THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 7

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Author's Note

This is the seventh chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 7

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“Well what the fuck am I supposed to do then?” Johnny Cage asked angrily as he found out that Sonya’s plan was to track a man’s last locations back to the Black Dragons.

“This is useless information. It not like we are going to find obvious tells when this man can essentially copy and paste the planet.”

“Which is why you are going to have Kenshi and Vera helping you.” Sonya responded.

“Johnny is right. The only clues Tremor ever leaves are in the Earth itself because Tremor is the ground. He is not dumb enough to just leave a clue back to where he is hiding.” Kenshi interrupted the screaming match that Johnny and Sonya were having. Vera was just sitting, amused at the stupidity of the fight.

“Well then you can go find them yourselves. I didn’t want to look for the Black Dragons. I never wanted to even see Kano’s face ever again but you sons of b*tch*s brought me along for the ride.” Sonya said calmly before she stormed into her room.

The room was silent. THey didn't have any more leads that go toward the Black Dragons and they were at a decision point. They could either give up or continue this time wasting search when they could be helping Outworld prepare.

“I’ll go find him.” Vera said as she went to the cockpit in order to land on a street so she could take out the car and leave. The rest of the group, except Sonya, entered the cockpit.

“We will go with you. It’s not like we have anything better to do.” Jax said.

“Then drink a lot of coffee,” Vera said as she noticed the sun starting to rise, “We have a long day ahead of us and no one has slept for over 48 hours.”

Corvus closed the door behind him. He seemed to be transported to a different world. A walkway was in front of him and it was surrounded by lava. The door behind him looked like a pillar with a random door in it. It was around 170 degrees in what appeared to be a dome of rock.

‘Even when he has been decapitated, he is still very powerful.’ Corvus commented in his mind. ‘This is worrying. Maybe the Elder Gods are more powerful than I thought.’

Corvus began to walk along the walkway. He was surprised the lava didn't start rising or the dome didn't start falling. He then noticed stalactites on the roof of the damn dome. Corvus knew that Shinnok was expecting him.

‘Where in the f*ck*ng actual hell am I going?! I haven't gotten any closer to my destination.’ Corvus thought angrily.

‘Well you will get closer when I decide you should.’ Shinnok replied to Corvus. Apparently Shinnok was listening.

“Well about f*ck*ng time. I was wondering when you would make your wonderful appearance.” Corvus said aloud.

‘Yet you wonder why The Elder Gods hated you.’ Shinnok was still inside the mind of Corvus.

“You are one. Oh wait, how exactly did you manage to fall stupendously from your God status to a mere spawn of Hell?” Corvus shot back.

“I am the ruler of Hell. Not a spawn and you may want to watch your mouth considering you seem determined to reach me.” Shinnok actually spoke. His voice boomed across the dome.

“Thank you for getting out of my head. It presented me with the opportunity for me to block you from it.” Corvus said. “Now my thoughts are private. Like they always should be.”

“Thats a bit saddening. I enjoyed looking into your mind seeing all the… how should I say it… discombobulation inside it.” Shinnok said.

“Why do you think I am here? I need answers.” Corvus responded as he stopped walking looking at a point on the ceiling of the dome. “You are the only person who knows the entire cl*st*rf*ck that has happened in this universe besides The Elder Gods.”

“In that you are right. Now you have been pondering on how to get closer to my location?” Shinnok started to annoy Corvus.

“No sh*t.”

“Embrace the darkness. Then you will get closer. By the way, I know you are going to kill me. It’s been apparent since you have arrived in this realm. I know your entire plan and everything in between. Just so you know, I don’t care if I die or not, because the moment the other universes merge to become one, my energy, mind, and body will reform.” Shinnok said.

“Then I will destroy every part of your mind, body, and energy. I do not need more problems in my life.” Corvus said.

“You complain about The Elder Gods being idiots who don’t know what they are doing yet you are also one sometimes. Anyway, start embracing and mastering the darkness. I will be here until you come and kill me.” Shinnok said.

‘The darkness is something that I never wanted to get near. But I guess I have to in order to destroy a remnant of an Elder God that my cause me problems in the future.’ Corvus thought before he sat and began meditating.

Tengah Malam saw the whole thing. He saw the past, present, and future of Outworld and the universe. Corvus bothered Tengah greatly as she began to see him getting closer to darkness.

‘This is something I will keep to myself. I will only tell Kotal of the deaths that will happen during the Outworld battle.’ Tengah thought. ‘But the Outworld battle is only the beginning. The Elder Gods versus Corvus with no obvious outcome that I can see.’

She got out of her bed to the smell of poverty and insanity. To the left of where she was laying was open arches showing the outside world. To the right was a door that led to a hallway that led to other parts of the Outworld Palace.

