THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Mortal Kombat: Destruction Chapter 2

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Authors Note

This is the second chapter to this book that I am writing. You can read the first, third and fourth chapter here plus The New World chapters here>

Also, please leave feedback and comments on what you think on any of my posts. I would also like to thank Comic Vine Fanfic Forum for the support I am getting.

Chapter 2

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Hanzo stared in horror as he saw his family, village, and life he had known burn around him. The village was filled with the screams of innocent women and children, people who were not involved in the Shirai Ryu’s activities, people that should not be dying. All around Hanzo was the smell of rotting, burning flesh. He tried to get his wife and only child to safety all the while ignoring the hell that was happening around him.

Before Hanzo could make it our of the village, someone stopped him right in his path. It was the deadly Lin Kuei assassin Sub-Zero. Before Hanzo could do anything, Sub-Zero froze his family in ice. Hanzo tried to attack but failed as he was stopped mid-attack. Hanzo tried to break free from the ice but to no avail as he watched his family slowly die of cold in front of him. All the while, Hanzo kept praying for fire, for the fire around him to thaw them, for him to be able to control the fire. His last breath was him seeing his family lying frozen and dead in a statue of ice.

Hanzo got his wish in what seemed to be one moment to the next. Quan Chi appeared in front of him as he was chained to a rock. The lava and fire began to engulf Hanzo. It began to slowly melt his flesh as it touched him. Hanzo cried out in agony as he was helpless and wondered where his family was. He accepted his fate and ever so slowly, slipped into the darkness.

Hanzo was awaken by a loud clash outside his door. He was calm but frightened. Even though anytime Hanzo has had a nightmare it has always been the same, it always affected him deeply. Seeing his family viciously murdered in front of him always caused him pain, as it would with anybody.

He began to hear people pick up the supposed mess. Then he looked around his room. It was a giant room with enough space to fit 5 king-sized beds. The door was located to the bottom right corner of where Hanzo’s head was and led directly into a hall. To the left, right and all around Hanzo, thanks to panoramic window, was an incredible view of a mountain in Motuo, China. Motuo is the only county in China inaccessible by road and is extremely remote. It was the perfect place for a protector of Earthrealm to reside in. The Shirai Ryu palace sat on a Mountain that was always covered by clouds, giving no access or visibility for people to see the palace. It was a tower that stopped just below the immense cloud cover that was always there. It was 34 stories. To the right of Hanzo was a nightstand with a nice clock on it and nothing else was in the pathway of the door. To the left, was another nightstand with Hanzo’s phone, watch, and amulet. Further to the left was a walk-in closet. In mid-left of the room was a L-Shaped couch and a Television. The whole room was made out of metal with no trace of wood to be seen. The palace was a modern work of architecture, thanks to Special Forces money and tech.

Hanzo got up out of bed, half naked, and went to investigate the sound. By the time he got there, it seemed the mess was cleaned up as there was no trace of anything. Then he remembered Takeda, Cassie, Jacqui, and Kung Jin were staying at the palace. He realized they might have broke something and then hid it quickly.

Hanzo took a shower and got dressed quickly. He wanted to go to the White Lotus temple and spy on the Shoalin before Raiden realized it. As Hanzo went into his closet, he realized this would be the first time he would wear his Shirai Ryu Assassin clothing since the Shinnok war about a year ago. Since then, Hanzo has been relaxing, until Hanzo noticed something different about Raiden.

‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I have never trusted Raiden, but his actions recently have become concerning for the fate of the realms.’ Hanzo thought as he quickly dressed in his attire. He then got to the mask, the famous mask known throughout the realms. ‘Not going to wear that. It represents the part of my life that I hated and to this day regret.’ He walked out the door and shut it behind him.

The hall went straight down to the throne room, but there were secret doors located at certain parts. He noticed that the priceless vase that he had left next to the wall was glued together. ‘That’s what they broke. Well, at least you can barely tell.’ Hanzo thought as he walked by. About midway to the end of the hallway, he pushed a secret door and ran. The door led to an opening only he knew about, it led to the side of the forrest. He lept at a dead end and flew into the light. He did a flip and landed deciding to show off for now reason. He got to a road and called his car with his phone. Even though the county was remote, doesn’t mean the Shirai Ryu have some secret access ways. In other words, tunnels.

