THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 8

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Author's Note

This is the eighth chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the other chapters here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 8

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"The New World Trade Center is the headquarters of the Black Dragon. I can help you get passed its security defenses." Tremor told them.

"Why would you be helping us? Aren't you part of the Black Dragon?" Jax asked.

"You seriously think I am a part of dysfunctional clan anymore? I am not. I want to rid New York of Kano's presence." Tremor responded.

"We are not killing him... yet. We need him and his clan's help." Vera said.

"Why do you need a doltish person to help you?"

“It’s complicated.” Kenshi responded.

“Fine. But I get to kill Kano after.” Tremor stated before he disappeared into the ground.

“Sonya. We found him.” Johnny spoke over his phone as they walked back to the car.

“Tremor is willing to show us the Black Dragon front door.” Johnny said as he got into the front passenger seat.

“Where is the front door?” Sonya asked.

“The New World Trade Center.”

“That’s just great for obvious reasons.” Sonya replied sarcastically.

“I never expected Location Alpha SR to be under New York. How in the world did you do this?” Kung Jin asked Hanzo as they approached the city. Cassie began lowering the hover ship into the water.

“The United States government has no problems providing the funds for anything. The Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei have always been partners with Special Forces. Anything that we financially required, they would pay for.” Hanzo answered.

“Did that include a secret underground base?” Cassie asked.

“Yes. 26 years ago, Special Forces decided to start construction. It was intended as a base of operations in case an attack from Outworld ever happened again. It was basically an emergency project. The United Nations was scared after the war.”

“However, they had other problems to deal with. So they decided to leave Kuai Liang and me in charge of the construction. At the time, we didn’t exactly get along and construction was slow because of it. Until about 6 years ago when Kuai proved that he didn't kill my original clan and family, did the construction finally speed up and finish.” Hanzo replied.

“As you head toward the Hudson, go underwater. We don’t want anyone to see us.” Takeda said.

“So you knew the whole time.” Jacqui spoke to Takeda.

“Yes. I am part of the Shirai Ryu after all.”

“So why are we going here? Shouldn’t we go to Outworld to prepare for the fight?” Cassie asked.

“There is a man made portal in the base that will take us there. Also, we need time to heal up and rest. I bought us a couple weeks when I destroyed most of Special Forces equipment.”

‘So that’s where they are going.’ Corvus thought once he saw the conversation. ‘Should I go there and meet up with them or should I go to Outworld and stay there. Eenie meenie miney moe.’

Corvus was in the throne room of Shinnok's palace, meditating. It was when he could organize his thoughts and control his emotions. When his emotions run frantically, Corvus begins to lose control of his powers. Corvus wanted to leave Netherrealm so bad. He was tired of the constant volcanic fumes and earthquakes.

‘I would go to Outworld. Unlike Hanzo and the rest of them, Kotal knows who you are thanks to me.’ Tengah spoke to Corvus telepathically.

‘So you were the one spying on me.’ Corvus replied.

“Yes and to be honest, I am not exactly very fond of the fact that you decided to consume the darkness. But oh well, at least you can control it and not let it control you.” Tengah thought.

‘You must be extremely powerful if you can communicate between realms. That power is a gift.’

‘In my opinion, it’s a curse.’

‘You mean in your case. Cause in my case I wouldn’t have clawed the skin on my face off all because you couldn't handle the amount of hatred, jealousy, and anger.’ Corvus thought. He was testing this person.

‘Are you trying to piss me off? That won’t work.’ Tengah questioned.

‘Good. You can control your emotions. That’s enough for me to know that you can handle that type of power.’

‘So how are you going to convince the top warriors of Mortal Kombat to fight against The Elder Gods?’ Tengah asked.

‘I have my methods. If I show and prove to them that their suffering was carefully orchestrated at The Elder Gods hands, they will surely revolt. Especially the ones with motive. The ones with a burning desire for revenge. If that doesn’t convince them to fight against the evil, then I don’t know what will.’ Corvus explained to Tengah.

‘Different sides of a coin. What you have to do is look at yourself before you consider who is evil one.’ Tengah replied.

‘You honestly think I am the evil one?’

