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#1  Edited By silverspidey4vr

Descending from the twinkling stars amidst the blackness of space, entering through the burning orange atmosphere of Earth and into the dark bluish night sky, Uatu the Watcher sees the immense glowing white moon overhead behind the nighttime clouds.

Floating high above in the night sky, Uatu’s eyes glow brightly, peering past the plumes of thick storm clouds and to the reflecting veins of lights far below on the jagged pieces of ground. Seeing the numerous thin lines of light that spread across various directions, Uatu streaks down towards the lights at high speed as his white robe flaps in the gusty wind. Breaking through the thunderous storm clouds, Uatu streaks down below and invisibly soars over the streets illuminated by the city lights, immense lit skyscrapers to his left and right before coming to a pause in front of the immense television screen found in New York City’s 42nd StreetTimes Square.

Unseen to the naked eye, Uatu turns around to see the thousands of gathered people below amassed in a large group, all counting down in harmony as a crystal orb on a large pole slowly descends to the lit numbers of 1992.

Hearing the harmonious and thunderous ‘TEN MINUTES UNTIL NEW YEAR’ from the crowd below, Uatu floats among the snowing cascade of pink and blue confetti as drizzle begins to rain on the celebrating crowd as the bright pink words on the 42nd St screen ‘WELCOME 1992’ reflect on Uatu.

Closing his eyes, Uatu places his hands on his head, searching and pinpointing what he seeks. Opening his eyes, looks down 15 blocks of curved lined buildings to the one he can feel the energy he seeks, and vanishes.


Inside a dark office floor, a sea of perfectly organized cubicles, each desk with one large computer, a telephone and lamp, decorate the generic office floor. The tall windows on the left hold the view to cold foggy night start that lets in the reflecting dim light from the street twenty floors below..

However, the silence of the office is broken by the incessant panting of a man inside of the private offices. Shivering and soaking wet through his tan trench coat, white shirt and black tie, the man wipes his wet hair away from his forehead and rubs his foggy glasses with his finger while continuously and frantically pulling out various papers from the desk draw he hunches over. A flashlight in his mouth, the man’s his blue eyes continue to rover over the pieces of paper he sifts through, hoping to find what he searches for.

Behind him, appears Uatu the Watcher, invisible and silent he carefully sits with folded legs on top of a large filing cabinet.

Hearing the thunderous roar outside of ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’, the man pauses and sighs in aggravation before turnin to the window behind him, seeing in the far distance through the snowy rain mix , gold confetti raining down on the crowd.

“Wonderful, this night can’t get any worse.” He grumbles to himself before turning back to the desk. Pulling out the draw, the man looks at it once more before frustratingly tossing it before pulling out another desk draw and rummaging through it. However, the man pauses in almost a sense of shock before carefully reaching in the desk, pulling out a yellow floppy disc.

“Bingo!” the man smiles.

“Working late Richard?” asks a voice.

Startled, the Richard quickly turns around, back up to the wall as he sees a group of people in the shadows by the doorway of the main office.

“Who are you!?” he asks, stuffing the yellow floppy disc in his pocket.

Uatu turns his attention to the source of the voice as a crack of lightning from outside illuminates their groups faces.

“You should know Richard.” states the voice.

Seeing their faces in the flash of lightning, Richard narrows his eyes and flips on the light switch behind him.

“Mister Stein.”

“Very good Richard.”

“It’s Mister Parker to you.” He says with a distain in his voice that equals the sneer on his face, “Only my friends call me Richard.” he firmly states.

The broad shouldered older man Mister Stein stands tall in his dripping wet black over coat and white scarf. Letting out a muddled laugh as he looks to the floor before returning his hollow browned eyed gaze to Richard Parker, “Oh come now, is that how you treat us after all our…visits? You remember everyone correct?” he asks, pointing to the Japanese woman behind him.

Richard Parker to the Japanese woman standing behind him; thick red eye-shadow on her eyelids, her strong cheekbones with pink blush, and a form fitting glittery red dress under her black coat that left nothing to the imagination went with her killer red high heels. She was short in stature, but she stood confident as she pulled her fine thick black hair into a tight ponytail as her emotionless brown eyes remained fixed on him as she exudes a sultry smile.