As he drove he began to think about people he could trust and people he couldn’t. ‘I can trust……. Holy sh*t. I have no one to trust besides the people in Special Forces. Which include Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Jax, Takeda, Kenshi, Cassie, Jacqui, and Kung Jin. Raiden is like my enemy that I have to deal with and Kuai is a bit iffy. I don’t think I would ever trust him’ He thought. Later did he not know that he would be saving Kuai. ‘The temple is about 5 hours from here. I should just get some rest and let the car do the driving.’ He began to realize it was 1 in the morning. Hanzo pushed a button on his steering wheel and laid on his back, he dozed off.


Hanzo woke up just in time. A car passing in front of the Shoalin like if it was nothing would be suspicious. He stayed five miles out. He began to climb through the trees. He jumped from one branch to another on the lookout for any guards that would spot him. Eventually, he decided to grab a Shaolin Assassin outfit so that he could be hidden once he was inside. He then walked casually and normally.

Hanzo begin to think why he was investigating Raiden. ‘Why does Raiden want to attack Outworld? It would only make the relation with them worse and threaten Earthrealm. Nothing Raiden has been doing made sense recently.’ Scorpion thought. ‘Raiden has stabbed me in the back once, I won’t let him do it again.’

Hanzo arrived at the temple border. The White Lotus temple didn’t appear as modern or sophisticated as the others. It was centered on top of a mountain and was only one story. Toward the middle of its rooms and halls was the Jinsei Chamber, the life force of Earthrealm. Hanzo noticed a group of assassins entering, so he joined, hoping they wouldn't notice. Hanzo then realized something of importance. ‘I don’t remember the Shaolin ever having actual assassins. Usually they were just peace-loving monks. Raiden must have managed to employ them or convince them.’ Hanzo overheard a conversation.

“Did you hear that Raiden left yet again.” A random person spoke to his friend.

“Yeah. He has been doing this since the war about a month ago. It has ended but it doesn’t seem like Raiden has calmed down.” The person responded.

“Do you believe the rumors that Raiden has become insane?” The person questioned.

“No, they are just rumors.”

“But he killed Fujin.”

“You need to get your head back in reality. That is another stupid rumor.” The person responded.

All of them headed inside and Hanzo was able to escape through a pathway. The pathway was long and to the left were pillars supporting the structure. There was another incredible view of the mountains. As he was walking, he began to realize that Raiden may have gone insane. This didn’t frighten Hanzo at all. After all, the last time Raiden was turned evil was when he touched the Blood Daggers so Hanzo suspected that Raiden’s “insanity” might have been cause by when Raiden cleaned the Jinsei right after Shinnok poisoned it. As Hanzo was piecing it together, he walked by a giant chamber. The chamber was filled with weapons of all kinds. Raiden was making an army.

‘Why would Raiden try to create an army? He doesn’t need one. He only needs to protect Earthrealm and he has been fine with doing that alone.’ Hanzo then realized that the answer was in the motives Hanzo found out about 2 weeks ago. Raiden was going to try and destroy Outworld.

‘Once I am done here, I am going to have to find an alliance with the Lin Kuei and Special Forces. We are already in a mutual agreement, but not necessarily a trusting bond. First, I need proof.’ As Hanzo was thinking this he passed by an elevator.

‘That’s a little bit weird. The Shaolin have never relied on any technology. Not even a simple hammer when it came to doing things. Something about physical purity.’ Hanzo thought. He decided to call one. Turns out, that was a bad idea.

“Hey, you're not supposed to be here.” A guy yelled out. He and his partner were dressed in a black metal suit. The suit had sharp lines that outlined the muscled stature of the guy and it had 2 letters on it. SF. Special Forces.

“I’m sorry. I must have gotten lost.” Hanzo said, hoping the mask he was wearing would hide his identity.

“Nobody gets lost in this temple. You're lying.” The partner spoke up. “We are going to have to take you in for interrogation.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be necessary.” Hanzo spoke. He grabbed the first guy by the hand and made him get on his knees as he twisted his wrist backwards. The other guy had a gauntlet and tried to fire, but to no avail as Hanzo grabbed his arm and hurled both of them inside the elevator. He then decided to make it quick. He kicked one of them in the head so hard that it exploded in a red, gushy mess and he grabbed his sword and decapitated the other. Blood started spitting out of their neck along with other fluids.

