The Mountain Man

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Do you really think you can survive in the wilderness?

"Watch me..."

By Daniel R.C.

The forest was bright with sun light. Rays of the sun went through the branches of the trees and landed on the cold ground, making it warmer. The balance of sun rays gave the forest a windy appearance. The green beautiful trees waved back and forth with the wind. The peaceful silence was only broken by the sound of the water current running and colliding against the stones in the near by river.

Beside the waterfall a man sat. He watchedthe water fall and clash against the bottom. His long hair fell over his face. He brushed it back and looked up. Even though he was sitting peacefully, a long sword sat beside him. He looked around. The man picked up a thin long stone that was beside him, and shot it into the sky. A small white bird fell to the ground.

"Hey, you," a man called from behind our main character.

The man sitting down calmy turned his head around. "Hello, is there a problem?"

"Yes, who are you with?" The man demanded.

"I'm by myself. Do you see anybody here?"

"Don't try to be funny! Are you with the Enthiars or the Bohnthians?

Our character had no idea of what the man was talking about. "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

"Get up, before I have to kill you," The man standing warned.

Our hero automatically turned this man into his enemy. "I don't take orders from anybody. Much less from hobos in the forests."

"It looks like you are the hobo, why are you here in the forest?"

Our hero stood up, and grabbed his sword. "You want a battle? I'll give you a battle."

The other man took his sword out too. "You are nothing against an elite Enthiar soldier."

To be continued...