The couple behind her, ordinary looking people. The woman obviously of Mexican descent, remained quiet, her husband with the overgrown handlebar mustache, nodded at him. Both wore oversized blue jeans, damp tan wool coats and wool beanies on their heads. Almost like twins. One would assume the Mexican descendant couple would just blend in anywhere, but Richard could tell. It was their eyes; all of them, hollow eyes, emotionless expressions, like drones but with purpose.

“I remember all of you.” Richard Parker says, “Mrs Minoru, Mister and Misses Mancha and you, Mister Stein. I’m flattered that a quarter of the members of ‘The Pride’ have come to visit him at such a later hour.” he says, slamming the desk draw shut, “But I believe its time to go, enjoy the New Year.”

Spreading out his hands, blocking his way out, Mr. Stein smiles at Richard Parker who’s face reddens when prevented to leave, “Now now Richard…” Mr. Stein says, “…we travelled a long way, and we cannot just leave on salutations on the New Year.” He smiles.

“Besides…” Mrs Minoru says, “…who wants to be alone for New Years?” she smirks.


ISSUE – 0 (Part 1)


Richard Parker looks at Mr. Steins cold glare and narrows his eyes, “Look, I don’t care if you all came from Los Angeles or Heaven itself, it’s time for ME to go and for you to move!” he says, pushing past them all.

Uatu watches Richard storm out his office and into the office floor filled with small cubicles.

“YOU’VE DONE WELL HERE MISTER PARKER.” Mister Stein shouts, slowly stalking out Richards office and storm to the main exit door, “BE ASHAME IF YOU HAD TO LOSE ALL THIS, YOU KNOW?”

Mister Stein smiles at the sight of Richard stopping dead in his tracks, but not turning around.

Smirking as he looks at the faded rug, Mister Stein pulls out a lighter, flipping it open and close over and over.

“Who’d have known that three scientists had enough skill to make it in the corporate world! PARKER, CONNERS AND OSBORN LABS! Would be a shame to see this place turned into Tower Record or, what is it that is popping up all over the place…AH YES, a Blockbuster Vid…”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?” Richard shouts, turning on his heels and nearly baring his teeth as Mr. Stein walks into the office.

Richards tightens his fists, watching Mister Stein smiles he makes his way to the large window while his associates all sit on the edges of the desk.

“Didn’t you hear?” Mister Stein asks, parting the window blinds with his fingers as he looks out at the inclement weather, “Seems like your company, or LABORATORY, is being bought by a company that I own, WELL sorry, that Ms Minoru owns.”

Richard Parker eyes zip to Mrs. Minoru sitting on the edge of a desk in her coat, waving her fingers at him. Her evil smile seemed enhanced by the red lipstick she wore and the dress all seemed to make her wicked grin glow in the darkness, “I look forward to…” Ms Minoru looks at him up and down, “…working very closely with you.” She snickers.

Richard turns to Mr. Stein standing at the window, staring down from their 20th floor position as rain falls heavier and heavier from the night sky to the dark black streets.

“How do you feel of renaming this place Quest Diag…”


“…BOUGHT out? They did!” Ms Minoru interjects as Richard looks at her in pure shock as Mrs, Minoru smiles cheekily at him as she holds out a manila envelope, “Happened one hour ago, private party but now with you being the minority vote between the three, WE, the Pride, own your…lil playhouse.” She says, opening her coat to expose her form fitting red dress, “Opening you to all knew types of fun if you’re willing.”

Richard Parker gulps as his face turns red with building frustration and turns to Mister Stein’s back as he continues staring out the window.

“So what now?! You bully me? Intimidate me into selling my shares?! How many times have I told you people I work for the GOOD of mankind and that if I wouldn’t work for Anthony Stark in the 70s because he was being a strict perfectionist I WON’T WORK FOR A CABAL OF PSYCHOPATHS!”

“Oh, Richard.” Ms Minoru groans, placing her hand on her chest as Richard watches her smirk, “You hurt me so.” She teases.

Richard narrows his eyes at her and looks at the Manchas, “As scientists yourself I’m even SHOCKED you’d throw in with these pack of fools!”

“The Pride is the future.” Mr Mancha retorts, folding his arms indignantly, “And we are grooming the future.”

“You mean WARPING your kids!” Richard Parker counters, much to their dislike, “Training your kids to be killers as well as intellectuals. Splicing the human genome to merge with technology…”

“It’s cutting edge.” Mrs Mancha counters.

