The Missing Gothic Horror Romance JLA Episode

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This was written as part of a panel I did at CannonCon in upstate New York. It was written in a Round-Robin or Exquisite Corpse style: someone in the audience wrote a sentence, then the next person wrote the next sentence, and so on. It was a small group so everyone wrote two or three sentences. We only had a short amount of time to finish it, so it was a short story. My thanks to all the authors (who know it will be posted here)! I hope you all enjoy this experiment.

The Missing Gothic Horror Romance JLA Episode

As Wonder Woman climbed out of her invisible jet, Superman’s eyes fell upon her.

“Today was a tough battle,” he mused. “But as always, we couldn’t do it without you."

Wonder Woman waved him on, heading down the hallway of the Justice League tower, sighing in relief. As they left, neither of them noticed the jet was leaking fuel.

They met Stan Lee. He scratched his chin quizzically and said, “You look familiar,” and then walked on.

As Superman watched the balding, departing figure, he turned to Wonder Woman and asked her, in a low husky voice, “Did you park the jet?”

“No,” she quipped, “I left it floating in a black hole. Just feed me!”

Superman raised his brow and questioningly asked, “I did not know the jet could defy the laws of physics—did Batman give it an upgrade recently?”

“No, I was just making a contact with someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while!”

Suddenly, they realized, how could they park the jet in a black hole since Wonder Woman was not in a black hole right now? Wait a minute—maybe they were in a black hole right now, and it was affecting their minds so they didn’t know where they were!

As Wonder Woman contemplated their dire situation, she turned her head coquettishly, and told him, “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you!”

Superman’s gaze panned around them as he said, “You can tell me over dinner, when we’re out of this mess.”

Wonder Woman’s eyes gazed back at his. She said, “The only thing I’m hungry for is what my eyes see before me,” and kissed him—as her jet exploded in the background. In the resulting explosion, everything inside the black hole imploded, and was taken somewhere else, far, far away.

Suddenly, Eternity said, “Well I’m glad that black hole blew up, it was giving me a stomach ache!”

As Wonder Woman and Superman’s minds’ cleared, they saw that they were wearing Victorian clothes and were surrounded by a horde of similarly-attired slavering vampires!

To be continued?