THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 10 (1 month Anniversary Launch)

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Author's Note

Sorry about the 2 week wait for those who read this story. But I am back. I will continue to try and post every weekend. I hope you all enjoy this chapter.

I would like to mention that I am starting to work on more stories. I am re-doing The New World into a different story. I want to combine it with something that has been on the back-burner. I think it would make it better.

For my readers, you are about to see my library start expanding. I am going to do some new stories. The New Empire (New World Replacement), Drive, and Archer (The Arrested Development James Bond Show Fanfic. Yes I am doing that). These will all be a part of the universe I am trying to create. Library:


Chapter 10

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“Where’s Sindel?” Jade asked realizing she wasn’t there with them in Outworld. Kitana and Jade, just turned back alive, were still by the gates. They didn’t want to go into the palace. Kitana looked around. She didn’t see her mother anywhere.

“I think you are missing a person.” Tengah spoke up to Corvus. They were both sitting down across from each other communicating mentally and meditating.

“And it has only been 5 hours.” Corvus replied.

“Where do you think she would be?” Corvus yelled down the stairs to Kitana who was standing by the gates.

“I don’t f*cking know. She probably stayed in the Netherrealm.” Kitana yelled back.

‘Why would she……. oh whatever. Sitting here is not going to get us anywhere.’ Corvus thought. He opened a portal back to the Heaven mid-way between the bottom and top steps.

“I am going with you. She is my mother after all.” Kitana said placing her hand on Corvus’s shoulder. “Especially in the Netherrealm.”

“Oh she isn’t in Netherrealm. She’s in heaven and I want to find out why.” Corvus replied.

“What. Why would she be there?” Kitana asked.

“That’s exactly what I want to know.” Corvus said before stepping through.

‘This one is tired of being here.’ D’vorah thought. She was still in that stupid dungeon.

‘This one craves revenge.’ She began to look at her creation. A mutated hornets nest.

“Why can’t I release them now?” She asked the person right next to her.

“Don’t you want to kill every single one of them? I thought you did. Oh well, expect to face some resistance from Tengah or for that matter Corvus.” Cannibal responded. Cannibal, like Tengah and Corvus, is intelligent, vindictive, and has extreme powers. His sister, Tengah, locked him up and forgot about him.

He had purple hair, like his sister. His eyes were fiery red. He was muscular and is possibly more pretty than his sister. The stars of Outworld. However, he had scars and burns on many parts of his body. He was wearing a bright white cloak, opposite to his sister.

“You don’t know anything. This one is suspicious of your powers.” D’vorah responded.

“You have seen what Tengah can do to you. Now if you want to kill and escape this dreaded place………” Cannibal looked around. This place was making him more insane.

“Oh forget it. They don’t even know I am not in my cell. Time to kill the b*tch who locked me in here.” Cannibal broke through the steel door.

Tengah was walking in the hallway. Back toward her room.

‘I'M BACK.’ Tengah collapsed on the floor. She felt intense pain all over her body.

‘No. No… You don’t exist. I locked you. I saw you die.’

‘I can take many forms. You always were the stupid one.’ Tengah began feeling intense pressure in her head.

“No. NO. NO. I SAW YOU DIE. YOU WERE ONE OF THE PAST DEMONS THAT DIED. There is no way you are alive.” Tengah screamed.

“Oh oh oh. But you're wrong. I am the brother that you locked up. I am the one that you abandoned. But that doesn’t matter. Like you said, I am a past demon, one that should have never come to fruition.” Cannibal was right next to her. Lying on the ground, looking past the pillars to the left and at the sunset. Like nothing was happening.

“One that should have never been born. One that should have been aborted as soon as it came out. Can you imagine? Murdering me as a small little tiny baby?”

“You are insane and sick.” Tengah teleported into a different position and kicked him in the face.

“No. You were the one who locked me up. You were the one who tried to kill me as an infant. Drown me…… Starve me…… You have even stooped so low as to try to kill Mom and Dad in order to get to me.”

“I DIDN’T INTEND TO DO THAT” Tengah screamed.

“YES YOU DID. You were waiting for your chance and you succeeded. You killed Mom and Dad and for what? You didn’t kill me. No, your rich and powerful prince charming was walking one day, and what did you do? You locked me up as soon as you had the chance.” Cannibal said.

“Please. I was lost. I couldn’t control myself.” Tengah was crying. “It was a mistake to lock you in prison. I just couldn’t handle it.”

“Ha… ha… ha… hahahahhahahahahaha.” Cannibal was hysterical. “You never thought it was a mistake. You always thought it was the best decision. I can’t wait to eat your bloody corpse.”

Tengah was in her own horror story. She ran as fast as she could. She ran toward the entrance. She wanted to get away.

Tengah got to the entrance. The countless pillars except for a pathway in the middle. Her way out.

“You can’t run. You can’t hide.” Cannibal was somewhere in there. “I will always find you. So will D’vorah once she’s finished.”

Kotal and his guards ran to Tengah’s side. He was ready to fight.

“Oh, look. Prince charming. What a cliche.” Cannibal said.

Jade was knocked back by the mutated hornets. She kept trying to reach D’vorah and shove her staff through her chest but the hornets would keep chasing her. The cover Smoke was providing wasn’t helping, Liu Kang’s fire didn’t seem to burn them, Kung Lao’s hat wasn’t even cutting them either. They were currently in the historical room of the palace. It was huge and there were 12, 4 story high statues.

