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Mimic was born Mike Fox on Earth-1020. His power is the ability to copy up to five other mutants' powers. But the powers are only about half as effective.

This Mimic is a mutant and he started his career as a member of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. He ended up in jail, but was freed by Professor X on the condition that he join the X-Men. He reluctantly agreed, and soon discovered that he liked being a super-hero. He quickly gained everyones trust, and became the leader of the X-Men, and enjoyed both fame and celebrity status. Mimic played a key role in the positive relationship between humans and mutants in his home reality.

Sometime later Mimic was pulled from this reality by the Timebreakers and informed that he had become unhinged from time and would now be a member of a team of five other mutants from other realities, who became known as the Exiles. He was told that his reality was broken, and as a result the kidnapping of Senator Kelly in his time line went wrong, causing Kelly's death along with 47 civilians. The Exiles mission is to correct errors that occur in alternate earths, otherwise they would be sent back to their home realities (and in the case of Mimic this would mean losing his entire existence and spending the rest of his life on death row). The repair of time lines can range in difficulty and pleasantness from buying a danish to killing a whole lot of people.

Mimic developed a romantic relationship with their team leader, Caitlin Fairchild. After Fairchild was sent back to her home reality Mimic became the Exiles' leader, coming into possession of the Tallus, the device that allows the Exiles leader to communicate directly with the Timebroker.

Mimic was with the team on many missions. He spent four years alone on a Brood planet where he was infected by the Brood. When Mimic met Weapon X, he was a little freaked out. After Fairchild met Alex Fairchild, Mimic told Alex that Weapon X and the Exiles move to different realities and almost like going to the same boat. When Fairchild and Alex told their teams, Weapon X and Exiles about their missions Mimic was on his way to defeat the Sentinels with the other Exile and Weapon X members while Fairchild and Alex to go find a boy named David Richards. After Mimic and others defeated the Sentinels and Fairchild and Alex rescued David Richards, Fairchild told Mimic about killing David Richards is their mission. Alex was woried because if Fairchild told Mimic about it, Vision will hear it and it won't be good. When Vision heard it, he told Deadpool about it and went his way to Alex and Alex killed him. Mimic was okay with Alex about going to The Exiles side, but Weapon X are going after them. Mimic told Alex that Alex can't be telling Fairchild to keep using her transporter too much, that She will get tired. But Alex told Mimic that Mimic is not Fairchild's boyfriend....yet. When the Timebroker told Mimic and the Exiles what will happen if they or Weapon X does not kill David Richards. When Weapon X reached the Exiles and had a fight, The Spider: who is a member or Weapon X and is a physchopathic killer, tried to kill Alex but Mimic hit Spider with a big blast and asked Alex if he's okay. After that, Mimic went on his way to defeat Iron Man who is also a Weapon X member. Mimic gave him bad punches until Iron Man escaped with his hits. After the battle is over had to go somewhere else because the Sentinels came and defeating the two teams, Mimic was making sure of everybody was here and The Exiles and Weapon X went to different realities. On the next reality, Mimic and the Exiles went to Doctor Doom's reality. Mimic told Fairchild that Fairchild, The Exiles, and Doctor Doom to beat the solders while Mimic goes to Doctor Doom's

