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Confession of Guilt of Devin Edward Deekon on the Night of the 23rd, December 1944

Transcribed by Constance Derreks, only fragments of transcription remain

"You have caught me you say? What do you think truly happened tonight Constable? You think the very man who had eluded you time after time for nearly a decade would be so foolish as to not lock his own truly are a idiot of the highest caliber if you believe that Constable....My name....if I am who you believe I am you already know my name....Fine if you insist you bumbling fool...My name is...hmmm one moment I have to think about that for a moment....I have so many...oh yes Devin Edward Deekon...but I think i am going to change that soon...What was the lovely lass behind the glass name again?....Yes you daft fool I know theirs someone behind the glass...Derreks was it...that is an interesting way to spell it..."

Shortly after Devin and the Constables initial discussion on the killings in the area, Devin disappeared along with Constance Derreks. A month later Constance's remains were found, her heart and left hand were missing. Preliminary autopsy revealed that both the hand and heart were removed while she was still alive, and that she also was a mutant.

Over the course of the next four decades a wide variety of deaths that seemed to be linked by pathology were identified to be perpetrated by a number of copycat killers, all possibly linked to Devin Deekon and many other aliases. Further evidence shows that Devin was the second or third in a long line of killers, Masters and apprentices. The current apprentice has yet to be identified but the Master most certainly could be Devin if he still is alive. Last known evidence of his existence showed him to be in his late forties upon the time of his arrest on December 23rd 1944.

"They never get it right....they always assume I am a different person. At least they haven't figured it out, but I would have thought by now someone would have figured it out....Jakka fetch me my lab coat please"

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After reading an old file he had acquired he couldnt help himself but laugh, nearly a hundred and twenty years and no one has seemed to put two and two together. In a world full of mutants and meta humans, no one thought that a single person could continue a long conquest of finding the perfect specimen. Deacon as he was going by (at least for the last fifteen years) had been in the constant search for real immortality. The ability to live indefinitely without need of an ability or various abilities, or even machinery. Searching the world and just recently searching those that have come to this world in recent, to find a way of real immortality.

Himself capable of prolonged if not stunted longevity, after the turn of the century in 1920 Deacon had used his own born ability of Absorption/Symbiosis to gain the ability to enhance and deconstruct his own molecular structure. But this was a false sense of immortality as his body given extensive abuse can crumble and die, even his own theory of transferring his mind into another body would be a moot point if his brain was damaged.

"Jakka!" he screamed as he tried over and over to perfect another of his experiments combining his own DNA and that of those he deemed to be "Potential Candidates" various young mutants who could potentially push their own abilities to further levels, surpassing what was currently known in mutant potential. He has found that Mutants and Meta are very similar yet impossibly different, Where Mutants have the potential to exceed what they were born with, Meta tend to achieve a high power eventually within their lifespan, but never surpass what is deemed "Omega Class" and that they too will fall to the history books like the Neanderthal did to the Homo Sapiens.

All he has managed to successfully harvest is blood from those he and his "Husks" have fought in the last five years, and each sample is dreadfully small and impure. Mixed with what the sample was pulled from (often dirt and other damaging materials) making having a perfect sample a necessity.

Holding out his hand his servant Jakka brought a piece of tungstan and reached out to Deacon, who touching it his arm transformed into the very substance he had touched. His fingers then elongated and narrowed at the fingertips into long needles, his other hand strapping down another of his Husks as it tried to scream. "Now now...this will hurt but know daddy only does this because he cares and loves you, once we inject the material I must see what parts of your brain they effect hold still."

Jakka again returning to his masters side and injecting a mix of various poisons and toxins into the IV that was introduced to the Husk, Deacon plunged his fingers into the Husks skull in a constant search for what makes life tick.

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Behind him stands a row of cloned soldiers, each given an augmented gene therapy so that they too can be as close to perfection as Deacon needed. Soon they would be sent to various ports and areas all over the world to collect and study. Each a singular hive mind connected directly to Deacons...he shall see all and soon will know all. Through each of their eyes shall he see, and with each more they bring for him to experiment on he gets ever closer to his goal as

Discovery Requires Experimentation
Discovery Requires Experimentation