THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Jungle: A Horror Story

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This Chapter is rated TV MA LSV.

It contains strong language, sexual situations, violence, and nudity.

It is intended only for mature audiences.

Reader discretion advised.

Author's Note

So it's been 2 months since the last chapter and I realized last week that is way too long. So for those who have been kept waiting, hopefully this chapter makes you happy.

I actually finished it 3 days ago and was going to post it, but I kept re-reading and changing, re-reading and changing, to the point where I was searching for perfection in something that was already perfect in my eyes.

Anyway if you want to read Chapter 1 click here

For my library and other books click here

This chapter is shorter than the first one. Sorry, but I promise Chapter 3 will be a lot longer.

Also don't judge me harshly because my first horror scene I have ever written is in this chapter. Last chapter, I did a lot of smut which is easy but its American Horror Story. (Wait. That's hypocritical of me.)

Chapter 1

“Wow, this is absolutely beautiful.” Kassadin said to Desolado. She was looking out the window admiring the thick and dense jungle. She was in the passenger seat of a BMW 5-Series from 4034. A year old and still looked like new. Desolado was driving and the twins, Rabioso and Demente, were in the two back seats. The car was glorious and beautiful with sleek lines, edgy styling, and the classic BMW twin grilles up front. The interior had a single wood panel that went from the left side, through the front dash, and ended on the right side. There was a giant screen dead center in the dash and two displays at driver eye level.

The others, Asilo, Cuchilla, Tiburon, and Lotus were in another BMW 5-series behind them. Asilo was driving.

They were headed a couple miles south east to where the aforementioned special place is supposed to be located. Desolado mentioned while in the car that there would be a cool party nearby in the neighboring city of Aires.

“Yeah. It's so peaceful. Almost as if nothing bad ever happens here.” Demente said.

“Now you jinxed it.” Rabioso said to Demente.

“So where are you guys from?” Desolado asked the others in the car.

“Europe. Specifically Paris. The city is absolutely beautiful and… well I guess whatever is left of the countryside.” Kassadin replied.

“We both are from New York.” Rabioso chimed in.

“Business and capitalist haven but we prefer Los Angeles due to its more relaxed mood.” Demente finished the thought.

“You two seem to know each other’s thoughts with such ease. I don’t believe you, Demente and Rabioso, have any sort of augmentation.” Desolado spoke interested in how the twins function.

“Well yeah. Our parents always say that since we started speaking at age 1 we were always saying the same thing. Like perfectly in unison when we were together. ” Demente stopped.

“It was almost as if we had no separate thoughts when we were together. But apart, we each had our own personalities. It creeped them out so they tried to get us to stop doing that.” Rabioso finished the thought.

“So they separated us for about a 5 months.” Demente said after Rabioso finished.

“And we stopped talking in unison but we ended up talking in spaces when we are together. Like the way we are now.” Rabioso said.

“Anyway, we are here.” Desolado turned onto a dirt road and stopped the car. Asilo followed suit.

“I can’t believe you guys trust me so much. You know I am an ex-con who could possibly murder all of you.” Desolado spoke hypothetically. He took lead in front of the group of friends.

“Well it’s not like you are going to try anything. After all we all come from an asylum,” Kassadin laughed uneasily, “Well most of us.”

“That’s…… comforting.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

The path was surprisingly tame and appeared to hold the jungle back. There were no trees or vines hanging out overhead and you could see the clear sky. The sun was beginning to set.

“I hate walking.” Lotus complained.

“Jesus you are lazy. It’s not like the augments in all of our legs are tiring us.” Tiburon spoke in an intellectual tone. It was a fact since mandatory robotic augmentation laws were implemented in order to better humanity. These included strength augmentations for arms, legs, back, and abdomen. Falcon Industries also made mandatory mental augmentations that enabled photographic memory, increased logical thinking, accelerated thought and better reflexes.

“No. I hate walking because it takes forever,” Tiburon looked confused, “I love running.” Lotus took off at blazing speed, approximately 38 miles an hour.

“Well let’s go.” Cuchilla said as she noticed no one started running.

