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The stone floor eased his aching bones as he sat pondering on what his next move should be. You see Dustin

was thrown out after keaving school by his ever loving parents. Two weeks down the road he was still there,

down on his luck, as ever. "How could this possibly get worse" he muttered under his breath. As if the sky

had heard him its silver linig toar, soaking him instantly. Reminding him of the well missed power shower.


At least it was refreshing, he thought while trudging down the litter strewn streets of Manchester, finally

taking shelter underneath an old bridge. Trying to shake off the chill he lay down. What had he got himself

into. Why? he rolled over. The ground was lumpy as youd expect but its was dry unlike his old jacket saturated

from the rain it comforted him. He soon fell into a deep slumber only to be rudely awoken.

"what was that!" a blood curdeling scream echoed in his ears.

"Get away from me!" it sounded like a women, a women in trouble. He shot to his feet darting toward the source

of comotion. Adrenaln pumping he took a sharp left tripping himself. "stupid laces" quickly dusting him self

down he set off again cursing. The screams stopped, he took another left there she was lay upright against the

dumpster. "Oh ..." he knelt next to her lifless body, observing the slit throat he felt nautious. This poor lady

didnt have a chance slaughtered. "What kind of sick person could do this."

After informing the police of this unfortunate women he finally mangaged to get his head down, plagued by dreams

of death and mortality he tossed and turned. He couldnt help but think if hed got there sooner shed still be alive.

After what seemed like hours of torture he awoke in a cold sweat, starring straigt into the deppest of blue eyes

"What beautiful eyes youve got there," she said nothing, and didnt seem to notice he had woke. "Hello?" trying to

grab her attion he reached forward. She ran away. "What a cute cat." Days after the event Dustin forgot all about

cat with its deep blue eyes and broght white fur. He forgot about how it sat there waiting for him to wake. When

he stopped, there she was again, sat there, staring. Her eyes watched his every move scanning him, reading him like

book. "Here puss-puss" he held out a hand to stroke the cat, she didnt move, but waited for him to come closser.

Beckoning him with her mysterious ways. Finally reaching to the outstreched hand. A sharp shock run its way up his

arm, she seemed to smile at him

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wow... weird, but cool...

like to continue reading this, work on formatting though


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shall do thanks