THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat: Destruction Chapter 4

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Authors Note

This is the fourth chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the first, second and third chapter here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 4

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“What?” Cassie said as she answered her phone. Cassie and her friends Takeda, Jacqui, and Kung Jin were in a living space that was secretly located behind the throne room. The space had an enormous view of the entire mountainside. The giant U-shaped couch was facing it and behind the couch was a small bar. LIke the rest of the palace, most of it was a metallic and architectural masterpiece. The walls were colored white while the floors were black marble and the bar table was a water-like design that flowed out of one side of the floor and stopped at the other end in mid-air. There was a door directly next to the bar that led to the dining room.

“Put the phone on speaker, you and your friends need to hear this.” It was her mother, Sonya Blade.

Cassie put the phone on speaker. She began to wonder why her mother sounded even more urgent than usual.

“What’s going on?” Takeda mouthed to Cassie. Cassie shrugged as a response.

“Look, for your safety, none of you can come back to SF headquarters. Now, before you people start asking me questions, we have found that SF has been involved in some things that Hanzo didn't happen to agree with. Your parents and I didn't seem to agree with it either.” Sonya spoke.

“What is exactly the thing that you and Hanzo don’t happen to agree with?” Kung Jin asked.

“SF is planning on attacking Outworld. They want to completely destroy them and kill innocents so that Outworld will be weakened enough to the point where they won't be able to attack us ever again.” That was Johnny Cage. Apparently, all the adults were also in the same room in SF. They were in the main SF briefing room which had a square touch table and a television behind where the most important person was supposed to sit. They were all standing against the wall.

“But isn’t that a good thing? Leaving Outworld weakened enough so that they never come back again?” Jacqui asked.

“What part of kill innocents did you not understand.” Takeda, her boyfriend, responded.

“Here is the other part of the story. Hanzo spied and attacked the nearest Shaolin temple. Apparently, the Shaolin have been working with SF. They seemed to both agree on the matter.” Kenshi spoke sternly

“The Shaolin are pacifists. Not, and I repeat, NOT war mongers. This has to be some kind of mistake.” Kung Jin said.

“I’m sorry, but it isn't a mistake,” Vera, Jacquis mother and Jax’s wife was now speaking, “I am sorry you didn’t fight on the right side but sh*t happens.” Vera was like Jacqui except looked a little bit different and a little older. Unlike Jax, age didn’t appear to make a difference to Vera and she was very strong like Jax and Jacqui.

“Yeah, sh*t does happen.” Kung Jin responded in a melancholy tone.

“So what do we do now?” Jacqui asked.

“What you are all going to do now is wait until Hanzo gets there. He will most likely have a plan.” Jax began speaking.

Hanzo entered through the secret doorway and found them all sitting and talking at the phone.

“Well that was perfect timing.” Takeda said.

“So, I presume everybody know what I did,” Everybody nodded, “Good. We have to go to the Lin Kuei palace to see if the Lin Kuei will join the coming fight.” Hanzo spoke with authority.

“Hanzo, I was proposing to Sonya, the menstruating bitch here, if we can go ask the Black Dragons for help.” What Johnny said made sonya punch him square in the jaw. Everybody on the other line heard the punch.

“Like I said, you're menstruating.” Johnny retorted.

“I don’t want to speak to that Australian asshole. Case closed.” Sonya shot back.

“Actually that is not a bad idea. Outworld is one of the Black Dragon’s biggest markets.” Cassie began and let Kung Jin finish her sentence.

“Which means that SF destroying would cause Kano to lose income.”

“Fine lets vote. All in favor of getting the bastard on our side say Aye.” Vera said.

“Aye.” Most of both room said.

“All in favor of not going to see the bastard say nay.” Jax said.

“Nay.” The only people who were against the idea were Sonya and Kenshi.

An alarm began to sound in the Shirai Ryu palace. It was an air raid siren. They were about to be bombed.

“We have to go.” Cassie said before hanging up.

Meanwhile, Sonya and the rest were about to deal with their own problem right now.

“Maybe talking inside the SF base wasn’t the smartest idea.” Johnny remarked.

By the time Hanzo, Takeda, Cassie, Jacqui, and Kung Jin even made it into the throne room, the first bombs began to drop. The throne room had a chair in the middle with the Shirai Ryu crest on it. It was a circular room with giant silver and gold dragons surrounding the room.

“How many bombs can this palace survive?” Cassie asked.

“About 100,000. It wont start coming down until 100,000 bomb drops happen.” Hanzo replied. The earth seemed to rumble as a stronger more powerful bomb raid happened above. It made everyone almost fall.

The group began running down the hall to the throne room and entered another circular room. It had a giant crest in the middle as the shining statue and had elevators toward every direction of the walls. The walls had intricate designs of dragons and scorpions. There was one entrance that led to the command center to which they ran into.

The command center was a small room. It had a giant TV at the front while people worked at computers along rows upon rows of seating. At the entrance was the paddock where orders were executed and enacted upon. The paddock had a circular table with chairs in the middle. People were standing over the table touching and swiping at what appeared to be data.

“Status report.” Hanzo ordered.

“The palace is holding up but at this rate it will begin crumbling in 15 minutes.” A person responded.

"Launch automated countermeasures and comment evacuation protocols. Relocate all operations to our location in Japan." Hanzo ordered.

In an instant, a bombing raid began. The bombs crumpled the roof and cracked the floor. As soon as everyone got back to their feet, another bombing raid ensued. The second raid caused the top floor and roof to collapse completely. Everyone soon found themselves on the next floor below them.

