move out next week. I promise you I can be trusted" Jay begs. "Fine. I'll leave a vile as I move. That is, if we can find something that can break my skin. That reminds me, you need new butcher knifes and a new chainsaw." Craig smirks as he walks out of the room to go pack his things.

"I'm heading to my new apartment in the city. I'm taking things little bits at a time but I'll be sleeping there. I also have an idea on how I'll give you my blood. " Craig bit his lip as hard as he could, and lo and behold: He bled. barely, 2ml at most. He left it in a small syringe and was on his way. The immediate regret hit Craig as he was running to his new place.

What does Jay want with his brothers blood?

Can he be trusted?

What is he planning?

Let's find out.....