“IT KILLED YOUR FIRST TWO SONS!” Richard responds, “AND YOU STILL PURSIST IN THIS MADNESS! In a group that not only condones but FEEDS into this…no…I cannot be part of anything on the level of this…madness. Manipulating politicians, crime, big business and science all for the goal of what?”

“Inevitable world domination with a peppered amount of chaos and destruction.” Mrs Minoru interjects with a smirk as Richard turns to her, “You could join us, we would have a good ol’ time you and I.” She says, licking her red lips seductively.

Richard narrows his eyes, “For the fact that I know you have been ‘everywhere’, you being the consolation prize is an immediate disadvantage…” he says, making Mrs Minoru narrow her eyes at him as he turns to Mr. Stein, “…and that goes for ALL of you! I have NO INTEREST in joining or assisting The Pride!”

“Even if Mister Osborn already agreed to aid us?” ask the Manchas.

Richard stutters for a moment and looks the floor. Clenching his jaw in frustration as he tightens his fist, “Norman’s decisions are his own. I would have thought him of better character, but lions will be lions I’m afraid. But even so, I have NO interest. Period.”

“And what of your family Richard?” asks Mr. Stein, looking over his shoulder to Richard Parker with an evil grin.

“My family is of MY concern?” Richard growls, “And you’ll do best to leave them out of this!”

“You know we could help them right?” Mr. Stein replies, “We have great power and can make GREAT opportunities for them that you never could dream of or even conceive of happening on your own.”

“My Father pounded into me and my family that dreams are made by your own two hands, not three!.” Richard says, “SO keep your HANDS out of my affairs.”

“Ha, so cute.” Mrs. Minoru jokes, “His family had values.”

“You should try’em some time. You’ll get a break from being a full-time slut and possibly be part-time descent human being.”

Immediately Ms. Minoru narrows her eyes and stands up from the desk, causing Richard to stand back.

“Careful.” Ms Minoru growls, “Powerful people tend to have bad tempers.”

“Powerful people, REAL powerful people, tend to have self-control and restraint.” Richard snaps as he looks them all, “You all have GREAT power, but you wield it IRRESPONSIBILY. And I will not risk BOTH of my sons future because of your incompetence and outright evilness. I’d rather die in the light of truth and virtue, than live long in the shadow of evil….and you are all evil.”

Mr. Stein sneers as he turns around from the window and faces Richard Parker. Lightning cracks in the night sky, illuminates the rain dripping on the window as Mister Steins shadow stretches across the floor. Richard Parker stares at Mister Stein standing across from him as the moonlight from outside cuts a silhouette around him.

“Well it is unfortunate to hear you say that.” Mr Stein says, reaching into his coat.

Richard gulps, stepping back but Mister Stein smirks at him while shaking his head as he reveals a small umbrella, “My boy, do you think I would be so crude and petty to shoot you?”

Richard clenches jaw, saying nothing.

“Besides…” Mr. Stein continues, “… Its raining outside, and Mister and Misses Mancha have an aversion to water. We will see ourselves out.” He says, extending his hand to the door as the Manchas nod at Richard and brush past him to the elevators.

Richard watches them leave with Mr Stein walking past him to the wide pine doors but Ms Minoru remains seated on the desk.

“So that’s it?” Richard asks, arching his eyebrow as he turns to Mr. Stein at the elevator, “Just like that? After six months of hounding me, we’re done? I know you’re reputation Mr. Stein. If you can’t get something you shoot it! ”

Mr. Stein, stepping into the elevator, turns to face Richard Parker while pressing the ‘open door’ in the elevator, “This isn’t the movies Richard. We don’t gun people down in cold blood like gangsters. We do show restraint and great responsibility with our power and with our power, we created a plan, one that is already in motion. That is what I do and you don’t know my reputation, not really. I don’t care what you do, it won’t get in my way ….”

Richard Parker clenches his jaw as Mister Stein smiles at him, “…but Ms Minoru on the other hand…”

Richard looks at Mrs Minoru from the corner of her eye stand from a desk and spread her arms, allowing her black coat to drop to the floor, exposing her form fitted glittery red dress.

“…well her reputation most get confused with mine.” Mr. Stein evilly grins as Richard watches Ms Minoru who gracefully pulls the two metal chopsticks out her hair as her jet black hair falls down to her mid-waist, “And she’ll see to you, and your family.”

