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The crimson fluids from the victims slowly made its way down the perfectly curved katana, Yagyu pulled a snow white cloth from one of his pouches and proceeded to clean his pride and joy, wiping away the blood and the death that surrounded him, in one fluid motion, a quick stroke the guilt of death had gone yet his soul could not propley be cleansed not yet. Taking to his knee's the blood assassin sheathed his blade and placed his hands together, closing his beautiful light blue eyes, eyes that told a different story to what was behind them. Yagyu began to pray, not only was he purifying his own soul but he was also preforming a ritual that would cleanse the souls of those around him and send them to the white shores. Rising to his feet Yagyu walked around to each man he had killed and bowed to each one, even though he had ended there lives bvecause he was assigned to, he still showed respect to each man he killed because it was who he is, Yagyu showed honor even in a world were it seemed like it was lost, now in this age of warriors, a time were the blade no longer has authority replaced by a weapon with no honor used by men who lie and cheat to win battles. The world was changing around Yagyu and while most had changed with it, there were still those in the world who followed the old ways. Yagyu looked around in the graceful and wonderous forest in which he stood, the orchids were in full bloom, the sun shined down through the canopies, the emerald green of the leaves were blowing around in the soft wind, looking at this forest from the outside would tell a story of eternal beauty created by mother nature.

"Sir the woman she got away what should we do" one of Yagyu's men came just having cleaned his own blade, his voice filled with panic, gasping for air, Yagyu looked at the man his expression not changing once, his eyes never shifting from view of his soldier, showing a sign if respect, trust and honor the man slowly began to compose himself and settle his nerves. "Let her go, bury the dead they deserve honor beore she deserves death" his voice calm, steady and authoritive but the man was getting frantic he knew that there order waas to kill that woman, she was priority number one, they were told none of the others mattered only she was the target, yet getting close to someone of her status a queen wolud not come without resistance from her own men and amidst the death, the blood running a river through the forest she and another man, her own captain had managed to get away but to Yagyu the sign of respect to those that he had killed was much more important to the mission handed to him. "Captain the emperors orders were to kill that woman at all costs" for the first time since this mission had begun Yagyu could feel the anger boiling in his blood, the rage was building at the sound of emperor Kento being mentioned, "MY FATHER WILL HAVE TO WAIT" Yagyu lashed out, he was not a man of anger but the thought of his father made him a man that changed the world around him, like the forests were turning a jet black and the rivers turned to blood, this was his mind and that man was the one person Yagyu wanted to impale on his blade, he however could not do this as it went against everything he stood for.

The man had walked away as soon as his captain had shown his rage, with the rest of them he began to bury the honoured dead, Yagyu was crouhed down next to a small of body of water having walked to clear his mind, cupping the water in his hand, Yagyu gently sipped the water from his hands, the water was a clear blue a sight that could calm any dark hearts and the sun reflecting off the water made it such a relaxing place to visit, a large rock face stood next to the lake, wild flowers of the most gracious colours blossomed nextto the waters, it was places like this that made the world a better place, while the world and the people in it were forced to change mother nature and her children were growing and blossoming at there own rate showing sometimes change is not always a good thing and the beauty you were born with is what really matters. Yagyu looked into the clar blue lake and what was reflected back in the waters was not his own face but the face of a man who was filled with everlasting rage, a face that only wanted death and it was a face that knew those he served deserved death for straying away from the old ways, Yagyu quickly rose to his feet and walked back to where his men were, mother nature was indeed a beautiful sight yet she reflected back a man's true face and what Yagyu saw disturbed him greatly. The deceased had been buried and the blood had dried itself, clinging to the leaves on the floor. Looking around at his men Yagyu turned and walked away, each man followed as they made there way down a pathway leading them out of the forest, his men were whispering trying there best to hide it from there captain, they were talking about what to say to the emperor becasue each one feared what would happen when the emperor found out the woman had got away, fear filled there quiet voices and each man was shaking, there skin rustling just like the leaves under there feet. "I will take the blame for letting her go, none of you should worry, my father is mine to deal with" Yagyu spoke calming his men not looking back just his voice was enough to soothe there nerves.

They were not only his companions, his warriors but they were his friends his brothers, not in blood but in heart each man behind him was a brother, they were not the best swordsman and panicked very easily but each one showed a trust a respect and follwed a strict code of honor that made Yagyu proud of having them in his team. The men who only a minute ago were fearing for there lives were now singing merry tunes, each one drinking there fill of sake, smiling a smile as bright as the sun Yagyu begn to laugh. "Captain come on sing with us" there voices filled with joy "No im good" all surrounded him and began to dance around "Come on cap you know you want to" all of a sudden it all stopped when they realised they had arrived at the imperial gates, now there was no singing only the thought of what laid behind those gates, there fates were in the hands of one man. The large heavy gates opened and Yagyu and his men entered the courtyard and made there way into the palace, a sight of such elegance should not be occupied  by such a man of dishonor thought Yagyu, once inside each man got to there knee's and bowed to the emperor, this sickened Yagyu greatly, a force grasping his heart. Rising to there feet as the emperor stood and walked to the group, "is she dead did you kill her, show mw her head" the man was of great build, muscle and his height showed great status, dressed in the most elegant of robes of red an gold. "The woman got away father" Yagyu could see before any of the others his fathers fury and could see each mans fear even before they themselves could. "THATS EMPEROR" his voice echoed around the large room shaking the pillows holding it up "Tell me why?" glancing around Yagyu thought how easy it would be to take his blade and end the life of his father "Honor father, she got away as we were showing honor to those men who died protecting her life" his father went and sat back down "you an your honor, that age is dead, why cant you be more like your brother, one more chance, if you fail me again it will be you dying in the forest" Yagyu looked at his brother, standing there at his fathers side as the imperial guard.

Yagyu hated his brother, he was younger than him yet was a better warrior and the child who his father's attenton was giving to, while he was captain of the lowest team in all of Japan his brother was the emerors personal guard and the second most respected man in Japan. They grew up not as brothers but rivals, taught to fight but it was Akechi who had proved the better warrior and was personally trained by there father, Yagyu grew up in the shadows watching from a distance always alone, no one to show him the ways of the samurai, no one to love or care for him, growing up lost in a world were his mother was gone, killed by a father he hated becasue she had an affair with a man who had shown her true love, that man was Yagyu's uncle and he was the only man who showed him love and taught him the way of the warrior. Snapping out of his trance Yagyu bowed only to see her. kissing his brother who did not seem to care about those ruby lips on his own, her hair was of the deepest black and skin as soft and as pale as snow, he hair tied in a bun, the most beautiful girl in the world and the girl Yagyu loved more then any other. Akahana was her name and Yagyu's heart melted at the very sight of her, how his brother deserved a wife like that, a wife he did not love made Yagyu angry. Later that night  Yagyu sat at the foot of is bed "tell me my love what is on your mind"  her arms wrapped around his body as her body pressed gently against his, her hair flowed down over her shoulders as Akahana kisses Yagyu with tender love, this was the ultimate sigh of dishonor yet some things were much more important than honor and his love for her surpassed all other things, he was risking his life to be with her. 

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Wonderful Story line

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