THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 9

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Author's Note

This is the ninth chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the other chapters here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 9

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“Wait what?” Sonya was shocked to hear what her daughter said over the phone. She was near the window in front of her, holding Kano’s wrists along with the handcuffs. The steaming pile of rotting corpses, blood, and vomit began to make their appearance. She looked behind her to see the same pillar that Tremor used to crush the stupid politicians. She then looked down to see that the pillar came in diagonally as she could see the base of it enter the One World Trade Center from below.

“Yes. Mom we are under New York. Don’t believe me? Ask Kenshi.” Cassie responded.

‘More secrets Special Forces kept from us. Ehhh. Why should I be surprised. A base under New York seems feasible in 2051 especially with the US Government's projects.’ Sonya thought.

“Kenshi, where is your son?” Sonya shouted behind her.

“That’s what I was about to ask. I sense him under the city.” Kenshi shouted back. He was meditating in another part of the One WTC observatory. Because his son was telepathic, Kenshi could sense where his son was and whether he was in danger when his son is within the realm.

“Ok. Now I believe you. So how do I get there?” Sonya asked.

“Uhm. Oh yeah. When I and my friends got here we explored a bit. There should be an accessway somewhere on the first floor of the One WTC. I am not sure where specifically though since I just saw the accessway and didn’t exactly pay attention to where.” Cassie explained.

“So when can I start tearing some heads?” Kano asked trying to be annoying. Sonya grabbed his face and threw him on the ground. The back of his head bounced off like a basketball and he was unconscious.

“What was that?” Johnny asked as he walked up to Sonya.

“His head is extremely bouncy.” Sonya spoke as she pointed to Kano who was now slightly unconscious. She had a slight smirk on her face.

“Let me guess, Kano?” Cassie said over the phone.

“Yes. Our ETA will be 25 minutes and 40 max.” Sonya responded before she hanged up.

“You know he needs to be alive for the time being which means don’t kill him.” Johnny said as Sonya put her phone in her pocket.

“Yes I know. Doesn’t mean he can’t be near death in fighting condition.”

“Fuck you.” Kano spoke up. Sonya pressed the heel of her boot into Kano’s chest.

“What was that?” Sonya asked pressing harder into Kano’s sternum.


“Tell them to get ready and find some clothes that will make us incognito.” Sonya ordered Johnny. She realized that it was about to be daytime and that the cops were possibly getting closer to the floor that they were on.

“Where are we going to get clothes?” Johnny asked. Sonya lifted her head in the direction of the pillar where there were crushed up dead bodies, blood, and vomit.

“Hell no. No No No NO. I have done some messed up shit for the good of humanity and this pushes it.”

“Well unless you want a hole in your sternum, like man-wh*re *sshole here, find some clothes with no obvious blood stains and put them on.” Sonya responded.

“Are we ready?” Tomas asked Corvus once he noticed that Corvus was making pieces out of thin air.

“And what are those for?” Kitana asked.

“These pieces are graphene. Do you know what that is?” Corvus spoke to Kitana as he continued looking at the pieces in front of him.

“I have heard of the material.”

“Graphene is an excellent material. It is extremely conductive both thermally and electrically. It is also extremely flexible. My suit is made out of the material.” Corvus said banging his hand against his suit.

“Graphene is also extremely strong. This suit is impenetrable to bullets and knives. Graphene is extremely thin and even when it is 1 atom thick it is very strong. Stacked together layer upon layer, it is super strong. It’s also transparent but through some advanced technology I was able to give it a black color.” Corvus finished as he regained focus on the pieces he was creating.

“Now these pieces should form a,” Corvus paused as he put them together to make an amulet, “falcon.”

“Why a falcon?” Liu joined in on the conversation as he leaned against the wall looking at what Corvus just created.

“It is the true symbol of Kombat. Not that ridiculous dragon thing that The Elder Gods decided to make ever so symbolic.” Corvus responded as the amulet dropped into his hand.

“I am still having trouble wrapping my head around this. It seems impossible but judging by how you created a material out of thin air I guess it isn’t. How is there a original universe? How did the Elder Gods create such an elaborate idea? Or let me simplify it into one question. What f*cking happened?” Jade ranted.

“I will tell you in Outworld. Now that I am ready and I assume everyone is, let’s get the f*ck out of this hellish place.” Corvus said as he pointed the amulet into an empty space. It formed a portal into the Outworld Palace front entrance steps.

Kitana looked around one last time at the throne room that they were in. They have stayed there and been there since Corvus arrived due to the fear of traveling the palace. ‘I am certainly not going to miss this. I hope for a better future and fate for all these people. Hopefully, everyone can heal.’ She thought before she stepped through.

“I still can’t believe I am wearing this.” Jax said as he put a suit jacket over the white shirt that was stained yellow and red everywhere except the middle. “This smells like sh*t.”

“Just deal with it.” Sonya said as she emerged from the observatory room that had the pillar into the main entrance in a red dress that was actually the color of blood. Her hair wasn’t in a ponytail and was let down to give a more classy look.


