THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 11

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Author's Note

This is the eleventh chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the other chapters here plus The New World chapters at my Library.

Also, American Horror Story: Jungle coming this week so watch out for that.

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 11

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Kuai Liang woke up, feeling refreshed and had a sense of rejuvenation. His wounds from his beating with Raiden had finally healed and he felt that his bones and flesh were finally complete again and not electrified like they were a couple days ago. He scanned the room, or rather the little space.

The bed was in the inside of the metal shelf that was attached to the wall. To the left from Kuai was just a wall; however, it was a hidden screen hub that displayed info every morning of where Kuai needed to be. It spanned the corridor and could be used for many different things. Kuai got up, naked, and walked to the entrance of his sleeping quarters. He opened the door to the right to get to the bathroom and take a shower.

Kuai walked out the door in his normal assassin attire. However, there are a few modifications to his suit. He had more armor compared to before, his gauntlets were bigger, sharper, and colored black, and the whole thing was a contrast of dark blue and matte black.

‘Now that I am healed, I am getting tired of doing nothing.’ Kuai thought as he shut the door behind him. To the right was a dome shaped window that liked to show off the hover ships being built. To the left were the elevators. He got into an elevator and pressed a button that was taking him to the top-level of the underground base. Even though he has done what is now a morning routine so many times, he was surprised at how Special Forces was able to build a whole entire base under New York.

He got out of the elevator to a view of the central control room. He was standing in a raised level where he could see what was happening. In the 2nd floor Kuai was on, was a walkway which went along the right and left walls. There were 6 rooms, 3 on each side.There were rows of consoles with a main screen up ahead in the first floor and the people were in a frenzy. They were shouting, screaming, and running.

‘This is peculiar.’ Kuai thought. He had never seen the people so awake since most of them when he walked in were asleep.

“Hey,” Sonya said to Kuai making him turn, “Come check this out. It’s urgent.”

They both jogged into the 2nd room that was on the right. Inside were giant screens that were part of the walls. They had countless information on them and the whole room was a bright red, as if an alarm was on.

“What’s happening?” Kuai demanded as soon as he saw the scene. Jax, Vera, Jacqui, Johnny, Cassie, Kenshi, Takeda, Hanzo, and Kung Jin were all standing over a small device emitting a hologram. The room was empty and Kano and Tremor were out in the hangar bay helping people build the hover ships. Ever since Sonya gave him a beating, Kano has been surprisingly civilized.

“Where’s Kano? Are you still torturing him?” Johnny asked sarcastically.

“No, but he isn’t acting like a rabid dog ever since I smashed his d*ck with a sledgehammer.” Sonya replied playfully.

“I thought you said light torture.” Cassie commented.

“Do you even care? Besides, I thought it would be nice for one of the people who have brought me suffering in my life to suffer at least once. I just happened to have a sledgehammer.”

“If you people are done with your playful banter, I would like to know what is happening.” Kuai interrupted the conversation.

Sonya grabbed the small device and put it in front of Kuai. As she was holding it, Kuai saw something that amazed him, surprised him, and scared him. What he saw were exact copies of each MK warrior terrorizing NYC.

“Well what are we doing still standing here?” Kuai asked. He was desperate to kick some ass.

“Well, this is a previous recording. We managed to capture every single one of them.” Jacqui said before letting Jax continue the statement.

“Except for fire and ice. You two are still up there terrorizing NYC streets. Specifically, anything south of Greenwich and East Village.” Jax finished pointing at both Hanzo and Kuai.

“They just moved on further south into Tribeca.” Kenshi said as he was looking at a map on the wall. Wait. Looking?

“Hey aren’t you blind?” Vera asked.

“Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have telepathy. His mind can tell him anything he can’t see.” Takeda answered for his dad.

“So you can see.” Kung Jin chimed in.

“Technically, no since I don’t have eyes but yes. I can see things other people see and more than normal.” Kenshi responded.

“Ok. So, I think the mission is pretty simple. Destroy your duplicates. Go.” Sonya ordered Hanzo and Kuai. They both ran out.

“Are you sure they can destroy them. I mean, we had to send out 200 assassins in order to take out each one. I am glad we had the manpower and that they all came out alive.” Cassie said to Kung Jin.

“Those two are mortal but have powers of gods.” Kung Jin replied.

Hanzo and Kuai got to the surface through the secret exit at One WTC. They emerged from the ground and some people saw them. They were surprised and started to back away, some even run. The One WTC still had a pillar in it due to Tremor, however the slight glass and debris that was on the floor was cleaned up.

“Cassie, where’s the fakes?” Hanzo demanded over his comms.

“They are in Tribeca. They are moving closer to the WTC, get to another location.” She responded.

“We will try to get to Battery Park.” Kuai said.

They started running and they jumped on the roof of one building. They started to hustle across the rooftops toward Battery Park and the bay, where there were less people in case a giant fight broke out.

“Stop!!!” Cassie shouted.

“Why?” Kuai asked.

“Because they are no longer following you. They are heading back toward Central Park. I don't think they are interested in you as much as they are interested in murdering people.” Cassie updated them on the situation.

All of a sudden they heard a big boom. The ground shook beneath them and they saw a big fireball out in the distance.

