The Legend Of The Wild Beast #!

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The legend of The Wild Beast #1

(Part of the $NG Universe)

Three hunters sat around a fire outside in the middle of a jungle. They had been hunting all day and it was getting late so they decided to camp outside. Two of the hunters were young, in their early twenties, and the third hunter was in his thirties. His name was Jonathan. The young hunter’s names were Pete and Bill.

After eating dinner, they began telling each other legends about the jungle. “Do any of you know the legend of The Wild Beast?” asked Bill. “Not really a legend if you ask me.” laughed Jonathan. “The Wild Beast is real.” Bill glanced over at him. “How do you know for sure? There is no evidence about him other than a few hoax footprints.” Pete interrupted both of them. “What is The Wild Beast? I never heard of it.” Bill and Jonathan both stared at him. “Almost every hunter knows who The Wild Beast is. The Wild Beast is a mythical creature that lives in this jungle. It supposedly killed hundreds of hunters throughout the past thousand years. It is the shape of a man, but with brown fur all over him and ape-like feet and hands. The Wild Beast also has a mouth with rows of sharp teeth, and tusks and horns on his head. It has the strength of a gorilla, the power of a rhino, and the speed of a cheetah. It has been rumored to even have wings on its back.” Pete almost laughed. “Sorry but I don’t believe in fairy tales.” Bill got up and began setting up his tent “I don’t think it’s real, but I also don’t think it’s fake. Like I said, it’s a legend.” Jonathan, who just finished setting up his tent sat back down. “I think The Wild Beast is real. I know a guy who encountered him a few years back. He barely got out alive.” “If it is real, I think it’s not as deadly as people say it is. I think The Wild Beast might just be a rare animal that went extinct a long time ago and somehow one survived.” explained Bill. “And the one that survived is just trying to protect itself.” Pete walked to his tent “Okay, enough talking about mythical creatures. Let’s get some sleep, I’m tired.

All three of the hunters walked inside each of their tents. The fire was still going and the sounds of wild animals could be heard from all around the jungle. Jonathan enjoyed listening to the sounds of nature. He decided instead of sleeping in his tent, he would sleep outside by a nearby cliff he saw. The cliff had no trees by it and it had a nice view of the forest below. He got up, grabbed his sleeping bag, and walked until he got there.

Jonathan put down his sleeping bag and walked over to the edge of the cliff. He looked down at the huge jungle below him. “Wow, this is a nice view.” He thought as he stared at the vast area of trees. I wonder what’s down there. Jonathan then noticed something. There was an area in the jungle below that seemed to be glowing. Without thinking, he walked around until he found a steep slope leading down. A perfect way to get to the jungle. He slowly and carefully climbed down the slope. Once he got to the bottom, he could see the light of the glowing area between trees. Jonathan began walked to the light. After about fifteen minutes of walking, he finally got there.

Jonathan stared at what he had just discovered. The thing that had been making the light was a huge cauldron. It had a fire burning inside it, and it appeared to be lighting up a staircase that went underground. “What is this place?” he thought. But before he had time to go in, he heard footsteps coming from the jungle behind him. Jonathan quickly ran and sat down behind the cauldron. He peeked over the side of the cauldron and saw what looked to be a man walking to the staircase. Jonathan looked closer and gasped, the thing was not human. It wore animal skin rags and what looked to be an animal skin cape dyed blue. It had small tusks coming out the sides of its mouth and spiky bones on its cheeks. It was also covered in fur and had huge ears and horns. Not to mention claws too. “Is that… The Wild Beast?” he thought. “It looks just like what the legend describes it as, I need to follow it.”

It was seven a.m. and Bill and Pete had just woken up. “Hey, have you seen Jonathan at all, he’s not in his tent?” asked Bill “After I called in there a few times and no one answered, I looked in and he was gone.” “What! He’s gone?” Pete looked around. “What do you think happened?”

To be continued in “The legend of The Wild Beast #2”

Sorry if it was hard to read, Comic Vine messed up the paragraphs.