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I wanted start off saying, that I own none if the concepts here... all credits go to D.C. I've recently re read the blackest night comic arc again and was simply fasascinated with the different power rings/ corps and their assorted powers/meanings.... So was born the different spectrums. A fan fic, based loosely off of the scrimmages of the War of the light. lets begin with, in my opinion the most interesting of the color and corps.

"With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We'll burn you all--That is your fate!"

Vinganza relished in blood, loved how it floated in the zero g of space. The yellow lanterns bodies snapped easily, their screams fueled his blood lust. Smiling savagely he shot a a large red stream of blood at the nearest yellow lantern coating the alien.

"Kill." He growled as the alien screamed in anguish, the blood blast eating away at the alien suit, almost entirely ignoring the aliens shield. It's fellow comrades launched energy blast directly at Vinganza, he was thrown backwards, his shield absorbing most of the impact. Evening himself out he rushed the combatants, effortlessly dodging their energy blast.

"Maime." He growled as he punched through a blue aliens construct, his fist was coated in a slick green blood. Smiling savagely he turned to the final lantern, desperate the alien shot bolt after bolt at Vinganza. Using the,still moving, body of the lanterns ally as a shield. Thud! Thud! Thud! Vinganza laughed with hellish delight as the alien shield sputtered blood with every contact.

Waiting until the last moment Vinganza threw, the now dead lantern, at his comrade. In the moment of chaos, Viganza grabbed the stunned lantern and punched him once. The punch dropped the lanterns construct, it stunned the alien long enough to allow Vinganza to land four more crippling punches. He watched as the thing began to lose consciousness, grabbing it by the collar he punched the alien again. It held a shaky finger behind him,

"Ys...ysmault, will fall. Sinestro will be saved." Vinganza smiled again and snapped the alien's neck. Looking back at Ysmault, Viganza smiled.... There was blood to be shed and he wanted to cause the shedding. To be continued.......

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Nice work,