“sh*t. I made a mess.” Hanzo said out loud. He pressed a button on the elevator door so that it closed. He then found the camera that was their and, without the camera seeing his face, disconnected it.

“I need one of the suits.” Hanzo touched one of them and was frightened when it began to attach to him. First the arm, then the torso, then the mask morphed onto his body. He tried to get it off but then realized that that was how the suit functioned. He then looked like one of the guys who attacked him.

“Welcome, Hanzo Hasashi.” A friendly voice came from the suit. “I am situating your suit with your traditional weapons.” Hanzo then realized that a pair of swords appeared on his back and that the gauntlets on both his arms now contained his legendary Kunai.

“I could get used to this. I feel like I could move the temple!” He remarked.

“That is due to the extra strength the suit gives you. It also helps heal you when you are injured and can give you quick boosts of energy when you need it.” The assistant said. Hanzo was now covered in the full black metal.

Hanzo was so amazed that he didn’t realize the floors that were passing by. He then saw it. It was Special Forces help the Shaolin build weapons of multitude, circular hover ships that resembled flat saucers, and more suits for an attack on Outworld.

“Where is the first floor of this secret facility?” Hanzo asked the assistant.

“You passed it about 8 floors ago, 9 floors ago, 10 floors ago….” The assistant continued rambling.

“By the Elder Gods we are moving fast.” Hanzo made the statement as he jumped through the roof of the elevator. He jumped all the way up to the 8 floor then teleported higher and higher in flaming torpedos as he went higher. As he made his way up, he could hear the echos below of people raiding the elevator. He made his way to the first floor.

The facility was a giant circle that seemed to go done for miles. At the top was a hover ship facility. Up close, the hover ship was a smooth piece circular metal with a straight circumference and flat top and bottom. It didn’t seem to have any weapons until a test went underway and the weapons unveiled themselves by sliding out of the hull.

‘This disgusts me. Preparing for a war you don’t even need.’ Hanzo thought as he began to circle it. ‘How could Raiden do this? All he wanted was peace. I am afraid that this corruption of evil that Raiden has suffered will be irreparable.’

He found another elevator and went down a few floors after realizing the first 10 were hover ships. ‘Thank the Elder Gods that his mask is hiding my face otherwise I would be instantly recognized.’ Hanzo arrived at a floor filled with weapons in cases, firing ranges, and research facilities. Like he did with the hover ship, he pulled out his phone and took pictures of the weapons and facilities. He walked over to each and every single case taking pics of the weapon itself, statistics, and how they work.

‘There must be a mainframe somewhere where I can get all of the info. The data would be heavily secured meaning that, out of all the people I don’t trust, I am going to have to get Kano’s help.’ Hanzo sighed as he thought about it. ‘Out of all the people I have to rely on at this very moment it had to be Kano. The worst snake-like, motherf*cking backstabber there is in existence. I wonder what he wants this time.’

Realizing he was alone in the elevator, Hanzo asked the assistant. “Where is the mainframe?” Hanzo asked.

“You mean the central computer. It is on floor 87.” It responded. Hanzo decided to ask the next question for fun.

“What is your name?”

“Eliza, my name is Eliza.”

Hanzo reached the central computer. It was a giant server room with a giant circle screen at the top. It was going horizontally inwards so that people below could see it. At the bottom of it, where keyboards and things. Hanzo ignored it and found a server that had a direct acces point to everything Special Forces related. He then regrettably called up Kano.

“Hanzo, out of all the people I expected to be in contact with today, you were not on the list. It will cost you extra.” Kano greeted Hanzo with a malicious and greedy tone. Typical Kano. Always looking out for his profit and himself, never for others.

“Shut up. I am somewhere with a bunch of servers. Hack everything and move all the info to my phone.”

“K. Let’s see here,” There was a long pause, “Looks like you are infiltrating SF. The big boys are not going to like that.”

“Which is why I would like to get out of here. So hustle you Australian sh*t. ” Hanzo responded with spite.

