THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat: Destruction Chapter 5

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Authors Note

This is chapter 5 of the Fanfic series that I am doing and the rest are here >

Also, for those who read "The New World" I will update it with a post for Chapter 2 tomorrow or tonight.

Also the new character, Corvus, is found in Chapter 3 of Mortal Kombat: Destruction.

Also please leave feedback if you can.

Chapter 5

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Corvus was still dragging Raiden. The portal opened to a rooftop in New York City. Corvus then began to move and teleport across the rooftops to get to somewhere more private so that he could figure out his next move. He found the edge of the roof of the Empire State Building fitting as he could see the One WTC from it.

As he began to think, he started studying the amulet of Shinnok. It allowed him to open a temporal connection to heaven and bring misery to the Elder Gods. He sensed its great evil and realized that anyone who can’t handle the amulet turns to darkness.

‘That explains why Shinnok is corrupt.’ Corvus thought.

Corvus started realizing that he and the Netherrealm had a common enemy. The Elder Gods, the true demons, were the enemy of both Corvus and Netherrealm.

‘Its an insane plan, but whatever. I have done crazier.’ He began to try and locate Shinnok with the amulet, but it wouldn’t let him. He tried again and the amulet began attacking his mind until he let go of it.

“Let me inside you.” Corvus said.

“No. Never.” The amulet responded in a ghostly voice. It was its own being and will.

Raiden began to wake up. He was laying on his back and was still in incredible pain. He began to slowly stand up as he realized he was at one of the edges of The Empire State Building.

“You should take it slowly.” Corvus said calmly. He was still staring at the amulet that was at his feet.

Raiden launched himself at Corvus, ready to knock him off. Corvus stopped him in the air and froze Raiden. He turned his head to look as Raiden was still frozen.

“You attack me yet I saved you. Before you say I made you get close to death, remember that I then went back for you and saved you. I could have left you there rotting with all the other corpses.” Corvus said before realising Raiden. He continued to study the amulet.

Raiden fell to the ground. He started wondering who this person was and why would he save Raiden even after attacking him.

“You are still wondering. Let me put you inside my head that way you can understand and we can get moving with the mission.” Corvus relaxed and closed his eyes as he shared his memories with Raiden’s head.

What Raiden saw still left him questioning. He saw the building of a great empire that was fair to its people. A utopia where everyone was rich and wealthy. Where life was perfect. He then saw 6 demon things attacking that empire with an army. The 6 demons were the Elder Gods.

The 2nd to final memory Raiden saw was Corvus as he entered a throne room. Corvus looked around wondering where the Elder Gods were before it was too late. The Elder Gods unleashed their army and Corvus began to fight down the hallway where the Elder Gods were escaping. He couldn’t reach them in time before the portal closed.

It was then a millennia before the next event happened. The ground shook and cracked as buildings began to fall down. People were screaming and innocents were dying as the buildings of cities left the street red and gray with blood and dust. All Corvus could do was watch from the roof of the Falcon Industries tower in the city Pultrichdo.

Corvus flew out and quickly tried to escape before a sword flung through his chest. He fell on the ground and looked to see his killer were one of the Elder Gods. As soon as they left Corvus began reciting something that would preserve him for years to come. As he saw his world dying around him, he reformed into a rock. The rock kept him safe and hibernating, but asleep. Unaware of anything around him as it put him in the park to keep him safe from the buildings and rubble falling from the sky. In an instant, Raiden was back at the Empire State Building.

“That’s my story.” Corvus said. “Now I need you to help me locate Shinnok.”

“You are insane if you think he is going to help you.” Raiden finally spoke. “He may hate the Elder Gods but he will hate you more.”

“Either he helps me, or he dies.” Corvus responded.

“And we have arrived.” Cassie said. It took them 36 hours to get to the Lin Kuei palace. Had it not been for the storm that started through the Himalayas, they could have been there 12 hours earlier. They had to land safely in a small canyon and wait it out.

Kuai came walking with two assassins at his side. He greeted them at the base of the mountain where the Lin Kuei Palace was above.

“I understand that this was urgent.” Kuai said.

“Yes Kuai. Look we need you to converse with Hanzo over an alliance.” Cassie responded.

“We are already at an alliance.”

“Well we need a war alliance. ” Hanzo responded before Cassie interrupted him.

“Well can we discuss this inside.” Cassie said.

