THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 13

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Author's Note

Hello, fellow readers and writers. It is time for the ending of MK: Destruction and the launch of another book tonight, The New Empire.

Expect 4 new chapters over the coming days of MK: Destruction. 1 new chapter tonight of The New Empire and a long lost hello from an old friend in a couple of days. American Horror Story Jungle.

Note About This Chapter: You may notice that there are some characters from The New Empire in this chapter if you have seen the preview. The reason for this is because things are going to tie in in future series of MK and others. (This is a universe after all) Also, this chapter doesn't have a lot of action unfortunately, but remember that there will be a major battle clash next chapter.

Library < Here's my library for previous MK: Destruction chapters. ENJOY!!!!

Chapter 13

“I have to say, I always have my thoughts and memories to show. But I felt like this would be better in a more realistic point of view.” They were all still in a white abyss.

Everyone, be it Jax, Kuai, or any between, were glowing with physical perfections. Their inferiorities having vanished. Kuai no longer bore the trademark scar across his right eye, and Kano no longer required cybernetics, those having been shed as well. Jax had regrown his organic arms in place of his metallic, finally regaining what had been taken from him so many years ago by Ermac. However, despite these decidedly noticeable changes in their physiology, distraction diverted their attention from details in their appearance. It was only now that they began to realize what had happened to them.

“Ah. I see that the guests of honor have realized their perfections.” Tengah appeared. Jade, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Smoke were in consternation.

It was Kotal who broke the silence.

“I….. I…. thought you were dead.” Kotal spoke up.

“Temporarily. Once Julius Caesar over here finally reaches the freaking prison!” She was furious.

“I want to tell them everything. Instead of just letting some people know and leaving some people in the dark.” Corvus replied calmly.

“Oh really. I would like to hear of this. How you left me for what felt like an eternity! I wandered other universes before I finally reached this one. Everything was perfect for the little amount of time in my life and then YOU SHOWED UP!” Tengah was getting angrier. With each degree of anger she reached, her eyes blackened and her hair became a fiery red.

“You? You can’t talk about that. You locked me up in a prison and before that, before Corvus took us in, you tried to murder me as an infant. Yet you feel abandoned.” Cannibal appeared and joined the verbal fight.

“I didn’t know what to do.” Tengah responded in angst.

“Of course you did. Didn’t Mom and Dad die at your hands?” Cannibal asked rhetorically.

“That isn’t true.”

“Remember their screams as you stuck your nails into their bloody, juicy veins?”

“Stop it.”

“You started everything. You are the cause of all my suffering.”

“I didn’t kill them….”

“No wonder I am insane.”

“I tried to get help for the both of us. That help was Corvus.”

“So much help you have provided. Especially when you abandoned me in a prison cell because you couldn’t face the thing you created.”

Tengah lost it. Her fiery anger diminished and she collapsed on the ground lamenting. Her hair turned black and she was hyperventilating. She was afflicted by her brother’s words.

“You let these two fight like that?” Sonya stepped in.

“Even if I tried to stop them, they still would have clashed.” Corvus replied.

“The least you can do is try even though you adopted them. As a mother I can’t bear to see them inflict pain on each other like that. You people have issues you need to fix.” Sonya said.

“No shit. Thanks for telling me something I truly didn’t know.” Cannibal said in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“You two,” Corvus looked at Tengah, who was still sobbing on the ground and then at Cannibal, “Go solve your problems. I want both of you working as a team by the time I see you in the reality. Understood?”

“Understood.” Both of them replied in unison and then disappeared.

“As you all may have noticed, due to the recent spectacle that happened in front of you, this place that you are in represents the person you are at the moment and who you want to become. Which is why Jax, for example, has organic arms and Kano has no cybernetics.” Corvus talked and walked around the group of kombatants.

“The present and future coexisting? Sounds impossible.” Kenshi remarked.

“Well, I might as well ask, what is your story? What are you doing here?” Jacqui stated the obvious question. She was disinterested in all the drama.

“I am about to show you. This, what you may refer to as white space or room, is actually called the Convergence of Light. Only certain people like I or those related to me have access. We can give access to whom we chose and the sole purpose of this is to relive past memories.”

