THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat: Destruction Chapter 3

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Authors Note

This is the third chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the first, second and fourth chapter here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 3

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“We have called you here Raiden because we need you to eliminate a threat.” The Elder Gods spoke in the same monotone voice. They were inside a giant throne room, everything was white. Behind Raiden was a hall and in front of him were the Elder Gods. Outside of these walls, however, was a blithering hell with revenants working like slaves. Making no difference between the Heaven and Netherrealm.

“What is this perceived threat?” Raiden asked. He began wondering how could there be a threat. Shao Kahn was destroyed and so was Shinnok.

“We are going to send you to a universe and realm outside of this one. There is something awakening there and we need you to eliminate that thing. It will threaten us and this universe.” The Elder Gods responded.

‘Another Universe? There is no universe besides the one in this existing reality. I have tried to search for other realities but failed. How could this be possible?’ Raiden stopped thinking. After all, Raiden was a mindless drone for the Elder Gods to control. A puppet, as you might say. Through Raiden, The Elder Gods can alter the universe by affecting Raiden’s thinking. It is this illusion of free will that causes Raiden to think that the Elder Gods don't know about his plans to invade Outworld. But the Elder Gods simply inserted the idea.

“As you wish.” Were Raiden’s final words before the Elder Gods sent him off.

“Raiden is beginning to think more freely. Are you sure he will not remember The Origins?” One of the Elder Gods asked. The Elder Gods never spoke unless needed. Instead the used mind communication to get their thoughts across.

“We have trained him well and his mind was erased of all previous universes memories.” Another responded.

“Good. We don't want Corvus to awaken. He is the only one who can throw us out of every universe and reality completely besides the One Being.” Another Elder God said.


‘What is this? Am I finally awakening? Yes. Thank the… no. Don’t thank them. They are the ones who put you in this prison in the first place.’ Corvus began to think in what seems like forever. ‘I better get out of this stone.’

Corvus was a man who lived forever. He never aged and has powers of Elder God status. He was well built and muscled and had brown skin. His face was more square than rounded and his eyes were an unusual bright grey. He had a beard that led along the side of his face and into his hair. His hair was messy.

Corvus blasted the rock into pieces. His eyes adjusted to see that he was buried, in the middle of the galactic civilization he built, where everyone was completely utterly destroyed. He was in the middle of the planet Pulchritudo, in the middle of a park. As Corvus began looking around him, he realized this place was meant to be another punishment. The people were frozen in eternal stone, there was no sunlight, but only the lights of the park which were somehow on.

‘How the Occasionem Empire has fallen.’ Was his only thought. 'I need to get my metal suit. This clothing is torn and ripped to shreds. I can't even tell what the f*ck I am wearing.' He then realized he was in the Main Square of the planet. He tried to teleport. Nothing.

'My powers are gone. I feel so weak.’ He was left in thought. He started walking, thinking what had happened. It bothered him that all he could do was think. He was walking out of the park, which was a maze of brightly colored, beautiful trees.

Corvus walked by a rock that looked like the same one he was entrapped for what seemed like an eternity. As he got nearer the lines in the rock started glowing in the same bright grey of his eyes. He touched it and felt a surge of strength flow through him. The rock stopped glowing and Corvus felt much better. It still wasn't enough.

‘I still feel so mortal. The Elder Gods dispersed my powers throughout the planet. I can feel that this is only a piece of my soul. Well, at least I can teleport. It is a much faster way of travel.’

He concentrated on the mental image of the top of the Falcon Industries tower. When he opened his eyes, he saw a city that was still somehow lit up. He had an incredible view from the tallest tower in the city. The city had a futuristic look and was simple and clean. The skyscrapers were towering above 3 levels of streets and had different styles of architecture. They all had one cohesive design, however, and that was that the designs were all defined by light. One building to the far left was sitting next to the harbor and was called the PTC, a WTC look alike. Another, right in the front right of Corvus looked like the Empire State Building except it was called the Building of History and Liberty. Pulchritudo, was a city on 4 islands, right of the coast of a continent, that was connected by bridges. Each island from top to bottom was labeled Sector 1 through 4.

‘I remember that I would always come up here and see the entire city. It was one of my peaceful spots on this world. Now, it is dead quiet.’ Corvus thought.

Through a secret entrance on the floor of the roof, he entered his apartment. It was an elevator that would only recognize his fingerprints. The way it recognized them was through cameras that can identify print from far away. Corvus landed between the bar of his apartment and the viewing space.

Corvus’s apartment was something of luxury and richness. The floor was a beautiful, singular tile of marble. Smack in the middle of the living space were 2 modern designed couches with the cushions colored black while the metal was exposed. The seating area was sunk into the floor. Where the view of the city was, a TV could be lowered from the roof. Right behind everything was a bar. To the left of corvus, were two doors. The door on the left went to the master and the other went to a giant patio.

Corvus went into his bedroom. The master was also big. It had a giant white carpet in the middle and instead the marble was black in this room. The bed was in the far corner and that was pretty much it.

Corvus touched the wall and brought up a holographic control panel. He then pressed some buttons and another door opened in the wall. He walked into his personal armory. He then pressed another few buttons and walked in. In an instant, the suit morphed into a bunch of tiny nanobots that swarmed his body and reformed. The suit was a metal, black casing. It accentuated the muscles and had sharp edges. It was also flexible, strong, and fast enough for extreme hand to hand kombat. It also looked fear inducing, as it made the person look much bigger.

‘I remember I used this suit when I attacked the Elder Gods. Well obviously that didn't work, but it makes me look cool. The nanobots can also reform into anything I want them to so thats useful.’ Corvus thought to himself.

‘Ugh. Time to find the pieces of my powers in order to get out of here.’ Corvus grabbed a spare phone.