Tengah got dressed in her usual outfit. She always wore a black outfit underneath. It was usually a different type of shirt and pants which showcased how much she loved fashion when she wasn’t wearing her cloak. Her cloak was white and fell on the ground. It was made out of smooth silk and nylon that could change color depending on situation. The cloak had a mask that covered part of her face. The mask was black and covered her mouth and cheek area, leaving the eyes and hair openly visible. Of course, all of the clothing is from Earthrealm from where she escaped so she could understand her powers.

As she opened the door a wind blew and completely uncovered her face and blew her cloak behind her. She looked absolutely stunning and was treated especially well by Kotal due to that. She was also extremely powerful and well-able in kombat.

An Osh-Tekk guard was walking up to Tengah as the cloak enveloped her again. She put on her mask leaving the bright purple of her eyes showing along with her purple hair which was cut to a flat top.

“What?” She said as the guard approached her.

“D’vorah requested to see you.” The guard responded as he stood straight avoiding Tengah’s eyes.

“What does that b*tch want now?”

“She said she wants to blackmail you like always.” The guard responded.

“Thanks for the information. Now leave.” Tengah said as she motioned her hand to make the guard go away. She continued to stare out into the city of Outworld.

‘D’vorah doesn’t get it does she. She is in jail and whatever threat she can make about Shinnok and the revenants coming after her is now mute. Maybe I shouldn’t have captured her a month ago. Maybe I should have just killed her where I found her otherwise I wouldn’t have to deal with a child brat.’ Tengah thought as she began walking down the hall. The city to her right and doors and rooms to her left. All the while she continued smelling poverty and insanity along with a hint of literal sh*t. She was passing by some Tarkatan guards who remained loyal to Kotal after Mileena died.

“Why can’t you people learn how to bathe?” She asked them in spite and continued walking.

“And why are you Kotal Kahn’s b*tch?” One of them responded.

In a flash, Tengah grabbed the Tarkatan arm and rushed passed him. The arm tore off as a blood spurted and flung everywhere. The Tarkatan was on the ground, holding the hole the tear that was created.

“Now, you can either apologize and have me your arm reattached to your body or you can bleed to death.” Tengah said as she pressed her boot on the Tarkatans severed shoulder. He cried out in agony as Tengah pressed harder with the sole.

“I… Agh… apologize.”

“For?” Tengah pressed harder.

“ACK… for calling you… a bitch.” The Tarkatan finally finished.

Tengah, with the arm still in her hand, put it next to the shoulder. She placed her hand over the two separate objects. A bright white light emanated from her hands as the shoulder and arm came together again. Tengah stood up.

“I am nobody’s b*tch as evidenced by what I just did to him,” She pointed to the Tarkatan, “I can kill any person in this city, without resistance.” She finished and continued walking.

‘Now, time to go see this *ssh*le.’ She thought as she reached the end of the corridor and went to the left toward the dungeons. She then ended up in a walkway with spikes surrounding the two sides to prevent prisoners from escaping through the back of the cells. At the end were two Osh-Tekk guards who let her pass. She ended up in a room where to the left were prisoners and to the right were more prisoners but she continued straight, however, to get to the more dangerous convicts.

There was only one cell in the barren room. The door on it was made out of steel so that no one could get out. It was isolated from any communication and there were 20 guards on each side of the pathway preventing any means of escape.

“Start talking. I want to finish this awful start of a day.” Tengah spoke sternly.

“This one is telling you that the other revenants will come and kill you.” D’vorah said.

“Holy f*cking Hell. I’m leaving. We have all heard of this shit too much.” Tengah said.

“Wait.” D’vorah commanded

“This better be important.” Tengah said as she turned around.

“This one knows that you can see the future. This one wants to know what is going to happen to her.” D’vorah said.

“How sweet. Someone worrying about themselves because they are self-obsessed. You remind me of Kano but with a higher intelligence level. It’s quite funny. By they way you should start kissing Kotal’s *ss again.” Tengah replied.

“This one knows that Kotal will never forgive.”

“Good because now no one is going to come and save you. The revenants are no longer revenants but people with free will and Shinnok is going to die. Good luck rotting in this cell.” Tengah said before leaving.

“It is you who will need the good luck once I escape.” D’vorah muttered to herself as she looked at the creation in the back corner of her cell. It was a giant nest filled with mutated hornets.

‘These things can sting and kill up to 10 people before dying. It is only a day before I release them.’ D’vorah thought.

Tengah continued walking straight passed the corridor where she just amputated a Tarkatans arm. She continued trying to look at tomorrow to see what will happen in her next day, but like yesterday she couldn’t see it. She would have expected the Tarkatan confrontation and avoid it if only she could see what is directly happening in the next minute to a week. But her powers only worked to see other peoples presents and major events in the future.