‘I am starting to side toward that. When you appeared in this universe, I saw hope that things would be better for the lives of many. Now, I am not so sure.’ Tengah said.

‘You are afraid of the darkness. You have to understand, I am using it as a tool for good and not a tool for evil.’ Corvus replied.

‘The darkness is evil. There is no possibility in this universe that evil can be used for good.’

‘That’s where you are wrong and I will prove it to you when I get to Outworld. Nice chat but I have to go.’ Corvus said before closing the connection.

“We are going to Outworld.” He said to Smoke, Tomas Vrbada, as he began to pace back and forth in the throne room. Tomas was sitting in his old chair.

“You are a man who seeks revenge.” Tomas said to Corvus.

“No. I seek their deaths.”

“Except this time, they murdered your entire family and empire. You are another Hanzo Hasashi.” Tomas spoke.

Corvus didn’t have a response. Sure he was looking for the deaths of The Elder Gods like always, but it wasn’t any different than before in the original universe. At least, that’s the way Corvus liked to think of it.

“Revenge is something you don’t want to chase. It will consume you and betray you when it can.”

“Seeking the death of someone you have always hated is different than seeking the death of someone who killed your family.” Corvus said before he disappeared.

“They are coming. The revenants plus this new person will help.” Tengah said to Kotal. They were in the entrance of the palace. They were overlooking the Outworld marketplace which was divided by a giant metal door and many steps that led up to the palace. Behind them, the entrance was filled with 4 rows of pillars.

“You still have not told me what made you react so violently against yourself.” Kotal said remembering that yesterday Tengah said that she would tell him at nightfall. It has been a day and there was about to be another nightfall.

“This other person, Corvus, is using the darkness as his tool. The darkness is filled with hatred, anger, and jealousy. Those emotions can make me a little insane.” Tengah began to explain.

“The closer the darkness gets to me, the more savage I become. However, since I have had experience with it before, I can control my temptations to a certain degree. Once I reach my breaking point… well let’s just say that this whole city would be on fire by now. Which is why I want to see Corvus badly. If he can teach me how to use it as my own tool and not let it control me, I will be very happy.”

“Glad you could make it. I almost thought you were going to bail.” Johnny said to Sonya. Sonya parachuted from the hover ship just moments ago and landed on the roof of the One World Trade Center. They were all hanging off the spire at the top.

Kenshi was telepathic. He could tell who was where based on thoughts and could also tell where they would be in the future. He was sensing for Kano’s mind to figure out where he would be going.

“So what are you going to do? Hold Kano at gunpoint and hope he says the right thing or else you will blow his head to bits.” Vera asked Sonya.

“Yeah. That sounds like a good plan.” Sonya responded.

“I agree. I hope he just says the wrong thing.” Jax chimed in as he pulled out a cigar and lighted it.

‘Another great day. 10,000 pounds of cocaine sold, 60 crates of military weapons sold for 9 million, and now I get to threaten some politicians.’ Kano thought as he walked into an elevator. He was heading up to his apartment to prepare for a special occasion. He was in the elevator by himself, completely unaware of the fact that he is about to have the decision of living or dying in the hands of Sonya.

‘These 6 months have been great ever since I escaped prison.’ Kano began to remember when he was taken away after Sonya almost choked the life out of him. He was condemned to prison for life. All of that happened just a year ago.

“There better not be a problem.” Kano said as he answered his phone.

“They have some concerns about security.” Kano’s assistant spoke in a calm manner. She was never afraid of Kano.

“I don’t care about their concerns. Tell them to remember who can put a bullet through their heads and make sure they are at the observatory by 12 tonight.” Kano replied.

“As you wish.” She said before Kano hanged up.

“He will be at the observatory by midnight tonight.” Kano finally spoke.

“Good. That’s in 15 minutes.” Sonya said as she jumped near the side of the building. She grappled into the Main Observatory and broke the window. The others did the same thing.

“Did you people ever learn the art of subtlety?” Tremor asked as he suddenly came flying through the hole where the glass was.

“Where did you come from?” Vera asked. Tremor pointed to the Two World Trade Center roof.

“All I needed was a running start.” Tremor replied.