Every person ran trying to beat everyone else from winning the race. It was an amazing thing to watch that any normal human being from the time before the first universal war would be astonished to see.

They ran for approximately 20 miles before they began realizing that the forest started glowing.

“Stop, this is the place.” Desolado yelled out.

They all came to a halt and witnessed something beautiful and majestic. The jungle started glowing in an alluring green and there was a small river to the right of the group, which was illuminated with a celestial blue color. It looked like a giant stream of pure energy flowing through the trees. The vines and the crevices of the trees began to glow the bright green. It was a shocking sight.

Everyone jumped into the water and began splashing each other. They were having the time of their lives. At least for now.

“Where is the place?” The Suscan Screamer, the woman who was on board the plane in the pilot’s cabin, was looking around. A view of Aires was to the left of her.

“Jason, do you see anything?” She asked Jason Voorhees. He shook his head.

“Great. I think I may have gotten us lost. But wait, no. They said that it was near Aires.”

“You were correct.” Selenia unveiled herself from behind the thick foliage of the jungle.

“I’m glad you two found us,” Accipiter appeared out of nowhere,“Now where shall we begin.”

“Are we members of the covenant?” The Suscan Screamer asked.

“Yes of course. We are accepting of monsters, the insane, and serial killers.” Accipiter replied.

“We need your help. Which is why we are calling many of these….. clinically disabled people to our organization.” Selenia said before Kellan and Dimitri appeared behind them. They both looked back.

“Intruders.” Kellan stated.

“Where?” Accipiter asked.

“In the glowing regions.” Dimitri reported.

“This is your first assignment for you both,” Accipiter turned to Suscan and Jason, “Bring back those people as hostages.”

Suscan and Jason ran into the jungle which was deep, dark, and ominous at this hour.

Selenia and Accipiter were disturbed. Deeply disturbed. No one had ever found the glowing regions, except for 1 person who they never paid any heed to. But the fact that it didn’t divert that one person with the rest of his group is troubling. Kellan and Dimitri noticed the emotion but they didn’t say anything. They knew better than to question the King and Queen.

“The person who isn’t deterred from Inferno,” Accipiter began, “is Inferno himself.” Selenia finished.

“Wooooooooooo.” Demente screamed as she jumped into the celestial blue river.

“Wait for me.” Rabioso called out before she was pushed in, with all her clothes, by Cuchilla who started laughing hysterically.

“Your face, was like… and it was like…. and you are so pissed right now.” Cuchilla had trouble speaking since she found hilarity in Rabioso’s reaction.

“Hey, help me out.” Rabioso put out her hand.

“Ehh no not falling for--,” Cuchilla was rammed by Kassadin in the side. She fell into the river. “MOTHER***** C*** SUCKING D***!”

“Love you too best friend forever.” Kassadin held out her middle finger.

“Hey close your eyes Tiburon.” Lotus said as people were hysterical and distracted by the stupidity of the moment.


“Just close them.” Lotus began to spin him.

“Let’s push him into Kassadin and see them both fall into the river.” Asilo whispered in Lotus’s ear.

“I was thinking of shoving him into the mud but your idea works too.” Lotus whispered back.

Asilo noticed something shift in the bushes behind the glowing trees. The movement peaked his curiosity. Wanting to investigate, Asilo excused himself and told Lotus that he would be back in 2 minutes. He went behind the glowing area and looked.

‘What if it’s a cool animal. I could keep it. Whatever it will be, I will call it mittens. No that’s a stupid name, you shouldn’t name it that. Hey what were we doing again?’ Asilo quieted his thoughts and prevented a relapse.

“Oh whatever. Nothing is here.” Asilo said aloud.

“Besides us.” The ghostly woman appeared behind Asilo scaring him.

“Wha-- Wha-- What are you doing here?” Asilo fell on the ground and started crawling backwards.

“We just want to take you on a little trip. Don’t worry, it won’t be painful as long as you don’t struggle.” Suscan was getting closer.

“No no no. Stay away. You are only a bad hallucination. Just a hallucination.” Asilo backed up into a tree.