Enraged, Richard turns to Mr. Stein in the elevator, “LEAVE MY FAMILY ALO…”

Suddenly Richard is launched off his feet and thrown over four desks before, crashing down onto another desk that smashes apart on impact.

IN the cloud of dust, Richard coughs and groans as pain radiates up and down his back. However he catches a glimpse of Mister Stein lean back in the elevator as the doors close, “STEEEEEEEIN! “

However Richard is suddenly kicked across the face as pain shoots along his jaw as he curls up in pain.

“OH he can’t help you now.”

Richard, clutching his bloodied mouth, looks up at Ms. Minoru standing over him with red light curling up around her arms as all the pencils, pens, printers, computers and desks around them all start lifting up off the carpet.

Rolling onto his back in fear, Richard opens his eyes in shock as Ms Minoru eye’s turn bright red, “Dear lord…”

“Oh don’t worry…” Mrs Minoru smirks as a long brass Staff phases out of her chest , “…he can’t save you.” She snarls while grabbing hold of the weighty staff, “Because I have this, one of the last items that can truly tap universal cosmic power which mind you, can do anything.” Mrs Minoru smiles, “Anyone who wields this, must wield it with focus. So, imagine, if I focus on throwing you out the window from the twentieth floor,…”

Richard’s eyes open wide as Mrs.Minoru smirks at him, “…Guess what’s gonna happen?”


Phasing out the glass window, Uatu fly’s into cold wintery mix of snow and rain before coming to a stop over the street in the night air, watching the reflective glass exterior of the building that reflects no image of himself. Watching patiently, Uatu suddenly notices a quiet red flash flicker inside the office before Richard Parker is sent crashing out the twentieth story window just as a deafening and fiery explosion erupts out the twentieth floor on all sides!

Plummeting to the pavement in a flurry of glass shards and finger numbing rain, Richard Parker looks down to his horror, screaming and shouting at the top of his lungs as he helplessly careens to the sidewalk faster than the rain itself. Feeling the gravity pull him faster and faster, Richard Parker, covers his wet face, refusing to see the impact of the ground but rather the last images of his family to the sound of his trench coat whipping in the wind.

Suddenly, Richard feels the firm grasp of hand grab him by the collar of his trench coat as he is smoothly moving laterally rather than straight down to his death. Opening his eyes in shock, Richard gasps in shock as he sees below his dangling hands and feet, the fast moving buildings passing under him as he’s swung over an entire city block. Raising his eyes upwards, Richard looks to see a beautiful young woman with short red hair wearing a black form-fitting costume with a large white spider-emblem on her torso and sporting a black mask over her eyes, holding on to glowing golden….rope?

“HOLD ON!” the mysterious woman says before letting go of the golden rope before extending her free hand again and shooting out a another golden line out from her wrist.

to be continued......

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#2 wildvine  Moderator

Too long for me. Sorry

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Read the first couple of paragraphs. Good stuff so far. I like it.

Honestly you should probably split this up into different issues though, as our lovely Wildvine pointed out above for the average reader they're not going to read the whole thing.

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Thanks for the feed back, i cut it in half and i'll post the other half later on. First time posting on here so thanks.

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In the year 1992, New Years Eve at 11:59pm, Scientist Richard Parker has been confronted by the mysterious West Coast criminal mafia – The Pride, in the building of his own company. The Pride’s leader, Mister Stein, failed to sway Richard Parker to sell the company over to their influence despite silent partners Norman Osborn and Dr. Connors having already done so. Unwilling to give up data on a floppy disc, Richard Parker refuses to join the shadowy organization. Being the case, The Pride left Richard Parker with a threat to his family, Mary Parker, 1 year old Peter Parker and 3 year old Eddie Brock Parker, and the sultry yet mysterious woman Ms. Minoru to reason with him. To reason with him, she decides to thriow him out a window.

However much to Richard Parker’s pleasant surprise, a masked woman has swung to his rescue, saving him from certain death.




Swinging them both down atop another rooftop, the woman drops Richard Parker to the gravelly rooftop. Soaking wet in the rain, Richard Parker wipes his cracked glasses to look in the distance at the twentieth floor of the building he was just in, engulfed glowing red fire with black smoke bellowing out into the rainy night sky.

