The grey Jedi chapter 2

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Dash jumped out of the hole and made his way to the entrance of the temple. He had to go find another jedi, or even some clone troopers who could stop Skywalker's rampage. As Dash neared the entrance, he saw a group of clone troopers dressed in blue, blocking the entrance off. It looked like they were stopping someone from getting in. as Dash was about to go signal them for help, he noticed someone sneaking about. He recognized it was the padawan Zett Jukassa.

Zett jumped in front of the squad and started attacking them with his lightsaber. The clones opened fire, much to the dismay of Dash, who just looked on. Zett deflected as many blasts as possible and even cut down most of the clones, but eventually they overwhelmed him and put him down.

"No." Dash said in horror, as he witnessed another Jedi hopeful die.

"Look, over there, its another one!" a clone trooper shouted as he pointed his blaster at Dash.

"Open fire!" Another Trooper said, and the rest of the clones started blasting at Dash, who scrambled off to the side of the steps and jumped off to avoid their fire.

"Why is this happening?" Dash thought as he ran past more troopers, attracting them and their gunfire. "Why are they doing this?"

He ran into the city and turned every corner possible, trying to lose the squadron of troopers. As he was running, something grabbed onto his leg and caused him to trip over. Before he could react, he was pulled into an alleyway and felt a hand cover his mouth.

"Quiet, Youngling!" A familiar voice said in a harsh tone.

Dash froze in fear, but then relaxed as a group of clones ran past the alley without even glancing in their direction.

"Alright, I'm going to let go now. But you must remain silent." The familiar voice said, this time more clear allowing Dash to remember who's voice it was.

The stranger relaxed his grip and Dash quickly turned around to face his savior. A bald, dark skinned man who was still wearing his Jedi robes. He was shaking as he tried to get up with one hand, his other hand was gone. Instead was a stump with a burnt sealed wound that was festering.

"M-master Windu?" Dash said with disbelief, as he offered help to the wounded jedi.

"In the flesh." Windu said in between fits of coughing.

"What's going on? Master Skywalker was killing us younglings in the temple. And I even saw clones killing jedi."

"The world is changing, and not in a good way." Windu said, barely answering Dash's question. "Evil has been stirring up for a long time, and now its finally taking over."

"But, aren't the Jedi supposed to stop evil?" Dash asked.

"Its too late, we were doomed as soon as we took part in this foolish war. The best we can hope for is making it out alive. Did you already have your lightsaber ceremony?"

"Yeah, its right here." Dash said, confused. He handed Windu the saber, but didn’t expect much. "Its only good for training. We won't be able to use it."

Windu grabbed the lightsaber and then deconstructed it with the force. "Usually we'd wait until you were older and ready for the real thing, but seeing as we'll need a weapon to survive, I'll have to make an exception." After Windu was done manipulating the internal components, he reconstructed it. "Congratulations, your lightsaber is now a weapon. One that I must borrow now." he then ignited the saber and out came an orange light. "Hmph, not really my color."

"We have to go back to the temple." Dash said, a glimmer of hope in his voice. "There are still survivors there. We have to stop Master Skywalker from killing anymore."

"There's nothing we can do for them. We have to worry about ourselves."

"But, you're Master Windu, you're one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. I promised my friend that I would be back for her."

"I hate to break it to you, but she's likely dead. Now we have to get out of here or we are next."

Before Dash could say another word, Windu had already started limping away. Dash could here more Clone troopers making their way to the area, so he begrudgingly followed windu.


Veil had been hiding inside the droid casing for hours now. The screams have all stopped. The blasters have all stopped firing. She wanted to leave her hiding space, but she knew she shouldn’t.

"I promised Dash I wouldn’t move." She whispered to herself. "I promised dash I wouldn’t move."

Soon she felt the dark presence of Anakin Skywalker closing in on her. She felt as if a weight was pressing down on her entire body. As if the droid casing could crumble and crush her inside.

"I know you're out there." She heard him say in a soft yet menacing voice. "Now come out."

Anakin looked around tying to sense the little girl who managed to escape him. He closed his eyes and let the force guide him. Soon he was walking towards the droid casing. Veil could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer.

Veil closed her eyes and held on to her chest. She then slowed her breathing and focused all of her energy on masking her force energy, hoping Skywalker would eventually give up his search. This seemed to work, soon Anakin could no longer feel the small force energy, and his trail went cold.

"Well done." a sinister voice in the background said.

"Thank you master." Anakin said with almost no life behind his voice.

"There is still work to be done." Sidious said. "Head over to Mustafar, where all the separatist leaders gather. There you will end the war, once and for all."

"forgive me master, but there may still be stragglers in this temple."

"The clones will deal with them, then I will have no more use for them."

"Yes. Master." Anakin said as he got up and left the temple.

Veil could feel Skywalkers evil energy leave, but Sidious' energy was much worse. Every second he was there felt as if the whole temple could collapse in on itself. Veil remained calm and continued to mask her energy. Soon, Sidious' energy vanished.

Veil gave a sigh of relief, but remained vigilant and stood in her hiding spot. "I promised I wouldn’t move." she whispered to herself as tears rolled down her face. "I promised I wouldn't move."