The New Amalgam Universe: Teth Dakom #4

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(Note- WOOHOO I'm happy, this is my longest Fan-Fic, and yes Dak does get his powers. Okay so here is Number 3 if you missed it. And yea, I hope to come up with some characters to fight if you have any Ideas you could tell me and maybe even write them yourself.)

Rated PG.

Now back to his confident and almost douche baggy self. Dak was prepared for anything on the other side of the door

"Okay Lady, lets get this over with."

Dak was lightly scraping his left claws on the wall next to the door

Dak realized that there must be" some kind of power in the room, and he was determined to get it.

Lady Blaze approached the towering door and raised her hands to the door and began to speak

The words were foreign to Dak, but the last sentence of the Phrase was clearly understood.

"Give entrance to the shrine and power of Shazam!"

Soon after Lady Blaze was done with the chant, the towering door began to glow vibrantly, then suddenly a violent bolt of lightning struck it .

Both Lady Blaze and Dak stood still as this happend.

"Well, now that were done with the theatrics can we please move on?"

Dak was getting irritable and he was wondering if this power would be worth the wait.

Lady Blaze ignored Dak's statement and walked into the large room.

Large granite pillars lined the walls in the shrine.

"Someone has been in here with my father." Lady Blaze whisperd to herself.

Dak was staring at one of the six stone statues that stood in front of the six counted pillars on each side.

"Who are all of these people?" Dak asked just loud enough for his echo to be heard by Lady Blaze.

"Those, Dakom, are the six most powerful Egyption gods."

Lady Blaze was now walking toward the statues on the other side.

"Just as I suspected"

Lady Blaze was now deeply examining one of the statues.

"What is it?" Dak was now standing next to Lady Blaze.

"My father, Shazam, has given the power of the Greek gods to someone. I will have to give you the egyption gods."

"Wait! I get god powers?! Sweeet." Dak was almost jumping with excitement

"Yes, Dakom, I need someone powerfull and full of potential. And, I want to Piss my father off."

Dak was speachless but he smirked.

"Okay young one, lets preform this ritual."

Saying this Blaze and Dak walked over and stood ten feet away so all of the Egyption statues were visible.

"Ready?" Blaze asked before fixing her hair.

Dak nodded and stared at the statue.

"Dakom Akihiro, you have proved yourself worthy to bare the power of the god Shazam." Blaze now talked in a more demonic voice.

"You shall recieve the following power." Lady Blaze turned towards the statues.

"The stamina of Shu!" Over the statue lightning flashed and thunder roared .

"The Speed of Heru!" The lightning and thunder struck again.

"The Strength of Amon!" The lightning and thunder were now getting more violent.

"The Wisdom of Zehuti!"

"The Power of Aton!" The Lightning was now more dangerous and close to Dak.

"And The Courage of Mehen!" Suddenly a large thick lightning bolt, bolted from what seemed like thin air and straight into Dak.

Smoke filled the room and when it cleared, Dak was, Changed.

"Teth-Dakom, you now have the full power of the Egyptian gods." Lady Blaze smirked

" What happend to me?" Dak had a fully grown adult body. His voice was deep and echoed through the room easily.

" You have the power now Teth-Dakom." Blaze was examining Dak's new body.

"I can feel the power in me, there's so much." Dak was now walking around

"I can also feel the widsom, I know so much, but" Dak was now still and just looking at his reflection on the marble floor.

" My claws." Dak was trying to release them from his hand.

"In this form Teth Dakom, you may not use your claws, but you can still heal, and now even faster than before"

Blaze was now rubbing and feeling Dak's new body.

"Wait, so I can change back?" Dak asked with hope.

"Of coarse Teth-Dakom, just say the name of my father and you will be reverted back to your child form.

Dak walked away from Blaze's touch.

" Okay then, Shazam!" The thick powerful lightning bolt came back down and struck Dak once again.

"Yes I could get used to this power." Dak said with delight in his normal voice.

"So, what now?" Dak asked as he faced Lady Blaze.

"Well, I might have some work for you eventually. But It seems that it is almost time for my club to open back in Metropolis."

Snapping her fingers Lady Blaze and Dak were surrounded by flames and were transported to a desert, far from civilization."

"Well your in Egypt now Teth-Dakom,discover your powers, and when your ready come see me."

Lady Blaze snapped her fingers once again and flames spouted under her feet and consumed her until she was gone.

"Well, I should get started. "

Saying this Dak rubbed his hands together and prepared for his transformation.

"Shazam." Dak uttered under his breath and the lightning bolt came down once again and filled him with power.


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Nice work. Added to the library.

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@kamrenamir: No claws when powered, nice limitation. Nice

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@batkevin74: Thanks