THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat Destruction Chapter 6

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Authors Note

So I finally found a name for the universe of books I am creating. Tell me if you guys like it.

This is the sixth chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth chapters here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 6

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“What was that?” Jacqui said as she hear a loud boom inside the Lin Kuei palace. They were in the main entrance where most business or social b*llcr*p was conducted. It was like the lobby at a hotel, and in fact it looked like one.

The alarm Hanzo told the communications room to activate for evacuation sounded. “Please evacuate in the vehicle nearest you.” A computerized voice said.

“Time to get out of here.” Cassie said as she motioned her team to follow her.

“And by get out of here, you mean go help Hanzo and then leave.” Kung Jin said.

“What else did I mean. Its not like we are cowards.”

They began to run toward the center of the building where they could find Hanzo and help him. As they were going down the halls they saw Kuai with is arm wrapped around a Lin Kuei assassin. They could all tell he was in intense pain.

“What are you doing. Get out of here.” Kuai ordered them.

“No, we are going to help Hanzo.” Jacqui was the first to respond. “Besides 4 people versus Raiden seems like pretty good odds.”

“No. That isn’t Raiden.” Kuai said leaving everyone confused and confounded. Kuai could tell they were wondering what he meant.

“Thats not him. That was the Elder Gods controlling him. I could tell by the way he fought. He was quicker and stronger than before.” Kuai said.

“So we are going up against…..... the people who control the universe?” Cassie questioned. They were all now fearful.

“Yes you are. So leave. NOW!” Kuai ordered them.

‘We can’t just leave Hanzo with Elder Gods. They would just destroy him.’ Takeda, being telepathic, sent his thoughts to the others.

‘Yeah, we are not doing that.’ Jacqui thought back.

‘Cassie your’re the leader.’ Kung Jin thought.

‘Lets go kick some Elder Gods ass.’ Cassie ordered.

Sonya continued driving the armored, black Mercedes-Benz S-Class from the hover ship, telling Jax to look to see any sign of the Black Dragons street activity. She was getting frustrated that there wasn’t any sign of them.

“I haven’t seen anything Sonya. Maybe we should just call it a night.” Jax said.

“No, he’s here.” Sonya was starting to doubt herself despite her words.

What they didn’t know was that a mysterious figure was following them from the rooftops. He knew who they were and what they wanted.

While Sonya was turning, she saw a shadow jump from one building to another in her rearview mirror.

“Someone’s following us.” Sonya said.

“Who is it?” Jax asked.

“Judging by the profile and the movement, Tremor.” Sonya replied.

“The difference this time from the previous battle is that he doesn’t have the land to shake. Unless he wants to unveil the Black Dragons operations.” Jax said.

“Which is probably all of New York so it wouldn’t matter anyway.” Sonya replied. She began thinking and got an idea.

“What if we stop.” Sonya said as she began to slow down.

“What are you doing?”

“Letting the bait come toward us.” In an instant the ground began to shake and a pillar flew out of the ground. It nearly flipped the car over.

“Time to run.” She pressed the pedal to the metal and the car flew through the streets of Manhattan trying to dodge the traffic. Meanwhile the ground was still shaking and now cracking, destroying cars behind her and in front of her. It made it easy to dodge cars.

“Let me guess, you are going to tire Tremor and then follow him back.” Jax said knowing what Sonya’s plan was.

“Wow. You know me well after years of being friends with me.”

Sonya continued diving and turning through the streets. She began heading toward Brooklyn. She knew that past the water, Tremor couldn’t affect them due to the river.

“Hey, could you get that gun and tag his last location.” Sonya said to Jax as she looked in the rearview mirror and could tell Tremor was still jumping from building to building following them.

Jax grabbed the gun and opened the laser sight that began to tag Tremor’s last locations.

“I hope you got the tags because we are getting closer to the bridge.” Sonya said.

“No. I have been pointing this thing outside because I wanted to get a closer view of the buildings.” Jax responded sarcastically.

Sonya was close to reaching the bridge before she hit traffic. She stopped completely, blocking the cars behind her and letting the cars in front clear out. Tremor was getting closer.

“Wait for it, wait for it.” Sonya muttered as she began burning the rear tires in smoke. A crack appeared in the sides of the road and began to move fast. Sonya used the smoke to her advantage and jumped the point of collision between the two cracks. She shot across the bridge.

Tremor was frustrated. He couldn’t kill them and they got the better of him. In complete rage he made the cars sink in front of him as his targets disappeared.

‘This is going to be worldwide media coverage.’ Tremor thought.

Cassie and her team reached the basement garage just in time as Raiden appeared in front of Hanzo. Hanzo was unaware that the group reached him.

“Looks like we will be enemies.” The Elder Gods spoke through Raiden.

“If you are talking about Scorpion, you should know that he is under control.” Hanzo responded.

Raiden flung himself toward Hanzo but Hanzo teleported behind him. He grabbed Raiden’s leg and threw him on the ground. Raiden kicked Hanzo back. As Hanzo hit the ground Raiden grabbed his neck from behind and began electrocuting him. Hanzo could feel boils starting to form on his skin as Raiden still held him in a death hold.