His mind in a flurry of thoughts and fears, Richard stressfully rubs his forehead before feeling a firm two handed shove that gets his attention.

“WHAT THE HECK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!” the mask heroine shouts as Richard looks at her. Her jaw clenched with anger, the young woman points her black gloved finger at him, “I GAVE YOU A SOLID TWO DAYS HEADS UP THE PRIDE IS COMING AND YOU’RE STILL AROUND? DO YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH OUR SOMETHING!”

“I had to come back Spider-woman...” Richard retorts before bending over, catching his breath as the panic sets in his body, “…to secure the future for my family….” He says before peering into the distance, ‘…but i don’t see her? I she still there?”

“I told you not to call me that.” The spider woman snaps as she walks to the edge of the building’s rooftop. Hoping onto the parapet, she squats on the edge and tilts her head, listening closely, “I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. Its Madame Web…and, to answer your question, she’s gone.”

Placing his hands on his messy hair, Richard Parker shakes his head as he stares at the entire floor bellows with black smoke in the rain “Oh no no no?!”

“We have to get you out of here, its not safe.” Madame Web tell him.

“We?” Richard repeats, “This whole MESS is because of YOU! This probably wouldn’t have happened if you people to just left us alone.” He snaps as the masked heroine hops off the edge of the rooftop and storms over to him.

“You want to blame somebody!” Madame Web snaps as Richard back up as she gets in his face, “BLAME YOURSELF!” she shouts before pushing him off his feet and onto his back as the rain soaks them both.

Madame Web glares at him before angrily pointing her finger at him, “ “I TRIED to help you, I TRIED to get you OUT OF THIS but you were too flippant! You keep trying to do this on your own Richard Parker but you can’t!” the masked spider-woman states, “YOU need me!”

Richard leans forward, “I COULD HAVE HANDLED THIS!”

Madame Web looks down at him as her wet face fills with anger, “THIS IS WAR!”


“IT IS NOW!” Madame Web barks, “BECAUSE THEY CAME FOR YOU AND WHEN YOU TOLD THEM NO, I TOLD YOU WHAT WOUL D HAPPENED AND LOOK!” she screams, pointing to the burning building two blocks away as the sound of fire-fighters echo in the distance, “WILL YOU WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES!” Madame Web shouts, “I CAME TO YOU….months ago because I saw this happening. You should have let the Spider-Clan protect you…”

“Once you start CHOOSING SIDES you put yourself in the middle of war! I am neutral!” Richard interjects, “I’m not dressing up like one of you ‘Spider-Clan’ lunatics to be some spider-woman…”

“FOR FREAKIN’ PETE’S SAKE RICHARD ITS MADAME WEB …” she snarls back before grabbing Richard his lapel and pulling him close to her face, “…and my people have been DYING just to save you and I will not have you spit in the face of their deaths just because you feel that this war has NOTHING to do with you. You may not have started, you may not even BEEN in in it but evil doesn’t schedule time to destroy the innocent and EVIL CAME FOR YOU! The Pride is just the START and because of your stubborn refusal to act with discretion…you’re not IN a war…YOUR FAMILY IS SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!” she says, pushing Richard on to his back and the rain soaks them both.

Standing up as Richard lies on his side, tears fill his eyes as she grinds his teeth, “She said she was going after my family…”

Tightening her fists, Madame Web turns to the side, peering in to distance of the city.

“…the last thing I wanted was to bring my family into into this!” Richard groans, “I have two kids. I just an ordinary guy.,,”

“Your eight smartest person in the world Richard” Madame Web interrupts before pointing behind her with her thumb, “We’re all unique…” she says as Uatu reveals himself over their heads, startling Richard, “…we the Spider-Clan work for Earth’s safety and to keep that uniqueness from being overreached by Evil, which mind you, requires less than heroic tactics but it gets the job done. On occasion, even for someone as stubborn as yourself, I can try to be a hero.”

“You don’t know these people.” Richard shouts.

“And you don’t’ know me!” Madame Web retorts, folding her arms, “You act like they’re the only ones who’ve thrown people out of windows..”

“Can you save my family?” Richard asks.

Madame Web places her hands on her hips, “Did you give them what they wanted?”

Staring into the young woman’s wet yet firm face as her short red hair sticks to the sides of her face, Richard turns around and shakes his head, rubbing his face, “I cant believe this…”


“NO!” Richard shouts, pulling out a yellow floppy disc from his pocket, “IN TACT. Now, for heavens sakes will you get off your butt and save my family!” he says.