“Well we have arrived in New York.” Sonya said as she flew over the skyline.

“Does anyone know where Black Dragon operations take place?” Johnny asked as he was relaxing in the chair next to Sonya.

“No.” Sonya responded.

“Well then how the f*ck are we supposed to reach an alliance with Kano if we don’t know where he is?” Johnny asked.

“I don’t know. I’m just the pilot. Remember this was all your guys idea.” Sonya said cooly.

“Doesn’t mean you get to be pretentious b*tch.” Jax said as he walked in the cockpit.

“You can set the thing to fly around NY until we find the base. So in the meantime it would be wonderful if you could get your ass*s in here and help us find him.” Jax continued.

Sonya touched a few buttons on the touchscreen dash and headed out, Johnny right behind her.

“Look,” Johnny grabbed Sonya’s arm and stopped her, “I know you don’t want to be at an alliance with Kano, but we have to do this. We can’t let innocent people die in Outworld. Besides, you don't have to be friends with him.”

“How about this. If Kano gets anywhere near my daughter and tries to do anything to her, I will kill him.” Sonya responded as she was still facing forward and pulled her arm back.

“Also, an alliance with the devil is bound to f*ck us over.”

They went into the living area of the Hover Ship. There was another touchscreen table like the one in the meeting room with chairs around it.

“Sonya, you know Kano the best. Where do you might think he would be hiding.” Vera said as she continued overlooking the map.

“He would like to be where he would hide the best. He would also like to be where he is most comfortable.” Sonya began thinking of places to search. She looked at the map and immediately saw where he wasn’t going to be.

“Cross Brooklyn and Staten Island off the list. If he wants to hide, he would be in plain sight and in an area where he can hear and see what’s happening in most of New York.”

“Let’s search Manhattan then.” Kenshi said.

Corvus started screaming as the amulet began doing another mind attack. He was in intense pain and had to let it go again. It dropped to his feet and he collapsed on the ground.

“Anytime you touch it, its attacks get stronger.” Raiden said. “But when I touch it,” Raiden grabbed the amulet, “It’s perfectly fine.”

“The wearer is allowed to access it.” The amulet spoke to Corvus.

“Did you hear that?” Corvus asked Raiden.

“You are obviously hallucinating. We should give up.” Raiden said.

“No.” Corvus grabbed the amulet. “You have to grab it when it has its guard down.” Corvus said before he entered the amulet’s will and mind. Corvus saw a tower perched on the top of the mountain. It had a view of the Netherrealm which honestly looked like sh*t. He saw people fighting over something. ‘Revenants.’ Corvus thought.

“I know where Shinnok is.” Corvus said as an SF hover ship flew over them.

‘That’s Sonya. They are going to try and prevent the Outworld attack.’ Raiden thought. Corvus read the thought.

“That’s good. Innocents will now be protected.” Corvus said. Corvus began feeling a presence in the air. It wasn’t anywhere near him but it was getting closer to Raiden. ‘The Elder Gods.’ Corvus thought before he was knocked off the roof by Raiden.

Corvus teleported back on the roof and saw that Raiden was gone. Corvus could tell that he was going to attack Hanzo and Kuai but he couldn’t go there. He didn’t have enough strength.

‘Hopefully they will be fine. In the meantime, I need to get to Netherrealm.’ Corvus thought before he vanished.

Hanzo, Cassie, Jacqui, Kung Jin, and Takeda just finished telling what happened to Kuai. Kuai was still processing it thinking what was the best move for his clan and the innocents.

“We are just going to leave you two to negotiations.” Cassie said as she motioned her team to get out of the Throne Room.

“I will support you in the fight against SF but I want you to guarantee that you won’t attack or betray my clan mid-battle.” Kuai said thinking about the fact that the person in front of him destroyed an entire base.

“I would if you were the murderer of my clan and family but since I found out that wasn’t true, I promise I won’t.” Hanzo replied.

“Good, then we have an agreement.” Kuai said as he was getting up and leaving the throne room.

Raiden then grabbed Kuai and flung him through the roof and far into the mountain range. Kuai hit the ground so hard that his spine cracked and ribs broke. Raiden then did the same thing to Hanzo except Hanzo wasn’t injured.

‘Now is where the real battle begins.’ Kuai thought.

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Dude, I'm in love with Corvus right now. Moar plz