“Sh*t. They are here.” Kenshi said as he put on sunglasses so that his eyes didn’t show that he was technically blind.

“I am glad I am Tremor. I can find where we are going just by traveling through the ground.” Tremor spoke up.

“Shut up *sshole. You ruined our only chance to stop a war altogether. Go f*ck yourself.” Vera responded as she emerged in a black dress that was surprisingly not stained with blood. Tremor went into the other room and disappeared into the pillar which then rapidly came down. The bodies fell with a thud and the smell became more intense.

“Is everyone ready?” Sonya asked to see everyone’s nods. “I can’t believe I actually have to be a damsel in distress. Not the brightest light in my dignity.”

“PLEASE HELP US!!!!!” Vera screamed looking down at the ground trying to sound as helpless as possible with her hand on her hip.

The police knocked down the door and began to search the area. They asked for the names of them and told them to go downstairs. Johnny, Jax, Vera, Sonya, and Kenshi hurried down the hallway where the stairs were and they began to descend.

“Let’s get out of here before they begin to ask us questions.” Jax spoke up as they all ran down as fast as they could.

“They are here.” Tengah said as she opened her eyes so that Kotal would notice. She was sitting on the stairs watching the market in front of the gates. She then saw a portal emerge in front of her.

“Ugh. Home sweet f*ck this place.” Kitana said as she saw her previous home.

“I feel the same way.” Jade said remembering the horrendous things that have happened in Outworld. They both went down the stairs and stood by the gates for some shade.

“Nice to finally meet you.” Corvus spoke to Tengah as he emerged and continued walking up to Kotal Kahn. “Be glad I am helping you. You have done some f*cked up sh*t in the past.” Corvus said to Kotal.

“I have done some very bad things but only because I am always looking out for the citizens of Outworld.” Kotal responded. Corvus continued walking into the palace. He stood up against the pillars and began playing around with his powers.

Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Smoke emerged from the portal quietly. Tengah noticed them and welcomed them. Kotal was a bit ecstatic about Kung Lao and Liu Kang.

“Honorable warriors. It is an honor to have you in Outworld.” Kotal bowed before both of them while Tomas, Smoke, stood beside Tengah and enjoyed the view with her.

“Don’t bow down. It makes you look weak.” Tengah shouted to Kotal. Kotal immediately stood up. For Tengah, it was a test of Kotal’s loyalty. She did this occasionally to see how stupidly loyal he was because of her beauty.

‘I have this m*therf*cker in the palm of my hand. Men are idiots. They believe in true love while the realistic women take advantage of them. By enamoring Kotal in my beauty, I was able to get to Corvus who will teach me how to control the darkness.’ Tengah thought.

Corvus was a little surprised at those thoughts. Tengah wasn’t truly the nice innocent person she made it out to be. ‘She is a stone cold b*tch. Just like me.’ He thought.

Jax hurried down and pushed the doors to the first floor of the One WTC. He was tired from all the flights of stairs he ran down. He put his hands on his knees and rested. The others did the same.

“Wow you guys are winded.” It was Cassie. She was wearing a hoodie and jeans.

“You know I could have found the access point.” Sonya spoke up after she finally stood up fully.

“You oldies are panting from what you just did. I am pretty sure you guys would have fallen asleep. Well, at least I know dad would have.” Jacqui spoke up. She was also wearing a hoodie and jeans. Cassie and Jacqui did not want to attract attention.

“Since when have I ever fallen asleep after a long day's work?” Jax asked jokingly.

“Since always. I know the man I married.” Vera chimed in.

“If you are all done with the reunion, let’s go ahead and get back to safety. Also, you 5 smell like shit.” Cassie pointed at them and walked along. She walked outside into the memorial park of the WTC. The mood suddenly became very solemn and quiet.

“I can sense all the souls that screamed long ago. It sickens me that people could do this.” Kenshi finally spoke up.

“Well, it sickens you but we do the same things on a minor scale every day. I mean, look what Mom did to Kano or the situation we are in. We have to face a battle against entire armies in Outworld and not from Outworld themselves but from our own realm.” Cassie responded. She looked at the pillar Tremor stuck into the building. It sickened her because it seemed Tremor had no respect for history and didn’t seem to care.

“Where is Kano?” Johnny asked.

“Tremor took him. Don’t ask me how he is getting flesh through rock, probably some stupid magical thing.” Sonya said.

“The entrance is next to the transportation hub.” Cassie said motioning them to run.

They waited for people to disappear. Cassie then put her hand on the tile. It recognized her hand print and a hole opened in the floor.

“Just jump in and it will carry you to the central room of the base.” Jacqui said looking at the hole.

“I don’t trust you two for some reason.” Kenshi said.

“Yet you trust us two mentally. Just jump in.” Jacqui pushed Kenshi into the hole. They all went in one by one. Cassie had one last look at the two pools. She wanted to cry because so many people died but she had to stay strong. After all, many people can die with what's awaiting her in the future. She jumped and the floor closed, just before people began swarming the area again.

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Great read man. Can't wait for next chapter. Keep up the good work.