The Owl's Revenge - (Very Small) Prologue

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Why have I aborted the explosion?

Of course... In some other Earth, a nearly identical version of me decided not to.

Then was I just created?

Am I a mere sub-product of an original being's choices?

Hm, it doesn't matter.

I happen to have the device,

and I know where to go.

Uncountable thoughts fill the mind of the costumed man in a silver suit. In his hand he holds a small, cylindrical device that vacantly resembles a gun. It is really something much worse.

By pressing one of its buttons, a tiny hologram of what would seem to be planet Earth appears at one tip of the object. As he presses other buttons, nearly identical holograms appear and vanish until the man finally stops. This is the one, he thinks, this is my destination.

One last click. A boom tube pops out of nowhere and he unhesitatingly walks toward it. As his whole body is swallowed by the portal's light, he grins frigidly. Justice League, was it?

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