Shaking her head, Madame Web hands the disc over to Uatu, “Which way is your house?”

“What are you doing?!” he asks in surprise as Madame Web grabs him by the collar.

“Look I maybe Highly trained …but that doesn’t mean I have a satellite in my head. You want me to save your family, you’re gonna have play the side seat driver ‘smart guy’.”


Hearing the rumbles of rolling thunder and cracks of lightning, the brown haired woman in a simple tied black kimono robe, pulls her hair back as she washes the dishes in the wood paneled kitchen. Her eyes look at the window over the sink, observing the shaking branches in the storm winds before shifting her attention to the small boy sleeping in front of his Sega Genesis in the Living Room.

“Eddie…” calls May Parker, “…time for bed. New Years is over.” She shouts.

Scrubbing the pan before her, Mary Parker turns to the clock, seeing it’s now 12:30am and way too late since her husband came home. Letting out a nervous breath from her nose, Mary Parker dismisses the worrisome thoughts that plague her mind, shakes the water from her hands and strolls into the Living Room.

Leaning on the doorsill, a smile escape her mouth as she sees Eddie and Peter on the burgundy carpet, fast asleep with the video game, ‘SONIC & KNUCKLES’ stuck on pause on the television.

Shaking her head, May flicks the light switch on with her finger, immediately hearing the boys grumble away.

“Ah Maaa!” Eddie Brock grumbles, rubbing his eyes as drool escapes his mouth onto his shirt.

“Geez boy you were out of it.” snickers Mary, watching Eddie look around confusingly until his eyes rest on the time, 12:32am.

“Daddy home yet?” Eddie asks, stretching his arms before letting out a wide yawn.

“Not yet kiddo…” Mary responds, helping him up, “…but no need to worry, you know Daddy works late.” She smiles, patting him on his blond spikey hair.

“But why isn’t he home?” Eddie asks, “Its New Years?”

“You know…” Mary says, placing her finger under her chin, “…for a six year old, you’re pretty sharp. Maybe that’s why you’re Aunt May and Uncle Ben want to see you tomorrow.”

“I don’t wanna see them!” he complains, stamping his feet, folding his arms and pouting his lip, “They’re boring!”

“Eddie, don’t be so venomous.” May says, picking up Peter from the couch who is still fast asleep, “Words can be like poison, you can make others sick by what you say if you’re not careful.”

Grabbing hold of the side of his mother’s robe, Eddie scratches his head through his blond spikey hair, “Okay.” He grumbles tiredly, staggering beside his mother as May carries Peter towards the stairs that lead upstairs to the bedrooms.

Suddenly at that moment at the crack of the lightning, Mary and Eddie turn around at the sound of the door getting shattered off its hinges!

Mary immediately pulls Eddie behind her defensively as fear grips her body at the sight of mysterious figure standing behind at their doorway with glowing red eyes as storm winds whip into the house with light cracking outside.

“Mommy…” Eddie whimpers, staring at the woman who holds a staff in her hand.

Paralyzed with fear, Mary gulps at the sight of the mysterious woman, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” she bravely shouts despite feeling her knees knocking against each other, “I’ll CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NNn-

Before Mary can finish, the mysterious woman flicks her wrist forward, causing a bright streak of red light to zip down the hallway and explode the telephone off the wall as Mary Parker covers Eddie from the flying sparks.

“So you’re the one he makes such a FUSS about…” Mrs. Minoru snarls while stepping over the threshold of the house.

The blood from Mary’s face drains as watches the walls next to the woman slowly burn as arrogantly stalks towards in her in her hallway. Her bright glowing red eyes remained locked on Mary while the rain droplets on her clothes sizzle and evaporate off her shoulders as she clutches her long brass staff.

“Who are you…” asks Mary, her voice gripped with fearful awe and dread, “…what do you want?”

“Me?” the woman mockingly repeats, glaring at May Parker up and down, “I’m Mrs. Minoru.” she replies before glancing at the picture of Mary and Richard Parker’s photo on the wall, “As for what I want?” she says, before looking back at Mary from the corner of her eye, “Now that…” she says before extending her glowing staff, “…is where things get complicated.”

To be continued....

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Pretty cool.