The Final Battle

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Current Year: 2008

Mantid stood in the middle of the chaos. Heroes and villains collided against each other. Some falling, some running away from the climax of the battle. Others faught with all their might until they just couldn't continue, these were the warriors history wouldn't forget.

Hello, Mantid

Mantid turned his head around backwards, he didn't need to do this, for he knew who it was. Dead Fall, Mantid's most hated and challenging enemy. Mantid and Dead Fall, they looked so much alike, but they were so different.

It is now or never, this is the time I've been waiting to battle you... and finally kill you

Mantid stared listening at Dead Fall. He was right, Mantid had been waiting and training all his life, for he knew that Dead Fall hadn't died.

A few years ago...

Mantid, give up now, you'll never be able to defeat me!!!

"You know me, I never give up!!!"

Oh please, do you really want to die at the age of 14?

"My age is no more then a number, it's my experience that counts!!!"

Mantid leaped into the air, and in a quick movement, he had cut Dead Fall into peaces. As Mantid fell to the ground tired, he suddenly couldn't feel all the injuries, all the broken bones, and his injured soul this battle had caused him.

The Present

Mantid finished reliving that event, and he focused on the "resurrected" Dead Fall. It was time for Round Two.

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WOW i mean

lil bro im finally seeing who your character really is