‘There is someone who has minor precognition and can change perspectives in this universe.’ Corvus thought as he was still meditating. ‘Which means she is still watching me. Interesting. I thought I and The Elder Gods were the only one with the ability.’

Corvus stopped thinking. He opened his eyes and stared into nothing. A black emptiness. Someone began to emerge from this nothing.

“The Darkness can be a terrible thing to succumb to unless you can control it.” The other Dark Corvus said to Corvus.

Corvus just stared blankly and started accepting it. He began to feel its power surge through his body. It fulfilled him and made him feel extremely powerful. However, Corvus new better than to be corrupted by it. He knew that he could control Darkness and unleash it when he felt like it.

‘There is a difference between letting the darkness corrupt you and using it as a tool.’ Corvus thought before he opened his eyes again. To the right was Shinnok and to the left was the door he came in from.

“You wanted to alleviate the confusion?” Shinnok said.

“No. I just wanted to kill you. After all, you look like you could be free from this amulet.” Corvus threw the amulet into the lava where it burned. “You will be one less problem I have to deal with.” Corvus said as he grabbed Shinnok’s head and smashed it into the ground.

Corvus grabbed Shinnok’s arm and bashed him against the walkway. He continued to do so until he hear Shinnok crying in pain.

“You are connected to the rest of The Elder Gods even if you are not one.” Corvus said as he threw Shinnok through the door and into the throne room. The others began watching as Corvus kicked and stomped Shinnok repeatedly in the face.

“You can’t kill me. I will always be in some other form.” Shinnok said.

“That other form always comes in Darkness, whom I am the rightful master of. So you will die today.”

Corvus lifted Shinnok telepathically off the ground and into the air. He began to burn Shinnok little by little. The room was filled with the smell of rotting flesh and sizzling skin. By the time the burning was done, Shinnok was a shell of flesh and muscle, still alive.

The Elder Gods were screaming and writhing in pain. They unleashed horrific screams that could be heard beyond the doors of the throne room. They were on the floor, squirming as they felt burns all over their skins.

“We have to stop this.” One of them said.

“There is no stopping a Master of Darkness now.” The other replied

In one moment, they unleashed a horrific scream. Thier pain was so strong that they couldn't focus on keeping their camouflaged form. In their true form, they were demons of rock and molten lava. They craved the blood and flesh of mortals as they began to succumb to the pure evil that they hid away for a long time. In a split second, they reverted back to the fake form.

“Oh god.” Tengah said as she felt the emotions, anger, rage, and hate running through her mind.

“GET OUT!!!!!!” She screamed as she collapsed on the floor holding her head.

“Get out. Get out. Get out. GET OUT!!!!!!.” Tengah started clawing at her face. She scratched and scratched until she began to tear off the skin. It made a horrible disgusting sound as it pulled off with remnants of blood and muscle on it. Flesh and blood showed itself as she continued. She clawed and clawed until she got to her eyes which she ripped out in agony. Tengah wanted the pain to stop.

“Today you die.” Corvus said as he finally burned Shinnok’s body to death. He then went inside the Darkness mentally and started wiping away Shinnok’s soul from it, leaving him the master.

“Oh god.” Jade said speechless at the sight.

“At least he is finally dead.” Kitana said.

“So, have you made your decision?” Corvus said as he cleaned his suit of flesh and blood using telepathics.

“We will help you but only because we are in your debt for releasing us from that horrific life.” Liu Kang said.

“Good. Outworld is about to be attacked by Special Forces. This means that we are presented with the opportunity of convincing the other warriors to turn on the Elder Gods.” Corvus said.

Tengah felt the hatred, anger, and rage finally leave. She held her hands to her face and healed herself. Once she got her eyes back she looked upon the floor to see what had happened. Blood, flesh, and muscle were torn apart and thrown around like children's toys.

“Tengah. Tengah.” Kotal Kahn was shaking her as she began to regain her senses.

“Don’t worry,” Tengah slapped Kotal Kahn’s hand from her shoulder, “I am fine.”

“No you are not. You were screaming and clawing your face off. I would like to know what you saw.” Kotal demanded.

“How about I go have lunch and I tell you during the night.” Tengah responded.

“Ok. I seriously need some sleep.” Jax said as Vera continued driving.

“Look. Let me stop by a Starbucks and get you some more coffee.” Vera responded.

“How about no. I need to sleep.” Johnny said before Vera slammed on the brakes making Johnny hit his head on the front seat.

“Bitch. Why would you do….” Johnny stopped talking as he saw Tremor in front of them.

Vera got out and stood in front of Tremor. Everyone else got out behind her.

“I will tell you where our operations are but know that even regular citizens of New York are the eyes and ears of the Black Dragon.”

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Tengah is a stone cold badass. Loving these new characters.