“Oh. That hurt. I see you have been reading on ways to insult people. You know I can click a button and have SF swarm on your location.”

“Please. You are offended by an insult? I have had my family taken away and I became a revenant of hell.” Hanzo responded.

“Good point. Anyway, all the data has been copied to your phone and I have removed all traces. I will get your f*cking payment of your account.” Kano hanged up.

‘Good. That was not so bad. Time to leave this f*cking place.’ Hanzo thought.


“Be advised that we have an asset who has infiltrated the base. An asset has infiltrated the base. I repeat, an asset has infiltrated the base.” A man on a loudspeaker said.

“What?” Hanzo responded as he received a call from Kano.

“You may want to get out of that suit.” Kano spoke.

“What did you do? You said you wouldn't give them my location.” Hanzo accused.

“I didn’t. Before I got out of the system I noticed that they were already looking for you and that suit will self destruct the moment they find you. So again, get out.” He hanged up.

“Sh*t. Eliza, may I get out of this suit?” Hanzo asked.

“No you may not. SF has locked on your location. Your death is imminent. Suit will self-destruct in 1 minute. Suit will self destruct in 59 seconds….” Eliza began counting down.

Hanzo tried to teleport out of it, but the suit was draining his power somehow. ‘sh*t. I can’t get out.’ Hanzo thought. He was in a panick.

“Suit will self destruct in 30 seconds.”

‘No. I will not die today.’ He kept trying but to no avail.

“Suit will self destruct in 10, 9, 8….”

Hanzo began to harness all of his power and unleash the revenant Scorpion. He concentrated, recalling the anger and hatred that allowed Scorpion to form. Since Kenshi helped Hanzo conquer his anger and hatred, Hanzo now had complete control over the wraith.

“Suit will self destruct in 3, 2, 1…”

The seconds seemed to pass like minutes as Hanzo reacted quickly. The fire manifested and destroyed the suit from the inside out. Hanzo then decided to destroy whatever he could of the facility. He ripped off the Shaolin Assassin clothing already having his normal attire under it. He was disgusted by the once noble Shaolin.

He went level by level and set fire to any weapon, hover ship, and person he could find. He could hear the people screaming and crying in terror as the blaze enveloped over the facility but he promised himself that in doing so, he wouldn't try to hurt many people. He has already wrought destruction and death in his lifetime; this time he would only bring destruction.

Making his way up, he began burning any object he could find until nearly the whole facility was ablaze. In doing so, he threatened people to get out if they wanted to live. They were all very intimidated by Hanzo, considering that in his Scorpion form he had a flaming skull for a face. The ones who didn’t get out and tried to fight him had their flesh burned and melted. Hanzo decided that the ones who supported this tyranny did not deserve to live. Floor by floor he destroyed every single chance Raiden had of invading Outworld.

Once Hanzo made it back to the temple, he ran out without being caught. The whole place was covered in SF troops and Shoalin so it was difficult not to be seen. Hanzo had to get out the same place he came in and climb down a pillar and the foundation of the temple in order to get to the side of the mountain. As he began making the trek back, he began to calm himself and revert back from the wraith. Now cleared of all anger and hatred, he began to think of logically about the situation.

‘An alliance with Special Forces is definitely out of the question. I could go to the Lin Kuei. But Kuai was one of my biggest rivals and even though we have a friendship at this point and he proved that he didn’t murder my family, I still don’t trust him.’ Hanzo thought.

He got to a high point between the temple and his car and looked back. He was terrified at the destruction he caused. The whole temple was on fire and there was so much screaming that it could be heard from where he was standing.

‘The SF are going to be knocking on my door. Not to mention Takeda, Kung Jin, Jacqui, and Cassie are going to question why I did what I did.’ Hanzo began to walk more. ‘This is turning into a huge f*cking mess!’

Hanzo got into his car. He realized that the only person he could trust at the moment, unfortunately, is Kuai. He headed back to his palace because getting to the Lin Kuei Palace by car was a 44 hour trip. He could not simply teleport there for Hanzo needs to see where he is teleporting.

‘News of what I just did will travel fast if they figure out it was me, which they definitely will figure out who did this. I left behind too much evidence.’ Hanzo thought.