labratory. The problem with the mission is the prince of Atlantis Namor aka (Submariner) wants to kill people and take over Laveria. Mimic went there and it was a complete surprize. After Mimic defeated the Doombots, Namor came and the first thing he done is beating Mimic and throwing him of the labratory. Mimic ran away and went crashing the place. Namor came and told him if Altantis wins, Mimic and his buddies will be seving them as dogs. Mimic tried to convince Namor, but he refused. Mimic had enough and him Namor with hard bloody attacks in the lava which presumly killed Namor, plus with Mimic's attacks. When Mimic came back to the place where the Exiles are done beating the soldiers, Mimic told Fairchild that he's fine, but Fairchild was not sure of that. When Mimic and the Exiles went to the Lizard's reality, Mimic was acting a little strange with his bad mood. Fairchild asked him if he was alright. Mimic told Fairchild that he is fine. Fairchild was really asking Mimic lot's of times. When the Exiles reached the Lizard, Dr.Connors told everyone to get away. Dr.Connors is the Lizard! Mimic lied to Dr.Connors that they are the Avengers. After Mimic convinced him to not blow the bay, Dr.Connors was crying to tears and he won't blow up the bay, but Dr.Connors killed himself with a shot of a bullet. Mimic confesed to Blink that his problem was that he wanted to keep Dr.Connors to be safe and get out of this bay. And then Mimic and the Exiles teleported to the next reality. On the next reality, Dos Strange kidnapped The Human Torch and Mimic was held captave prisioner. Fairchild and the other Exiles rescued them and beaten Doc Strange. After that, Fairchild sense something from the Tallus. The Tallus then teleported Mimic and the Exiles on a reality so mysterious and very familiar. It was soon discovered that it was Mojo who did all this. Mojo teleported Mimic and the Exiles to his Mojoverse. Mojo had captured Dante and Jackie. Mimic and the remaining Exile members escaped the activity place and went to the central city of Mojoverse. Mimic grabbed a person sneedly and told the man whrere is Longshot. The man told him that he is in the Mojoverse jail. They defeated the Soldiers and freed Longshot. Longshot told the Exiles that he can't escape. Mimic tried to convince him but it was no use. So Mimic told Fairchild to tell Beast to grab Longshot and get out of here. After they reached Mojo's enterprises, they saw Dante and Jackie. Dante was not harmed, but they torchered Jackie. Mimic told everyone to get out, but Dante went to Mojo and hit all of Dante's strength. The Timebroker came to get the Exiles and went to the next reality. The healing factor he copied from Wolverine suppressed the infection, and after being reunited with his teammates he chose to keep it a secret. After sustaining an injury in battle, his healing factor (which was only working at half of Wolverine's capacity to begin with) was not able to heal him while continually keeping the Brood infection at bay. Mimic began to transform into a Brood. During the ensuing battle with his teammates, The Human Torch was buried under a ton of rubble and killed attempting to protect the nearby civilians. While Mike already blamed himself for Johnny's death, Dante lashed out. He pointed out that it was Mimic's disregard for his teammates that lead to Johnny's death. Mimic recovered physically, but because of this incident, Mimic swore never to allow himself to kill again.

Some time later Mimic was possessed by the reality warping mutant Proteus. Because of his vow not to take another life, Mike hesitated in dealing the killing blow, giving Proteus the chance he needed to possess his body. After choosing Mimic, Proteus realized that his copied healing factor would allow him to remain in the body without exhausting it for longer than a normal person. This eventually completely drained Mimic's life energy away and left his body an empty shell. His body was put into stasis in the Panoptichron, and later the Exiles returned him to his home reality for his burial. After a couple of weeks the Exiles discovered a world called Earth 48012 were they met a person named Goku. It turns out that they have items called Dragon Ball that can be used to wish people back to life. The Exiles gatherd the balls and made there first wish for all of the exile members who died to be alive again except for Holocaust. There secound wish was for the dragon to bring back Nate Gray. There third with was to teleport all of the people who were wished back to life to the Crystal Palace. After that the Exiles went back to there world were all of the people they wished back were wating for them Fairchild and the other Exile members were reunited with Mimic and all of there friends. After a week Sage told Mimic that she could enhance his powers so he could copy more then five powers at one time. Now Mimic can copy twelve powers at one time Mimic has rejond the Exiles and continues to fight for the grater good to bring peace to the omniverse.


Mimic has the advantage of copying up to five powers at a time. He can retain the powers he's copied after being in the vicinity of the person he is copying for a few hours. His power set as of Exiles 1 were Wolverine's healing factor, heightened senses and bone claws, Colossus's steel skin and super strength, Angel's wings, Beast's strength and agility, and Cyclops's optic energy blast. When he started to date Fairchild he copied her powers and got her Strength, Durability, Stamina, Agility and Reflexes.

He later switched Archangels wings for Northstar's speed and flight, and later Fairchild's strength and agility for Deadpool's healing factor. After his resurrection Mimic's Powers were enhance by sage were he can now copy twelve powers at one time. he currently as the power of Agent X, Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Fairchild, Havok, Invisible Woman, Madrox, Nightcrawler, Vulcan, Wolverine and X-Man.