“Yeah, tell that to the 6’3 guy with the machete you just backed into.”

Asilo looked up and behind him. He didn’t back up into a tree. Jason grabbed Asilo by one arm and banged him against the ground. He was ready to perform an excellently bloody decapitation with his dirty, dry red machete.

“No wait. We have to take them alive remember,” Suscan stopped Jason, “Just stuff him into something that you can carry.”

Jason looked around and shrugged. He didn’t see anything that could be used for carrying besides a bunch of moss, bush, and trees. Then he saw something, an abandoned hunting net which was perfect for the current situation. Asilo, still squirming, was bashed against the head and stuffed into the net.

Suscan was looking at the glowing forest and felt intense energy come from it. It was a familiar energy, of beauty and fear. The exact thing she felt at the altar, before she was dumped right before marriage and hung herself off a bridge.

“Wait here, I got this.” She said to Jason.

Everyone was in the river having an excellent time. They were too distracted to notice Asilo had disappeared into the evening. The Glowing Forest’s beauty was meant to be enjoyed, not loathed.

Suddenly, the green and graceful glow of the jungle turned into blood red, crude in color. The celestial blue river, was now a stream of blood, thick and creamy. Kassadin screamed, ran out of the river, and into the area where Asilo disappeared. Rational thinking was abandoned and the rest of the group followed as the river began to overflow.

Kassadin looked back and she didn’t see her group. She stopped and went back looking for them. She was fearful, but chose not to speak and keep quiet in case there was a monster in the jungle. She was in her lingerie and the wet blood on her body started to dry.

A loud scream, Rabioso’s, then silence. Another loud scream, Cuchilla’s, then silence. Two loud screams, Lotus and Tiburon’s, silence. Each scream was 5 minutes apart. Kassadin counted the amount of friends she had left, considering she was possibly the final target, and calculated the amount of time she had to find civilization.

‘Only 3 targets are left. Crap, only 15 minutes. No, wait. Asilo was gone…. oh no I only have 10 minutes.’ 2 more screams, she was the final target.

“NO NO NO!!” Kassadin screamed giving her position away to Suscan. She ran helplessly, dashing between trees and over fallen branches and roots.

It wasn’t enough. She slammed into Jason’s chest and fell back on her hands. Looking up, she saw a machete flying to her head. That would be the last thing she would see before she is in the hands of the Queen and King of the Covenant.

“With what urgency is the topic of this call, Accipiter?” Rubrum spoke clearly and calmly.

“A group of people found the Glowing Forest and weren’t rejected.” Accipiter responded.

Rubrum was taken aback. The last time the Glowing Forest didn’t reject someone was the time that 4035 years ago, a devastating war happened between worlds and galaxies. The last universal war.

“Handle it.” Rubrum said sternly.


“Handle it. I am dealing with my own problems over here with the Novem Order.”

“Rubrum, the Novem Order aren’t attacking Exercitus are they?” Accipiter asked.

“Yes, they…… are.” Rubrum realized something.

“The prophecies are coming true.”

“In that case we still have time. So handle the problem over there while I handle the problem over here. Also, Earth 7 will soon experience the ability to live forever as provided by Falcon Industries and Earth 7 will experience the same timely release of products and features as the rest of the six Earths. From now on, you aren’t the only ones who will have the gift of immortality.” Rubrum hanged up.

“He never NEVER understands the point of BALANCE!” Accipiter screamed aloud and crushed his LG phone.

“What happened?” Kellan asked.

“He’s letting the people on this planet live forever. After I told him that they are the closest to Inferno, he still doesn’t understand.” Accipiter responded.

“He does.” Dimitri’s response angered Accipiter.

“Explain your logical stupidity to me.”

“He wants the people to live equally and freely no matter the circumstance. You know that has always been the goal of the Falcon family. An honorable goal at that.” Dimitri responded out of thought and didn't retaliate violently.

Accipiter thought about this. “But the longer people live here, the closer they get to Inferno’s influence.”

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Well its been 3 months and I remembered you said that you loved American Horror Story.

So here you go. Hope you like this chapter