“He will be in the Sky Portal.” Kenshi said. The Sky Portal in the One World Trade Center was an area that you stepped into and the floor was covered in HD TVs. It gave you a view of New York below in real time.

“Good,” Sonya said, “Let’s hide.”

“Welcome to the One World Observatory.” Kano said to the people coming in. The people were important politicians from the countries of the world.

“As you may know already, Special Forces has had a certain setback. Why hasn’t Outworld been invaded yet?” Kano said as he began to grab his gun that was hidden in his suit.

“With all due respect, we can’t get all those weapons reproduced immediately. Its going to take weeks.” One of the politicians responded.

“I expect my investments to go well. The deal was that you guys push for an order to attack Outworld and I would fund the troops as long as I got my hands on some special top-secret military weapons.” Kano said.

“You think that you can call us up here for useless reasons? What happened to the money you promised would come out of investing in the Black Dragons?” An old politician spoke up. He continued to talking and that was making Kano angry.

“Corrupt politicians not just from the U.S. but from everywhere in the world. Well, at least I get to kill him.” Jax said to Johnny as they were hidden underneath the floorboard surrounding the TV’s. They were built for easy access in case one of the televisions needed to be fixed.

“That was overly optimistic.” Johnny responded.

“What makes you think you can threaten us?” The old politician finally finished.

“This.” Kano pulled out his gun and 10 more troops swarmed the Sky Portal. They held their guns pointed at the politicians. They were in a black armored uniform with the Black Dragons logo on the front. They didn’t have helmets and

“Now I won’t mind killing Kano and maybe a few of those bastards.” Sonya muttered.

“You either start the attack on Outworld now, kill every man, woman, and child that exists in that realm or you can rot in various garbage cans throughout the city. Just imagine, pieces of you ripped and torn off while you are alive only for them to be dumped in a measly garbage can. Not even a funeral for you bastards.” Kano said.

“The invasion would fail. We don’t have enough troops, weapons, and vehicles to invade.” A woman from the frightened group spoke.

“That’s not a problem. I have enough weapons.” Kano replied.

“Fine. Then I won’t vote for the killing of innocents. Lives is more important the money.” The woman’s words angered Kano.

“Suit yourself.” Kano shot a bullet through her head. The brain spattered across the room and landed within 4 feet of the explosions vicinity. Half of the face was gone and the only remnant was everything from the nose below. It looked like a sword had been cut through the head. The body fell and blood began pouring out. Some people were holding in their vomit and others just let it out. The blood was mixing with the yellow and green liquid.

Jax and Johnny jumped out of the floor and kicked 5 Black Dragon troops back against the windows. Jax grabbed someone by the neck and repeatedly punched the soldier until the head came off. Johnny did a uppercut to someone's crotch and kicked them to the ground. He then grabbed the back of the person’s head and slammed it into the ground.

Sonya and Vera went with the more simple method of shoot to kill and left 3 men on the ground bleeding to death. Kenshi took down the other two and telepathically flung his sword into the 3 in the other side.

“Hey, where’s Tremor?” Johnny asked noticing he wasn’t there. The ground began to shake and they all fell to the ground. A massive pillar emerged from the floor and crushed every single corrupt politician that was standing in the middle of the room. Tremor emerged from the side of the pillar.

“What did you do?” Sonya asked.

“Murdered people who didn’t deserve to live.”

“If we would have just saved them then we could have probably convinced them that we are not fugitives and convince them that they didn’t need to attack Outworld.” Jax spoke up.

“You just caused an immediate green light of the invasion. As soon as the United Nations finds out, they are going to attack.” Kenshi chimed in.

“Hah. I thought I was going to have to threaten them to make it happen and you idiots came in and did it yourselves.” Kano said.

“You,” Sonya grabbed Kano by the throat and began choking him, “You are going to take all your Black Dragon troops and put them in Outworld to defend it.”

“And what if I don’t.” Sonya was angered by the response and began bashing Kano’s skull against the glass floor. She broke the glass and continued bashing his skull against the televisions that were embedded there.

“You enjoy giving torture, not receiving it.” Kano was coughing up blood.