The Raven Issue #1

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Rated T for mild violence

Craig Daniels was a relatively normal kid. He wasn't bullied, he had friends, and his parents weren't violently murdered in an alley, nor was his uncle. His mother passed away when he was 15 but aside from that, not a hard life at all. He lived in a small suburb in Melbourne Australia. It was more inner city than a suburb I guess. He lived with his brother, Jay, who was 14 years older than him. This makes Craig 19. His only trouble in life was finding a job. Aside from that he always just read comic books, watched comic book movies or played comic book video games. One thing Craig had always wanted, was superpowers.

In September 2013, Craig was out in the city, looking to cure his boredom and maybe get something to eat. Melbourne's crime rate was low, but not non-existent. There were still very bad people lurking in the streets. This was evident on the night of September 23rd 2013. Craig was on his way home from meeting up with his friends Rob and Denis, when he was attacked by a dishevelled looking middle aged man. Beating him to the ground. Craig was only a small person, thin frame, and just under 6 feet tall. He didn't put up much of a fight, hoping the man would just leave eventually. The man had beaten Craig nearly unconscious, when he pulled a syringe out of his jacket pocket, and stabbed Craig in the neck with it.

Craig awoke in the hospital the next day, feeling rather strange to say the least. He remembered the attack but had no idea what he was "drugged" with. One thing he did notice, though, was that the drip in his arm, being fed salt water by the nurse to clean the tube, wasn't hurting at all. Craig had pneumonia when he was 10. He had the same thing done then and the pain was excruciating. He found it odd that it didn't hurt but then he thought that maybe he was just exaggerating the pain as a child. That's when Jay came in to check on him. "Hey dude! I heard you were in here so I brought you some coffee, how's it going man?" "I don't like coffee, Jay. Thanks though, put it down there, the old man will drink it when he gets here." Jay went to put the coffee on Craig's bedside table, but spilled the steaming hot beverage all over Craig. Yet, no pain, and no signs of any physical trauma. "What the hell?! You should be like, I dunno, burned maybe? What's the deal, Craig?!" Jay's freaking out. "I dunno, but I gotta get out of here to find out!"

Craig broke out of the hospital and ran for home. It was here he discovered a second unique ability. He was out running every car on the major roads. He stopped to go back for Jay. "Holy crap, dude! I-I have superpowers! This is amazing! Here, hop on!" Craig lifted Jay and ran them home as fast as he could, which is something like 300 km/h. Craig could handle it but Jay vomited everywhere when they got home. "Okay dude. First thing's first. Costume. Screw the rent this month, I'll pay it all next month. I need a costume NOW. I have the perfect idea, but I may need to dip into mothers inherited money."

2 weeks, and $150,000 later, he had his costume, logo, and name. Melbourne's night was now under constant watch of The Raven. Craig's costume consisted of a black skull face mask, purple face paint for his eyes, and light, durable armour to protect from knives and gunfire. He got the idea from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. It worked. His "cape" was designed to look like bird wings. Black on the outside, a dark purple on the inside. If he build up enough speed, he can leap a great distance and use the wings to glide. The most expensive item on the list, comes courtesy of the richest scumbag on the face of the planet, Christopher Myers of CTek Inc. Craig hated associating with him at all but he needed to in order to make the suit complete. It was a device that compacted the armour suit into his backpack so he would have it on him at all times. The Raven was ready for his first patrol.

Using his speed to leap 1.5km in the air, he glides over the city, with binocular, thermal goggles over his mask, again courtesy of CTek. Still only aware of his speed and leaping ability, Craig wasn't sure what else he could do, how strong he was, or to what degree his invulnerability was. His first crime was a man attacking a child. A disgraceful act. Craig swept down and crash landed in front of the assailant. "Stop. You're coming with me, now!" The attacker burst into laughter at the hero standing before him. Craig had flashbacks to the movie "Kick Ass" and decided to take action. Unaware of his strength, he swung his fist at the criminal, shattering the mans jaw completely. Shocked, Craig quickly searched for the mans wallet, not to steal, but to identify him. That's when he found a syringe, with the same coloured chemical that HE was injected with just a few weeks ago. Craig hurled it as high as he could. It must have gone pretty far because it appeared to burn up before coming down.

Craig returns home from his patrol later that night, in order to research whatever the hell that guy had, and why he was attacking kids with it. He found a lead on a gang that had been attacking people aging 10 - 20 over the course of 2 months. The gang was called The Roaming Slaughterhouse. Craig had the lead. He had the culprits, and he had the victims. The question now is: Why?

Why is this gang attacking civilians, what are they injecting them with? Do they all have powers like Craig does? Does each victim get different powers?

Craig is determined to find out.