The dragoon files

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The dragoon files

By: Borderline comics

Cassic heard a knock at the door! The messenger had finally come with the files on the new recruits! Trying not to squeal with glee she opened the door and was about to invite the messenger in but he or she was gone. Auburn sighed heavily only three days and the new recruits would be here she would finally have company . She got so needy for human contact that she had chats with murderers .... but then she would kill them. Cassic opened the files and looked at the first one in horror it was a confused mess but it was all she had.

Wyoming Samantha Dragon Shadow age 15 1/2 years human -2 years for dragon age


Entire family killed for information on troop movements and the formula for crystal technology

(which only she knew now . thought Cassic )

Brutally beaten by the Mal'tal , survived on the streets until found by the dragons. Learned to use dragon form .

( I heard that you can see the scars from the beating ,never got medical attention. Author and Cheyenne didn't want their dragonet's flying in such dangerous places no small wonder why she was so old to find out she wasn't human .that must have been quite a shock.)

when to Antarctica and fought the Mal'tal planet.

( adsorbed their lives is more like it* )

Ended the war after eating the planet, trained by dragoons for 2 years.

( How legendary can you get?)


Speaks Spanish, English, Russian, German, Mandarin Chinese, French, Draconic,Old Draconic

martial arts Draconia , Owkown do

( needs to teach you more)

Fully educated, knows physics comprehends crystal and steam technology.

( plus the formula Auburn thought with a touch of cynicism)


Level five shadow level five telepathy level five healing level five


quiet brooding ,dark

Overall Ability

Very high


straight black hair , dark blue eyes very square jaw many scars one half of face heavily scared

Dragon form

looks like father muscular , large wings large scar on back leg

( just like her parents , I could tell her stories about them and ...and maybe work for her as well, )

They sent one of me as well , I guess I'll read it .....

Auburn Cassic. Dragon sky. 249 years dragon + 2 years for human

origin :

served royal family until given a vacation for ten years, two weeks before Cassic would return to her duties they were killed.

( I should have been there , I should have protected them... they said I needed to have a life of my own for a few years. I had worked for them for over a hundred without a vacation.)


Knows all martial arts in the world almost,speaks 27% of all


level one heat level four telepathy level three healing


angry aggressive or happy and optimistic


red hair tall but husky green eyes freckles

now to the males........

Nathan Rush Dragon sea age 17 dragon +2 for human


Was chosen and accepted

( so he used to be human...they gave him a serum of dragon's blood that turned him into a dragon)


knows 15 martial arts and 13 launguges. Can use 27 weapons and is very good at stealth , also is a doctor in training.

( Always need a doctor for this lifestyle, expert in stealth...better hide my good wine from you then)


Level 2 telepathy


Reads people well emotionally,generally happy and optimistic extrovert

(Someone to talk to )


short blond hair ,skinny , average height, blue eyes

Dragon form ;

sea blue scales , normal wingspan scar on front right leg

Overall skill:


Now to the last one

Jake Johnston Dragon Ice 16 years dragon +2 for human


was chosen and accepted

(Being chosen means you have a level of skill in some area and the acceptance is when you chose to join the dragoons)


12 martial arts ,historian ,expert poisoner , speaks English Spanish and Dutch




short, brown hair and eyes

Dragon form:

Icy blue with small wings

(Brown eyes on a ice dragon ,that's because a dragons eye color is the same as their human form that's also why they only list human eye color)


Quiet,blends in ,formal

( your stereotype ice dragon)

Overall skill:


Complete list of Golgotha City Dragoons

Auburn Cassic

Jake Johnston

Samantha Wyoming

Nathan Rush


Extra information

Dragons age 2(in their human form) years slower than humans , so 12 dragon is the same as 14 human.

Dragons have two forms one is a completely normal human , but the other is a dragon. if one form is killed than they permanently stuck in the other form until given that can turn them human/dragon or are killed. Dragons when in human form will sometimes have a tail/horn /wing ect partly morphed in human form. This is unseen to people because of something called beacons - a series of 8 small towers emitting hypnotic suggestions world wide. This allows them to be unseen in dragon form so they can go into city,towns and more without arousing suspicion.

Dragoons will destroy projects of the government that will increase weapons fire power, cars,or anything that can be used to kill a Dragoon or wage war. Unfortunately radar has been developed.

Powers elements and telepathy levels


There are types of dragon each has is own element hat only that kind of dragon can use.

Ice Ice

forest plant matter

Shadow Shadows

sea water

Sand Heat

Sky Air

Star intellect

Fruit Emotions


Element levels

levels are just a way of grading the power level

1 may teleport using element

2may teleport innate objects

3. turn themselves into element

4.turn people,objects,and animals into element

5.Teleport large groups /objects block out other elements


every dragon have a horn on their nose(dragon form) some of these horns can heal. It will take the energy to heal the affliction as if it were healing at normal rates.


1heal minor afflictions

2 heal lacerations nut not broken bones

3 heal bones but non internal organs

4 heal internal organs but not all illness and affliction

5.heal any affliction


1communicate emotions with family

2 communicate emotions with any earth animal/human

3communicate words/images family

4communicate word/images with any earth animal/human

5block out others/implant/remove memory's control people and animals


sorry if this is confusing trying to introduce people to the three new characters coming soon .

In about 2-4 days the new dragoons are coming !

Would like constructive criticising:)

If any one want the future list of villeins and heroes write it down and i will post it. Also I built this around a timeline if you want to see that i will post it also.