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Hey all. Been a while since I posted... anything on here. I'm taking a break from original fiction for a while and writing fanfiction to polish up on my skills. hope you enjoy!

"You're going to have to do better than that!" Veil Tillie said as she parried the attacks coming from her friend, Dash Daivik.

"I'm trying my best." Dash said as he kept swinging his light saber, trying to find an opening on his much more skilled opponent.

As their sabers clashed, Veil had used enough force behind her swing to send Dash's saber flying off of his hands and onto the ground. She then pointed her saber right at dash's face.

"Ok! I give up!" Dash said, lifting his hands in defeat.

"Relax, Dash!" Veil said, easing her saber away from his face. "Its just the practice saber. It won't do any serious damage."

"Yeah, but it'll still hurt." Dash said, lifting the sleeve off of his robe. I still have the bruises from last time."

"Wow Veil, you're amazing!" another child in their group said. "Out of all of us younglings, You're easily our best duelist.

"Hmph." Dash grunted as he went to retrieve his lightsaber. He then concentrated on Veil and thrust his hand forward, knocking her down with the force.

"Dash!" Veil yelled angrily.

"Never turn your back on your opponent. That’s what Master Yoda taught us." Dash said with a cocky smile. "And the force is the deciding factor of a duel."

Before Veil could rebut, the sound of an explosion deafened the ears of the younglings and shook the ground.

"What was that?" one of them asked.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

The sound of what was clearly blaster fire could be heard from miles away.

"Are we under attack?" another youngling asked.

"It must me the separatists!"

"But I thought the war was almost over."

Dash could feel a presence nearby. A dark and mysterious one that gave him a sense of dread.

"Someone is coming!" he said.

"I feel it too." Veil said with a shaky voice. "It feels evil, and scary." Tears started to form in her eyes. "And it's heading this way."

"Everyone hide." Dash said as he and the rest of the younglings took cover behind the chairs in the room they were in.

"Dash, are we gonna be ok?" Veil asked as she tugged on his robe.

"I hope so." Dash said, trying to be brave, but inside he was quivering in fear. The presence was getting closer and it was fueling the feeling of uneasiness. "The force will be with us, I'm sure of it."

The group of younglings trembled as they began to hear footsteps that were getting louder and louder. Soon the automatic door of their room opened and closed.

The younglings cowered behind their chairs, hoping the intruder wouldn’t notice them. Dash peeked his eye over the chair to see who it was.

"Master Skywalker?" he asked out loud. Causing the rest of the younglings to leave their hiding spots and sigh in relief.

"Master Skywalker." One of the younglings said as they approached him. "There's too many of them, what are we going to do?"

Dash didn’t like how Master Skywalker was looking at them. He had a look of hatred, and conflict. He looked as if there was a battle going on inside of his mind. A battle he was losing.

Psssssssheeeew! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Skywalker's blue lightsaber ignited, causing the youngling closest to him to flinch and take a few steps back.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Veil yelled! But it was too late. Skywalker had already swung at the child. The younglings could do nothing but watch as their friend fell to the ground, lifeless.

The rest of the children screamed as they all scrambled to get away from their assailant, but Skywalker was too fast. Within seconds, he was already cutting down more and more younglings.

"We have to get out of here!" Dash said out loud. He grabbed veil by the arm but she wouldn’t move. She just stared at the bodies of her fallen friends. A horrified look on her face as tears flowed down.

"Veil! VEIL!" Dash yelled, trying to get her attention as Skywalker slowly, but menacingly walked towards them.

Veil looked up at Dash. Her face still had that horrified look. "We cant beat him Dash." she said quietly in a defeated tone. "All we have are these training sabers."

Dash put his hand on her cheeks and looked her in the eyes. "The force is the deciding factor in a duel." he said. Trying to sound calm amidst the imminent danger. "If we both work together, we may be able to buy us enough time to escape."

Veil nodded in agreement as she looked at the assailant who was getting closer.

"If we put all of our strength in this, we might have a shot." Dash said as he held both his arms outwards, Veil soon followed.

"One!" Dash yelled.

"Two!" Veil yelled, louder

"THREE!" They both screamed in unison as they combined their power into a force push that was able to knock Skywalker backwards onto the ground. Skywalker quickly got on his feet and looked around for the two younglings, but couldn't immediately see them. So he continued his slaughter of the remaining ones.


"Lets hide here." Veil said as she found the outward casing of a power droid that must have been destroyed amidst the chaos. Dash just hid behind a collapsed pillar, but he knew his hiding place wasn’t going to be effective for long.

"I have to go find help." Dash said as he looked for an escape.

"No Dash!" Veil pleaded as she started to cry. "Please don’t leave me."

"I have to Veil, or we'll both die here."

They both could hear the screams of the other younglings get closer, as they tried to escape Skywalker, but he was chasing them down.

"I'm going to find help. You need to promise me you'll stay right there until I come and get you. Stay there! No matter what!"

The screams started to get closer. As Skywalker was getting closer to the younglings.

"Ok, I promise." Veil said.

"I'll be back." Dash said as he started climbing a whole in the wall.

"Dash!" Veil called just before he was out of earshot. "May the force be with you!"

"And you!" Dash yelled back.

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