‘If I can have my suit lock on to my unique energy signature, finding the rest of the pieces of my powers will be a breeze.’ Corvus locked on to his energy signature and found the other parts. He then got out the way he came and went to go find the pieces.

His phone said that the first piece was on the PTC tower, the WTC look alike. It was southwest of where Corvus was. Corvus was in the center of Sector while the PTC was in Sector 4. As he began to make his way there by jumping from roof to roof of skyscrapers, he sensed another presence following him.

‘I know thats Raiden. But I am just going to continue on like if I hadn't noticed him. Besides, I have my ways of tricking people.’

As he was getting near, he had another thought. ‘Now it makes sense why the Elder Gods spread all my different parts across this planet. They wanted me to be beaten in a weakened state. Well, not for long. They don’t know me, but I know them.’


“We have to destroy him.” One of the Elder Gods said angrily with power and authority.

“You want to lock our only connection to this stupid universe? That would not be a wise thing to do.” Another responded.

“If we do, we will prevent the risk of Corvus affecting Raiden and the rest of the universe.” The same one shot back.

“I have to agree. That would be the most logical choice. All in favor say Aye.”

“Aye.” Every Elder God agreed.


Corvus dropped from 70 stories high to the ground. The world started shaking and he lost his grip on the side of the building. He began to get up before the ground shook violently again.

‘This sh*t is bothering me.’ Corvus said once he could get on his feet. ‘If I can only just get to this part, I will be able to leave this f*cking place.’

He began walking. As Corvus was walking, he realized that he would be alone for a long while, so he would be bored. In fact, he was already bored. So he thought it would be fun to toy with Raiden.

‘Should I attack his mind and cause his fears to come true or should I unveil that I know that he is following me? What a difficult choice. Eenie meenie miney mo.’

The ground shook again, and this time more violently. Except this time, Corvus sensed it before it came. He stood his ground. What he did not realize, however, is that the buildings were starting to fall. It was until that a big giant boom sounded that he then looked behind. Right where he was walking, the skyscraper was beginning to collapse.

Corvus started climbing up the side of a skyscraper in order to get to higher ground. He managed to get out of range of the dust cloud until it lifted itself and enveloped him. High winds began to emerge out of nowhere to knock him back down.

‘The Elder Gods are trying to kill me. Thats wonderful.’ Corvus thought again. ‘They don’t know what I can do, but I know them better than I know myself.’

Corvus realized he couldn't hold on much longer so he had to think of something. He then realized, that the part of his power wasn't that far. He could teleport, but he needed some energy. Raiden was energy.

Meanwhile, Raiden was having as much difficulty as Corvus was having. Raiden had to start getting to a higher place because the ground started to crack. Giant cliffs and canyons started to form where the streets were. They began overflowing with lava.

While Raiden was looking at what was happening below, Corvus was getting closer to him. Raiden couldn’t sense it. Corvus could completely sneak up on Raiden hidden. Then it happened.

Corvus grabbed Raiden in a choke hold, cracking every vertebrae in it. Raiden could feel his vessels slowly clogging with thick warm blood. Corvus threw him across the roof that they were on. While Raiden was on the ground, Corvus punched a hole through his back and grabbed his heart. He began sapping the power from Raiden bit by bit. For Raiden, it felt like his blood was leaving his body, but it wasn’t blood. It was his power that kept him immortal and alive. Corvus then threw Raiden again on the ground and teleported.

Corvus saw the other rock that contained just the little bit he needed to get out of this hellish universe. Corvus grabbed the rock and felt himself yet even more powerful. Corvus finally had enough strength to create a portal and leave.

“But I can’t leave Raiden. Dying a horrible death. It is unnoble of me and unhonorable,” Corvus then screamed, “CURSE MY CONSCIENCE!!!”

While Corvus was grabbing his power Raiden was thinking of one thought. ‘I am glad that at least I died serving the Elder Gods.’ Corvus arrived to hear this thought.

“Oh shut up and here.” Raiden felt his power slowly come back. He also felt himself being healed by the one man who just attacked him. While doing this, Corvus removed the Elder Gods influence from Raiden’s mind.

‘He could be useful to me. I just have to show him how truly evil the Elder Gods are.’ Corvus thought.

“He is removing our influence from Raiden.” One Elder God said.

“Good. He removed a liability.” Another responded.

THe Elder Gods began feeling great pain all over their body. It was Corvus. He found them.

“This is the most amazing sight. A corrupt monarchy living in what appears to be a heaven. I am certain the One Being gave you trouble for a millennia right.”

“GO AWAY DEVIL!!! Leave and dont come back.” The Elder Gods were at the mercy of Corvus. But Corvus wanted to have a little fun.

“I dont have the power to kill you yet, but I can cause you great pain,” Corvus voice was booming across the throne room of the Elder Gods. “I want you pigs to suffer. To suffer for all the lives you killed. To suffer for what you did to me. Hell, I just want you people to suffer.”

“And remember this. I will come for you and make sure you get tortured and die an unhonorable death.” Corvus said with overwhelming authority.

“You think you can defeat us. No one will believe you. We made evil in this universe to make us look like the extreme good all stars. You will never get even close to defeating us.” One of the Elder Gods said. Corvus started to cause them more pain. He imagined being able to crush them, make them suffer. Make sure they die in overwhelming fear.

“You know what my name means. Heed to it. Also, All of you know that if I hadn't known your escape plan, all of you would have been defeated. Good bye. I hope we get in touch soon.” Corvus closed the temporal connection. What the Elder Gods did not realize is that Corvus just stole all their knowledge.

Corvus looked at Raiden. Raiden was unconscious. ‘If I am going to gain his trust, I need to show him what the Elder Gods have done. This place is not safe, so for now, it is off to Earthrealm.’