“We need to get out of here.” Takeda said as he began helping people out of rubble.

“Let’s help as many people as we can. Then we head to Hanzo’s hovership.” Cassie ordered.

As they were helping people, above them they could see the bombers fighting the automated defenses and hover ships. The whole room was filled with the sounds of explosions and gunfire. As soon as everyone was out they all ran to the edge of the building.

“Where is the nearest escape route?” An assassin asked behind them.

“Well my hover ship is there,” Hanzo said pointing to the a landing platform 20 stories down, “And that is where the rest of them are.”

“So we are going to jump?” Kung Jin asked.

“Ah f*ck it.” Jacqui said as she fell of the edge with her back turned toward the ground. Before she hit the platform, she fired her grapple onto a floor of the building and stopped. She then jumped down, did a flip to show off, and landed on her feet and the palm of her right hand.

Kung Jin was next and soon everybody followed. They were all heading toward the ground at an incredible rate with Cassie going the fastest since she didn’t feel like spreading her arms to decrease speed.

Cassie did the most showing off as she decided to not even use her grapple and she did a backflip in the air past the platform.

“You do know you missed.” Jacqui said on her comm.

“Yeah hang on.” Cassie replied as she then grappled on to the platform and went flying back up at high speed. She then did 20 front flips and landed directly next to Jacqui.

As soon as Cassie landed the others followed. Unlike Jacqui and Cassie, they didn’t feel the need to show off. It would have looked pretty cool though.

“If you guys are done with acrobatic training, can we go now?” Takeda asked them.

They entered Hanzo’s hovership. Like the rest of them, it was a sleek black triangle except bigger and more sharp. It looked like something that could slice through the Empire State Building. The interior of the thing had a giant circular holographic station in the center. Surrounding the walls were 5 doors leading to rooms and past the station was the cockpit. The cockpit had 5 chairs, 2 in a row and one in the center, and it was sleek like the rest of the hover ship. The dashboard was pilot centric and had an array of controls on the screen. The pilot wheel slid out of the bottom of the dash and into position.

“Hang on.” Cassie said as she sat in the seat and grabbed the wheel. She touched a few buttons and pulled up. Then another bombing raid ensued and caused the entire landing platform to fall below them.

“Im tired of this sh*t. Can I attack?” Cassie asked Hanzo who was next to here in the co pilot seat.

“Be my guest.”

Cassie pulled up and the hover ship went flying in the air. As soon as it was in the clouds, Cassie fired at two bombing ships that were about to do another raid. She began to circle back and found 8 more ships and she opened fire. As they exploded, Takeda could sense the people burning alive inside as the wreckage fell to the ground.

“I think you have had enough fun.” Takeda said to Cassie.

“I told you not to sense the people you're killing.” Jacqui said.

“Well, I can’t help myself.” Takeda responded angrily.

The whole room was still as a group of SF infantry entered and held them at gunpoint. They began to surround the group in a circle. They were told to stand down. No one had the idea of standing down.

Johnny kicked the person nearest toward him in the face and then grabbed someone's arm and tore it off. He held it up in his right hand while blood was dripping from it and the person fell on the floor with blood spurting from the shoulder.

“Does anyone want to leave?” Johnny asked.

The group of infantry opened fire. Sonya swung herself on the other side of the table, hooked someone's neck in her arm, and cracked it. She then flipped sideways and broke someone's skull with her boot before she shoved her boot through the opponent's abdomen. Kenshi, meanwhile, sliced a man’s legs clean off their body leaving the person completely immobile and bleeding to death. Kenshi then threw another man toward Jax. Jax grabbed the man’s neck and repeatedly punched him in the face until it was completely deformed and blood was pouring out of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Sonya grabbed a woman by the leg and tossed her toward Vera. Vera kicked through the chest and had a heart stuck to her boot. As she smashed it into the ground she grabbed a gun from behind her and pointed it toward the person with the gun. She fired bullets until the persons head was completely red and bloody and you could see a clear outline of the skull.

At the end of the battle, the whole room was no longer a sleek black but a dark blood red. There were mutilated pieces of different body parts everywhere as well as a nice little head on top of the table.

They ran out of the room as the alarm in the base sounded. Many infantry were awaiting them in the hangar where they could escape, but that wasn't the plan. So instead they went into the bottom garage and grabbed an armored vehicle with weapons galore.

“I’m driving. One of you can get the guns.” Vera said as she saw guns sticking out of the roof and windows.

They all got in and barely closed the doors before Vera started smashing her way through other vehicles. The SF base was located somewhere in the Sierra Mountains. Meaning driving there was a bit difficult except for a path along the mountain.

They got out of the garage and came up behind the army awaiting them. The guns started blazing as bodies dropped and blood started flying. Once they weakened the forces, they got out and ran to the nearest hover ship.

They got in as a giant turret fired toward the hanger from the outside and barely missed the hover ship.

Sonya sat in the pilot seat and made the ship shoot out of the place at blazing speed as the turret fired a second round. It launched a chain of explosions that completely destroyed the hangar and most of bases forces.

“That was a rush.” Johnny said.

“Are we going to New York now?” Jax asked Sonya who looked like she was still debating about seeing the Black Dragons. Specifically Kano.

“Yes we are.” Sonya responded in agitation.

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Inner Fanboy: Put Liu Kang in it!

Me: This is an awesome read.

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