“TIME TO INTERVENE!” Takeda yelled as he threw an explosive Kunai at Raiden’s feet. Cassie then ran behind Raiden, grabbed his arm, and turned him so that she could kick him in the face. She then began to rapidly punch Raiden’s ribs until she could hear them mush around instead of crack and kicked him toward Jacqui.

Jacqui blasted Raiden in the face with her gauntlet. She then hooked her arm around Raiden and threw him to the ground before blasting him in the crotch. Raiden retaliated by teleporting and grabbing Jacqui by the face. He began to try and pull her head from her body.

Kung Jin intervened with an bow to the side of Raiden’s skull. He then flipped backwards while kicking Raiden in the jaw and sent him flying into the ceiling. As Raiden came back down, Kung Jin shot 3 arrows through the eyes and mouth. This didn’t kill Raiden, however, and only rendered him unable to battle

The battle was finished and Raiden was a bloody mess. His eyes were bursting with blood and he was also bleeding and vomiting out of his mouth. When he tried to move you could hear his ribs slowly crackle and his left arm was twisted backwards. Raiden was in intense pain and could not move.

Cassie walked up to Raiden and bashed his head repeatedly with one of her guns. She left a dent in his skull and rendered him unconscious. Takeda proceeded to pick up Hanzo. Hanzo was twitching and cramping because of the electrocution and had burns but other than that was fine.

“By the way we left him near death. He can still survive. After all, he is a God.” Kung Jin said to Hanzo.

“I don’t care. I think it would have been better if you had just killed him.” Hanzo said looking at the heaping pile of rotting bloody flesh that didn’t look like Raiden. “He finally suffered the pain he caused me before. Not to mention, he most likely suffered the pain he caused others.”

“So you would call it karma?” Cassie questioned.

“Yes. I would.” Hanzo responded.

‘How can an Elder God be reduced to this status?’ Corvus began thinking looking at the palace from outside that became Shinnok's throne.

‘Well I guess I can end his misery anyway since I always wanted Shinnok dead.’ Corvus began second thinking asking Shinnok to join the fight. Now he just wanted to get rid of a future problem.

Corvus began feeling other evil presences. He knew what they were. Revenants of the souls of people who should have been put to rest. He also sensed souls who belonged in the Netherrealm.

‘They still don’t deserve to be treated like slaves.’ Corvus thought as he teleported to the top of the palace.

He went in through the window behind the throne. It surprised everybody as he landed on two feet and one hand in front. All the revenants of Quan Chi were there discussing something important.

“Who are you?” Revenant Liu Kang questioned.

“Someone who is going to free you.” Corvus answered before he began clearing them of the corruption of evil within them. Corvus began chanting something that lifted each revenant into the air. It pulled the evil out of their souls and left them freely able to think again. They also retained their youth.

He let them go and as they began to gather their thoughts, Smoke walked up to Corvus.

“Thank you.” Smoke said. “I am finally free of that evil that ruled my mind. I owe my life to you.”

The next one to walk up was Kitana albeit not to thank him.

“YOU BROUGHT BACK THE PAIN!!” She yelled at Corvus. “When I was a revenant I was not thinking about the Edenian ruins. I was not thinking about the deaths of many people. YOU BROUGHT THEM BACK!!!”

“You may want to continue looking around the room for I think family is more important than an empire.” Corvus said to Kitana. Kitana looked around and besides seeing the Throne of Shinnok sitting next to the broken windows, she saw her best friend Jade.

“How did…. How…… did you bring her back?” Kitana asked Corvus.

“Just go and hug your undead non-revenant friend. Like seriously.” Kitana ran up the steps and hugged her long lost friend.

“Next time when I tell you to not go somewhere, don’t go there.” Jade said as she released the embrace.

“I had to find out for myself. With or without Raiden telling me. I always knew Shao Kahn was always working on something behind my back. Glad the *sshole Shang Tsung is dead.” Kitana replied.

“Also, be glad that Quan Chi thought you were useless and decided to leave your soul to rest. Being a revenant was the worst b*llsh*t you could do.” Kitana told Jade.

Sindel, Kurtis, and Kabal walked up to Corvus next.

“Thanks for releasing me from this sh*t.” Kurtis said.

“Same here.” Kabal added.

“Meanwhile I would like to personally thank you for reuniting me with the light. It has been so long since I could think for myself. Same thing with my daughter and I would like to apologize for her idiotic outburst.” Sindel told Corvus.

“Your daughter was in extreme emotional pain being a revenant. Don’t apologize for her.” Corvus responded before walking up to Liu Kang and Kuai Liang.

“So these are the legendary warriors of the Shaolin.” Corvus spoke to them.

“Yes. Sorry we haven’t said thank you like everybody else. We were still conversating on how to kill Shinnok.” Liu Kang said.

“Meanwhile I would like to know why you helped us?” Kung Lao asked.

“I hate seeing souls suffer with no free will. I was a soul who didn’t have free will either. Its a disgrace.” Corvus responded. “Also, leave the killing Shinnok to me. Just point me to where he is.”

Liu Kang nodded to a door on the far right of the throne room. Before Corvus went in the other room he telepathically showed his story to the previously revenants. He told them to make a decision to help him as he opened the door to the other room.