“Where’s Sindel so she can destroy these things with sound? I swear, when you need her, she is never there. Just like how it was in Edenia.” Jade spoke up before dodging an acid blast from the cloud of mutated hornets. “Great. They shoot acid.”

Liu Kang ran and kicked D’vorah in the face. He then bicycled kicked her while she was dazed and did an uppercut to the jaw. D’vorah flew into the air. She could smell the sour scent of blood in her nose. Kung Lao threw his hat. It did a clean cut through the chest before she fell. She tasted the blood now. It was pouring out of her mouth and eyes.

D’vorah fought back despite what happened. She retaliated and stabbed her opponents with her pincers. The pincers made a schlop sound when they repeatedly stabbed. She then clawed them straight in the face and through their clothes. Her nails were full of skin and flesh. She grabbed both of them and threw them into one of the statues.

“Hey b*tch. Remember me.” Jade swung her staff into D’vorah's side, sending her flying across the ground. D’vorah felt her organs swelling profusely and bleeding inside. When she got back up Smoke scissor kicked her in the face before he did a German Supplex. D’vorah became paralyzed as her neck cracked into tiny pieces. She felt the veins in her neck start to bleed as the pieces started piercing the blood vessels.

“Stop it D’vorah. You know you can’t win.” Jade said sternly. She was still in her fighting stance, keeping distance from her.

What D’vorah did next was horrifying. She gathered her hornets and they began to heal her. They all slowly saw as they penetrated through her skin and began moving around inside her. Pieces of bone were moving, blood vessels healing, and organs being resituated into their rightful place. All the while she just layed there like it was nothing.

“I can heal. But can you?” D’vorah said before she jumped up. She sent her hornets to sting her victims to death.

“Is running a good option?” Liu Kang asked rhetorically.

“No sh*t.” Smoke responded.

They ended up fleeing toward the entrance just like Tengah was a few moments ago.

Tengah was still trying to escape. Her brother was blocking it.

“How does it feel to be terrorized? To be shadowed. How does it feel to be helpless?” Cannibal was standing before them.

‘Kotal, don’t make a move until I tell you to.’ Tengah thought.

‘He is going to hurt you.’ Kotal responded.

“Look, I am sorry and I regret what I have done in the past. I want to fix things. This guy, Corvus, he can help me, help us, get our powers under control.” Tengah spoke.

“NO. You have never regretted any decisions. You have never felt sorry. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have locked me in that cell. You would have remembered me. But you didn’t. You never did.”

“I HAVE CHANGED. At least let me prove it to you.” Tengah pleaded.

“Too little too late.” Before she realized, her brother’s fist was around her. His thumb was through her esophagus. In her last moments, she saw Kotal stab his knife through her brother’s skull.

Cannibal let go. The moment seemed to last forever, in time and space. They both collapsed right next to each other on the ground. Before they left for heaven, they grabbed each other’s hands and they looked and said, “I forgive you.”

Corvus was in the middle of the city. Sneaking toward the palace of The Elder Gods. He was on the roof of a skyscraper. He was amazed with how they covered up Hell so brilliantly.

That was before he collapsed on the ground. He was shaking.

“What happened? Are you ok?” Kitana who was by his side asked.

“They are dead.” Corvus spoke up. He was sobbing silently. Not lifting his head.


“THEY ARE DEAD. The only family that I had left are dead and now their souls are going to be somewhere here. I need to get them back. Who knows what The Elder Gods will do to them.” Corvus said.

“I don’t think that is going to be possible.” It was Sindel. She appeared behind them

“Mother. Where were you? We were looking everywhere in this wretched place.” Kitana was relieved.

“Well I stepped through the portal and I ended up in a jail cell in the palace up there.” Sindel pointed to a giant skyscraper that was the tallest out of all the buildings.

“I managed to escape before The Elder Gods got to me. I can’t believe they torture people here. If I hadn’t been able to… I wouldn’t be alive and talking right now.”

“That bad? How is that possible? Aren’t the Elder Gods the light? How could they?” Kitana was still struggling with the notion.

“You have to see that this universe is just a giant illusion. It isn’t real. In the original true universe, The Elder Gods were an experiment. They were beings of destruction and tyranny. War weapons. They could transform into anything they pleased.”

“They were tired of the experiments and torture so they broke out. Turned some people and themselves against the Occasionem Empire. They blamed the Empire for their suffering when we had nothing to do with it.”

“Then who did had something to do with it?” Sindel asked, intrigued.

“The same one who made a copy of your daughter. In the flesh pits I believe. There was also another one. They… sorcerer?”

“Shang Tsung and Quan Chi.” Kitana said.

“In a past life.” Corvus responded.

“SO Surprising.” Kitana said sarcastically.

“We have to move. I need to go save Tengah and Cannibal.” Corvus said motioning them to start running and jumping.

“Your family?” Sindel wondered out loud.

“Adopted family.”

Jade, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Smoke were running. They got to the entrance and saw two bodies, laying on the ground. Kotal was standing over them.

“Did you kill them?” Jade asked. “DID YOU KILL THEM?”

“No. He murdered his sister. I just murdered him.” Kotal responded.

D'vorah ran toward Kotal. She was ready to kill him. Kotal flung his knife straight through D’vorah’s skull. He was angry. While the corpse flew backwards, Kotal grabbed a leg and began banging it against the ground. Body pieces were coming off and flying in the air. There was blood sprinkling like a hose. It was like a children's toy being destroyed.