“So you are going to show us what made you end up here in the first place.” Cassie said.

“Yes. I wanted to do this because the unfortunate truth is that secrets are bad reasons to unite people.” Corvus responded.

“Unite? What are you trying to do with us?” Hanzo asked.

Corvus disappeared and the white space began to change. It changed from a majestic city, into a luxurious palace, and then into an opulent bedroom.

Corvus awoke violently. He had another nightmare. They have been happening consistently and daily for the past 6 months. The nightmares had always frightened him since they had cryptic messages.

He uncovered the blankets and sat for a moment while he regained his strength from the terrifying sleep. He was in his underwear and wasn’t very eager to start the day.

“You had another one again.” Rubrum Falcon, Corvus’s husband spoke from behind Corvus. “Is it a sign?” (Author’s Note: Surprise Surprise. Bet you didn’t see that coming did you. Unless you already saw The New Empire preview)

Corvus turned around and replied, “Don’t worry. It’s just nightmares. Nothing is going to happen.”

Although Corvus couldn’t assure himself when he spoke that sentence. He felt that these nightmares had to be in conjunction with The Elder Gods, who stormed off a millennia ago into another reality. They may make a reappearance and it wouldn’t be a revelation. When you live for an eternity, one thousand years isn’t even a 1 month in memories.

“Don’t try to deceive me.” Rubrum was glaring at Corvus. “I know you too well.”

Rubrum was tall and had odd grey colored eyes, like Corvus. He was african-american, had black hair, and a beard. He was muscular, like Corvus, and the two of them had the same thinking and understanding.

“The Elder Gods.”

“Mother****er. I thought they were dead. Nothing. There is confirmation from multiple scientific sources that they got stuck with The One Being.” Rubrum spoke in a slightly energetic tone.

“No. If that were true then these dreams wouldn’t be occurring.” Corvus put his hand over his face and rubbed his forehead.

“Well then let’s go kill those murdering assholes.” Rubrum jumped out of the mattress. He was thrilled at the thought of killing The Elder Gods.

“You are very energetic today.” Corvus commented as he stood up.

“Sorry. I just truly feel that if this is our chance to rid of one of our many problems, then we should take the chance.”

“I feel the same way.”

“Good. We came to an agreement, like always.”

“Ohhhh god.” Tengah was waking up from her living room floor. “Ugh what the **** happened.”

“You drank a s*** ton of vodka.” Cannibal surprised her and was lighting an E-cig. She had no idea he was there.

“You drank the same amount as me.”

“Your alcohol tolerance was never amazing.”

They both chuckled slightly. Tengah was still on the ground dazed while Cannibal was sitting over her, on the couch, smoking. Then they had a vision within their minds. It was the Elder Gods.

Tengah jumped up and looked around. The bar was huge and it had a natural sanded wood design with marble counters and a giant liquor collection. To the right of it was a view of the city of Pultrichdo and in front were 3 couches. She was standing in the middle of the sitting area and Cannibal was also up from the couch.

“Death is unpreventable and inevitable.” Both spoke in unison.

Ouragan and Orage were walking in the City Square of Pulchritudo. The city, which spanned 4 islands, was bustling with energy and was extremely lively today. They were about 200 miles south of the Falcon Industries Tower in Sector 1. (The 1st Island) They were in the center of all the financial occurrences, which was in Sector 3 (The 3rd Island), which would explain the hustling of the citizens. They were on the 1st street level of the city and were walking toward outskirts of the island to get to the beach.

Ouragan and Orage’s strides were elegant and long. They were certainly not in any hurry and they wanted to turn heads. Not that being part of the royal family wasn’t already getting you attention, but they were getting it for the wrong reason.

Ouragan was wearing G-Star skinny jeans that were clearly put on to show off his rear end. He put on a violet tank top that was tight to his skin and showed off his physique. It showed his shoulders, arms, forearms, and part of his pectorals. He walked as to show that he was a powerful person. All the women and gay men were looking at him.

