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" Hey Micheal your girlfriend and I went out last night...lets just say im not a virgin anymore"

" Shut up Jake"

" Man you better stop before i kick your a$$"

Tons of college students looked at the Micheal , he stood there with anger, then with a wave of his hand a burst of purple energy wrapped around Jake suffocated him until his last breath. Then, Micheal lifted his hand and vanished.

Two days later:

' Lord Mystic have you heard about the boy"

"Yes I have Hara"

"What shall we do he is more powerful than anyone we have faced before"

"We shall call the Mystics back to duty"

The Mystic stood up and releases 4 orbs from his hands. They flew from the a mansion in California to the new warriors of magic called The Mystics.

The brown orb entered to a 18 year old named Nick in Scotland. He was quite scrawny for his age only weighing 120. He was in the middle of having sex until he felt a tingle inside of him so strong he had to stop.

" Nick whats wrong do you need a break"

" I felt a tingle inside my body like never before it wasn't pleasant"

" Maybe that's because we were having sex...things like that happen"

"Im okay now i just....never mind lets go on"

The blue orb went to Mia and the red orb went to Jacob. They both were 15 and brother and sister and lived in Michigan. That day they went to a movie with their friends. They were in the middle of an action scene when they felt a strong tingle go thru there bodies.

" Guys whats wrong"

" Mia you felt that too"

" Yeah it tingled like i didn't drink soda in years, you okay"

" Yeah you"

" I'm fine"

The transparent orb went to a 17 year old girl named Trinity. She was in class and felt a tingle throughout her body.

" Hey, Mr.Larson can i go to the nurse"

" For what reason"

" I think i have to throw up"

"I will write you a pass"

More to come soon