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Christmas Eve 1974 - Bernville, Pennsylvania

Seven year old Christopher Nett throws a snowball at his adopted, ten year old sister, Amy, who retaliates with a barrage of snowballs. Christopher lays in the snow laughing as Amy plops down next to him.

Amy pinches her little brother. "Careful Chris, you don't want to be on Santa's naughty list. The Krampus might come and eat you."

Chris squeals with laughter. "Ha ha, if anyone is going to make the naughty list it's you Amy. Why'd Principle Wormwood send you home? Cuz you beat up the pretty girls again? They keep stealing your boyfriends?"

"Don't make fun." Amy said, punching her little brother.

"Ow! What the heck." Chris moaned. "Geez, sorry."

"It's okay. School isn't easy for me. Not like it is for you, little genius," Amy replied. "What new invention are you working on now?"

"A jet pack." Chris replied. "I'm going to fly up to Santa's sleigh in the sky and ask him for the action figure I want."

Amy hugged her little brother. "Merry Christmas, dork. Love ya."

Four A.M. - Christmas Morning

Chris wakes up abruptly.

'It's time. It's Christmas. I bet Amy's up already. She always beats me to Christmas day.' he thinks as he jumps out of bed and runs towards the living room.

Christopher walks into the family room, surrounded by presents. The Christmas tree has an extra shine to it. The decorations look even more perfect, snow falls out the window and the fireplace is giving off an extra warmth.

He sees the present he asked Santa for. A San Francisco Samurai action figure. The Indomitable Few was the coolest Saturday morning cartoon on television and S.F. Samurai was his favorite character.

There was a note from Santa Claus.

'Dear Christopher.

I was happy to get you that new toy you've always wanted.

Such a nice boy,

Unlike your adopted sister, Amy.

I put her on the naughty list.

Stay a Nice Boy, Christopher.


Santa Claus.'

Christopher squealed with joy. He yelled out. "Hey Amy. Look who made the naughty list."

He turned around and saw Amy crouched near the Christmas tree, with her back to Chris.

"There you are. I didn't see you there when I first walked in," he said as he walked over to his big sister. "Check it out Amy, Santa got me the toy I wanted. Looks like you were on the naughty list. Ha ha."

Amy did not respond.

"I was just kidding, Amy. I'm sure you got something from Santa. Mom and dad probably got you something too," he said to his sister. "Why aren't you talking to me?"

Christopher felt something sticky under his bare feet. He looked down and saw a pool of blood spreading out from Amy's body.

The Naughty List

Eight Years Later - Christmas Eve

Nice Boy put on his armor. His arm sleeves had retractable blades on them. He strapped a jet pack on his back, his San Francisco Samurai action figure tied to the back. His helmet was emblazoned with the words- Nice Boy. Grabbing his spirit locator and a detonator, he was ready.

One last thing before he went to war with Santa. A red, bloody sack.

He stood in the neighborhood that he had estimated had the fullest collection of nice kids. Turning on his spirit detector, he waited.

Soon he saw a blip on the spirit detector screen. Santa was headed this way.

Turning on his jet pack, he flew up into the night's star filled sky, waiting for Santa. The sleigh came straight towards him at an insane speed. Nice Boy extended his blade gauntlets and flew straight at Santa's reindeer.

He flipped over Rudolph and flew in between Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, straight into Santa's sleigh. Cutting the connection to the reindeer, they flew off while Santa's sleigh floated in the sky.

"Ho, ho, ho! Well, what do we have hear? Is that young Christopher Nett?" Santa said with surprise. "What are you doing way up here, young man? You should be in bed, waiting for your Christmas gift."

Nice Boy stared at Santa Claus.

"That's not a nice way to greet people, young man." Santa said. "You should speak when spoken to."

"You killed her." Nice Boy said.

"Are you referring to your adopted sister, Amy?" Santa asked. "Of course you are. You've been very upset about that, haven't you?"

"Why?" Nice Boy asked. "Why did you kill her? She was my best friend. You took her from me."

"You are mistaken. I've never killed anyone." Santa explained. "Unfortunately, I have a dark companion, who takes the lives of naughty children, such as your adopted sister. He goes by many names. You know him as the Krampus."

Nice Boy held up the red, bloody sack in his right hand. "Oh, I know it was the Krampus who killed my sister."

He unloaded the sack on the floor. The Krampus' head rolled over Santa's feet. "The Krampus might have killed Amy but it was you who put her on the naughty list. You are the one who's responsible for her death. The Krampus kills the children you put on the naughty list."

Santa stared at Nice Boy. "You're adopted sis.."

"Stop calling her that. She was my sister." Nice Boy yelled.

"She was a school yard bully." Santa replied. "Do you know what she did to young Molly Watkins? She bullied that poor girl every day until the poor girl had to move away. Your sister deserved to be on the naughty list."

"She didn't deserve to die." Nice Boy yelled as he lunged at Santa, stabbing his bladed gauntlets into his fat belly.

Santa laughed. "Ho ho ho."

Snow sprayed out of his belly into Nice Boys face, who fell backwards. Santa grabbed his neck, tore off his jet pack, lifted him up and swung him to the side of the sleigh, holding him over the side.

"Christopher Nett. Haven't I always put you on the Nice List? Haven't I always given you what you wanted?" Santa asked. "I think it's time I put you on the Naughty List."

Nice Boy reached onto his jet pack and grabbed his San Francisco Samurai action figure. "Take it back. I don't want it anymore. I don't want any of it. I just want my sister back."

Santa looked down at the action figure. He looked back at Nice Boy with a hurt look on his face.

"I don't believe in you anymore." Nice Boy yelled as he shoved the action figure into Santa's belly.

Santa dropped Nice Boy over the edge of the sleigh. He fell through the snowy sky. Looking up at Santa's sleigh, he took out a detonator switch. Unknown to Santa, Nice Boy put a mini nuke inside of the S.F. Samurai action figure.


Santa's sleigh exploded.

Nice Boy fell to the ground, landing in a snowy patch. A star sparkled in the night's sky.

"Did you see that? That was for you. Merry Christmas, Amy. Love ya."


The End

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