Orage was a little worse in this regard. She was wearing a beautiful teal dress that flowed in the front and flowed in part of the back. The other part was a clearly cut triangle that stopped just above the beltline, showing off one of her cheeks. The front of the dress was extremely tight against her body and the top of the dress stopped at a horizontal line. Meaning that her shoulders were showing and so was her cleavage. Like Ouragan, all the men and lesbians were looking at her.

They certainly did turn heads. Orage and Ouragan were known for pushing boundaries and being risky in the Falcon Empire. Soon everyone was taking pictures of them.

“Another successful marketing outing.” Ouragan said to Orage who had her back turned against his.

“Yes. We keep doing this, the people continue to like the Falcon Family.”

“Can I have a picture with you.” A girl screamed from the crowd at Orage.

“Sure. Come on up.” Orage yelled back.

The girl came up and Orage wished she never looked into the girl’s eyes. The eyes were fiery red and orange, like The Elder Gods. In moments, images flashed by Orage’s mind of the burning screams of children melting in the fire of Hell. She saw people tortured, pulled limbs, decapitated bodies, broken spines, blinded puppies, everything that The Elder Gods would bring. Ouragan, Corvus, Rubrum, Tengah, and Cannibal all shared this image since they were connected.

Ouragan watch Orage fall and didn’t do anything.

“What happened? Did I do something wrong.” The girl asked.

“No no. She is fine. She just needs to rest.” Ouragan reassured her.

Ouragan pulled out his phone, an iPhone 200s, and touched something that said in bright red ALERT. “Get a vehicle, send an ambulance, and get the Private Defense company that takes care of this area to clear the streets. Alert the Falcon Defense Ops.” He put his phone back down and began to chant.

yawa segavas dna snomed eht peek

ecalp yloh dna aipotu eht morf yawa

modeerf dna gninrael fo ecalp eht

ssenepo dna ytilibisnes fo ecalp a

ymene lufrewop a morf taerht rednu si

su ot dnik eb su evas su tcetorp

su pleh

Ouragan’s eyes turned black and his skin turned grey. His hair turned white and a swarm of nanobots came upon his body and formed a suit around him. It looked a lot like Corvus’s; sharp, acute, and stealthy.

Orage woke up and began chanting what seemed to be a magical charm. Her hair turned white and her eyes became black and her skin was a deep grey. A similar looking suit formed around her body as the swarm of nanobots became more forceful and robust.

They began to roar and rip the surrounding air and street. The noise was deafening and the sky was black.

Then, utter silence. Not one whisper, breathe, or movement as the people looked on them. Out of sheer pride, the crowd cheered.

They were prepared to take on the most dangerous enemy. Or so they thought.

“Donovan.” Corvus spoke with authority while walking down the main street which featured the Falcon Industries tower behind him. Citizens were clearing out of his way and Corvus was on the phone. It was the center for financial and governmental affairs in the city. To the left was the Stock Exchange and to the right was the Defensive Operations Building (DOB).

He was wearing the black suit that is similar to the one he has worn the whole story. The common theme was sharp, acute, stealthy. However, Corvus’s suit seemed more elegant in comparison and less brutish.

“Yes Royal One.”

“What did I tell you about calling me Royal One?”

“Uhm sorry. Corvus.”

“I want every street closed, every Defense unit available, and I want to speak to Sicarius in person.” Corvus calmed himself and was less harsh.

“I will get everything done straight away.”

“AGH.” Corvus dropped his phone. He began to feel immense pain all over his body. It was like a pack of crows was tearing him limb from limb, eating him piece by piece, and leaving him to rot in the burning summer sun.

“You thought you could keep us away!” One of the female Elder Gods spoke.

“Yes. I did and you will never reach me.” Corvus was cocky.

“Ha Ha ha ha ha. No. You see, we are much more powerful than you may think.” And with that the pain disappeared immediately. In the midst of all the commotion that was happening inside his mind, Corvus did not notice that Rubrum, Sicarius, Tengah, Cannibal, Ouragan, and Orage were standing over him.

Sicarius, tall, lean, and powerful was staring at Corvus as if he was a weakling. Sicarius had red hair, brown eyes, and a condescending manner. He was wearing a regular black t-shirt and jeans.

“Please don’t tell me that’s who I think it was.” Ouragan was defiant and smart-*** in nature.