“That explosion was near Times Square. On 46th and 8th.”

“That’s it.” Hanzo grabbed Kuai’s arm and as flames engulfed Kuai, he felt immense pain. But then it stopped and they were in Times Square.

“Don’t do that to me without warning. You know that hurts everyone except you.” Kuai yelled at Hanzo.

“It would be nice if you could shut up and focus on the fact that cars are flying all different directions in front of you.” Indeed they were. Behind them was the staircase and in front of them was total anarchy. People running and screaming with their children and people looking from the windows wondering what was going on. It reminded Hanzo of the day his family and clan were killed.

In an instant, 2 people were charging head on toward them. They were like Hanzo and Kuai but their skin was greyed out and their eyes were red. They got closer and closer. Hanzo and Kuai took a blocking stance since they knew what was going to happen.

In less than a second, Kuai and Hanzo felt immense pain in their arms. They felt the pressure of the hit slowly envelop them as it sent them flying back into the concrete behind them. These copies were certainly powerful, and they were not playing.

“See, I told you they would be weak.” Dark Hanzo spoke up and faced Kuai.

“You were right. This is going to be fun.” Dark Kuai responded before cracking his neck.

Hanzo and Kuai stood up quickly. Hanzo teleported behind Dark Kuai, grabbed his neck, and flung his head into the concrete behind him. Kuai slid on a path of ice and sliced Dark Hanzo with ice daggers.

“I thought this would be easy.” Dark Hanzo spoke up.

“It obviously wasn’t dumbass.”

The Dark ones retaliated and soon the whole square was enveloped in flames. Ice shards stuck out of the floor and Hanzo and Kuai fell into the sharp sting of the ice. They were soon covered in flames as they reached their paralyzed victims. Kuai shielded himself in ice while Hanzo didn’t do anything but lay there motionless. He focused on the pain he was feeling with the shards stuck in his back. They felt like poison, slowly seeping through his body leaving him motionless and bleeding to death. He felt every single drop of blood fall onto the ground as the shards began to pass through his back and into his heart and organs.

“THAT’S ENOUGH.” Scorpion uttered those words.

Scorpion jumped up into the air and landed on Dark Scorpion. He then repeatedly stabbed him with his kunai. It made a beautiful sound as it hacked into the body of his victim. The kunai spewed blood everywhere which delighted Scorpion and made him shank harder.

Sub-Zero also joined in as ice daggers flew out of the air and into his opponent. He formed and ice sword and sliced his victim. He continued until the skin was about to give up and let everything spill out like delicious tomato paste.

The Dark Scorpion and Sub-Zero punched both of them off. Dark Scorpion began to try and burn Sub-Zero but to no avail as he soon found himself in his grip. Scorpion also grabbed the other Dark opponent by the center of the body and began to squeeze the life out of him.

Dozens of people were running, screaming at the horror happening in front of them. Both Scorpion and Sub-Zero lost their grip and soon Town Square became an icy and fiery hell. Many people got in the way and either paid by becoming crispy bacon or got freezed to death.

They continued battling to the death. There was no clear winner and because both pairs are equally powerful. They continued charging at each other with flames and ice. By the time there were 200 corpses in Town Square, the Dark ones were bloody, purple, and tired.

The next thing Scorpion did was perhaps the most cruel. He began to slowly burn Dark Kuai in flames starting with minimal heat and cranking it up to blistering. You could see his skin slowly start to blister and crackle before melting leaving exposed flesh and bone. Scorpion then began to punch the piece of meat that was on the ground. Dark Kuai screamed horribly until Scorpion stopped. He was left there suffering in pain with flesh out to the wind. After all, the Dark ones couldn’t die.

Sub-Zero also did a very cruel thing. He threw ice daggers into Dark Scorpion’s chest and made them slowly get bigger and bigger. It paralyzed his opponent leaving him helpless and at mercy. The ice turned red with color and blood starting spurting out like a sprinkler. Sub-Zero then grabbed and started to skin his opponent. Once he was done, he left what should have been a corpse on the ground.

By the time the police showed up, it was no use. 250 corpses laid there on the ground as they began to rot and smell. There were lakes and puddles of blood everywhere. In the middle was Scorpion and Kuai along with the Dark ones suffering at their feet.

“Hey stop…….” A cop yelled out holding a gun aiming at Scorpion. He couldn't speak after he saw what was a flaming skull.

“I’m sorry…. I… I.” The cop was shut up. Scorpion threw a kunai into his skull.

“Hanzo Stop.” Kuai spoke up grabbing his arm.

Hanzo came too and realized what he had done. He felt immediately guilty after.

Kuai saw this. “We both got carried away.”

Hanzo grabbed his arm and the corpses as they teleported back into the room they left 5 hours ago. In there, everyone was standing looking at the footage with their mouth open. They didn’t realize who was there.

“Ahem.” Hanzo coughed.

They all turned slowly. They were afraid.

“Guys. Guys,” Jacqui yelled as she ran into the room, “Raiden’s awake. He is out the coma and he has something…… well let’s just say really awful to tell you all.”

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Moar Raiden is needed.

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I can't get enough of these. Starting on chapter 12 now.