“This is not a joking matter.” Corvus replied.

“The youngest of this family defeated them all those years ago. What do you mean this isn’t a joking matter?” Ouragan, along with his sister, did defeat the Elder Gods themselves. Due to the fact that their creation was their mistake.


“Corvus stop.” Rubrum said sternly.

Corvus teleported and left a black shadow behind him. He took Sicarius with him.

“Look.” Cannibal pointed at the shadow that was left behind. It turned into a shape of the raven and then a falcon and then into a dragon.

“Oh no no no no. They got inside of him!” Tengah exclaimed..

“Where did he go?” Orage questioned as she looked for them mentally with multiple eyes.

In a flash, Sicarius was taken hostage by the neck and then thrown on top of the Falcon Tower. He landed back first and felt his spine crack in painful shards.

“Die creature!” Corvus jumped toward Sicarius, his face turned into a monster with 7 rows of sharp teeth and the absence of eyes was apparent. It had terribly long black nails and was growing bigger the longer it lived.

“**** you *sshole.” Sicarius pulled a gun from under him and shot Corvus dead center in the skull.

Corvus screamed and shrieked with such power the ground started to shake. Corvus, or whatever it was, began to punch and spew blood on the ground. 10 minutes of liquid red and horrendous screaming made Sicarius question whether he should kill himself instead of living to see the beast die. Then the thing detonated.

The real Corvus was lying there naked and incapacitated. He was covered in the blood and other green and blue liquids of the monster. Intestines here, a heart over there, and pieces of brain scattered across the rooftop. It was enough to make a person heave.

Orage, Ouragan, Tengah, and Cannibal arrived hovering overhead to see the gut-wrenching scene.

“I…….. I……. shouldn’t have underestimated them.” Ouragan said with regret.

Cannibal grabbed Ouragan by the neck and whispered, “Next time we tell you to listen, LISTEN.”

“Let him go.” Orage held a knife to Cannibal’s neck.

“Whoever you are holding hostage, let that person go. NOW.” Rubrum appeared in front of them and was extremely angry.

Each of them stood straight up like soldiers and were attentive to Rubrum.

“Now that you have witnessed what the Elder Gods are capable of, prepare yourselves. We have 24 hours before they arrive as they are still 48 galaxies away from us. Now leave my sight.”

“But what about Corvus?” Orage said.


“After that, my memory is vague. Cut off and broken. Almost as if someone didn’t want me to see what happened after.” Corvus reawakened everyone in the white abyss.

“However the last thing I remember is this.” Corvus pointed to a memory of him watching as everything burned. Orage’s vision came true. Crying children, decapitated bodies, murderous demons, bloody streets, and the Elder Gods walking among the chaos. Murdering everything and anything in their way.

The final thing that they saw was a memory were Corvus sent Tengah and Cannibal through a portal. Behind him, a door was being banged upon and once Tengah and Cannibal where through, the double doors crashed open. The Elder Gods entered the room and grabbed Corvus. They began to claw at him, tear him limb from limb. The agonizing pain lasted a whole hour as they left him there to rot and die.

However, his soul didn’t die and instead manifested its own survival.

“Wait, they attacked you. They aren’t going to attack the own worlds they created.” Kuai said to Corvus.

“No but they will get bored. Something tells me they have already been bored. Tell me, have you had to battle for the fate of worlds? A tournament perhaps?” Corvus questioned Kuai.

Everyone’s face went blank.

“They are already disinterested in this universe. Which means that without Corvus, we would have been dead soon.” Hanzo said.

Kenshi could silently tell there was an agreement among everyone to attack and defend against the Elder Gods.

“Your plan worked. We are convinced.” Kenshi spoke up for everyone. There were silent nods.

“Good. I am truly……. sorry……….” Corvus stopped. Another foretelling came to him. The same nightmare happening in Outworld.

Tengah and Cannibal reappeared and were astonished. Corvus was in extreme pain. He was enduring a mental attack.

“All of you, get to Outworld. NOW.” Cannibal said with the authority and power of a god.

“We will be there soon. Once we free some people.” Tengah said and with that everyone was in the plane of reality, hustling to defend Outworld from a living hell.

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